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Demo Day #4 rockstars!

Check out the 21 startups that will rock the Start-Up Chile Demo Day on March 21st

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Demo Day #4 rockstars!

  1. 1. THURSDAY MARCH 21th ENTREPRENEURS GUIDE DemoDay March 21th 2013 Partners: 2013 Año de la Innovación
  2. 2. VIRALICAViralica is a set of tools for E-commerce that helpsstores boost their online sales. We convert thoseshoppers who wouldn’t otherwise purchase intobuyers and attract customers friends by givingbenefits & rewards in exchange for a tweet or ashare on Facebook.Looking for investment: $USD 500.000, To be usedin product improvement and further development offeatures, and especially in client acquisition.Contact: info@virali.caWebsite: www.virali.caSPRAYABLE ENERGYSprayable Energy is a liquid you spray on your skin toget the energy you would from coffee or energy drinks.We aim to disrupt the $40bn energy products marketwith a patent-pending product that is safer, moreeffective, and more convenient than other caffeinatedproducts.We are launching in April 2013 and are primary lookingfor PR opportunities & business development offers as apart of our demo day participation.Contact: Deven@SprayableEnergy.comWebsite:
  3. 3. matches creative travelers withshort-term projects at their travel destination.It’s like Airbnb for short-term creative projects.We are developing a job site to help creativeprofessionals who travel (designers, softwaredevelopers, photographers, film-makers etc.), extendtheir travel time, with the opportunity to work onshort-term freelance projets at their traveldestinations, in exchange for in-kind contribution.Looking for investment: $USD 200.000Contact: contact@worksurfers.comWebsite: worksurfers.comPACE4LIFEPace4Life is a Non Profit Organisation thataddresses this by reusing “previously loved”pacemakers in the developing world forimpoverished individuals.Looking for investment: $USD500, 000Contact: lavan@pace4Life.orgWebsite:
  4. 4. BACKYARD BRAINSBackyard Brains enables everyone to learn how thebrain works! We make affordable experiment kits forstudents to learn hands-on about the electricalsignals of brain cells. Now everyone can use toolsused by real scientists. Join the NeuroRevolution!with schools already using our equipment all overthe world.We are looking to raise USD 1.8 million dollars toexpand our professional team (educators, scientists,engineers, and designers) to grow more in thedomestic and international high school anduniversity market over the next three years. To date,over the past three years, we have raised USD$650,000 from government and grant agencies.Contact: tim@backyardbrains.comWebsite: is the leading freelance marketplace ofLatin America. Companies can hire independentfreelancers and use online collaboration tools tomanage remote teams and projects. Nubelo haspresence in more than 10 countries, with 60,000registered users and already 2.5 million dollars inposted projects.Looking for investment: $USD 1.5 million.Contact: nicolas.araujo@nubelo.comWebsite:
  5. 5. is revolutionizing the global economyfor sustainability with a one-stop platform thatrewards you for aligning your personal values withyour everyday life. Oroeco automatically tracksspending and investment data (via, thenadds environmental, societal and health impacts,incentivizing improvements with social games,prizes and real world deals.Looking for investment: $USD 500,000 angel round,convertible debt term sheet from WSGR.Contact: ian@oroeco.comWebsite: www.oroeco.comSCARP TECHNOLOGIESScarp is applying the generic pharmaceuticalbusiness model to Class 2 and 3 medical deviceswith the objective of addressing the rising costand barriers to quality healthcare. The initialproduct is a core biopsy needle with a $200Mglobal.Looking for investment: $USD 500,000 to take southamerican livestock market.Contact: jonathan@scarptechnologies.comWebsite:
  6. 6. THE CROWDSOURCED TESTING COMPANYThe Crowdsourced Testing company operates afully-automated crowdsourcing platform thatconnects web and software developers with acrowd of expert software testers available totest their interactive projects on short noticeand at all hours of the day.Looking for investment: $USD 400,000Contact: simon.papineau@crowdsourcedtesting.coWebsite: www.crowdsourcedtesting.coMELIUZMeliuz is a website that helps e-consumerssave money and assist online stores toincrease sales and drive loyalty. We providediscount coupon codes and a cash reward(part of the shop expenses back) everytimeour user shop at a affiliated store.Looking for investment: $USD 500,000Contact:
  7. 7. POSTEDINIs a social community of content providers. Adynamic marketplace for requesting quality contenton demand: From blog posts to pictures; all inside aneasy-to-manage platform, with powerful editor tools.Get posted in amazing sites. GET PAID TO DEVELOPNEW CONTENT!Series A por 10%: Looking for 5 investors forUSD$30.000 each. Smart Money, should be able tocontribute with contacts, support and strategy.Series B for 20%: The 5 investors from Series A havefirst choice, they can invest USD$90.000 each. If noneof them are interested, it can be sold to the market.Looking for investment: $USD $600.000Contact: rodrigo@thebrandingbrothers.comaaron@thebrandingbrothers.comRAZIENTRazient tracks global disasters on a daily basis andmaps to an enterprise supply chain. Companies canreduce downtime with the Razient application.Looking for investment: $USD 500,000Contact: baha@razient.comWebsite:
  8. 8. DIABETODiabeto is a non-intrusive hardware devicewhich wirelessly transmits data fromGlucometer into a smartphone for easymanageability of diabetesLooking for investment: $ 300,000Contact: shreekant@diabe.toWebsite: www.diabe.toKHIPUkhipu is a new way to collect and pay on Internet,using local bank accounts, without the need ofspecial agreements with local banks. We have thepotential of reaching more users, at a globalscope, than PayPal, a company earning more than4 billion dollars per year.Looking for investment: $USD 120.000 for 5% inshares, but we’ll have more rounds coming soon.Contact: roberto.opazo@khipu.comWebsite:
  9. 9. BENCHBANKINGBenchbanking is an online lending marketplacewith presence in Chile and Peru that lets usersquote and get the right loan, from the rightbank, in only one place.Looking for investment: $USD 490,000Contact: matias@benchbanking.comWebsite: www.benchbanking.comCRANBERRY CHICCranberry Chic is a web and mobile fashionsocial network that helps women getinspired, find clothes online, share their looksand get rewarded by the brands they love,with an holistic approach that helps andeases fashion consuming for their users.Looking for investment: $USD 1.5 million.Contact: luis@cranberrychic.comWebsite:
  10. 10. KID BUNCHKid Bunch is a team of artist and parents, creatingmobile adventures for kids. With more than 240,000users, Apple has chosen our apps to show off theiriPads in Apple retail stores. Kids enjoy them so much,that they use them 2:30 hours daily.We are not looking for funding at this moment, but weare aiming to get more exposure for our project andapps, specially before the launch of "Bean Bag Kids GoTo The Moon", our new app. With this, we want toincrease our traction, engagement and possibly findnew opportunities to develop apps for children as athird party. These efforts should establish Kid Bunch ina better position to look for investment from July 2013onwards.Contact: mat@kidbunch.comWebsite: www.kidbunch.comFLOQQFloqq is the biggest search engine forSpanish-speaking courses. We offer courses inthe form of videos focused on maximizing thequality for a very low price for people who wantto perfect or update any professional or personalability online.Looking for investment: $USD 1 million.Contact: c@floqq.comWebsite:
  11. 11. ECOSWARMEcoSwarm is the only purpose-built platform for theglobal Green Economy - a $3.3 trillion industry. OurSwarmEngine technology helps consumers discover theirgreen interests; professionals with showcasing their skills& experience; organizations with marketing their products& services; and advertisers with connecting to a nicheaudience - all for a sustainable future.We are seeking $250,000 to sustain our developmentefforts and to expand our marketing team. With this seedinvestment, we will reach profitability and sufficient usertraction to attract further funding for aggressive growth.Looking for investment: $USD 250,000Contact: pranay@ecoswarm.comWebsite: www.ecoswarm.comAUTOFACTAutofact helps people to buy good used cars inSouth America. Connections established with manysources (institutions, auto importers, car dealersand workshops among others), allow Autofact togather information of any plate requested. Anyperson can enter a plate number, wait 40 secondsand access the AUTOFACT REPORT.Looking for investment: $USD 500.000 (retail platform launch / oneyear operation / start developing platform in Peru and Colombia)Contact: cristobal@autofact.clWebsite:
  12. 12. THE WRITING BEESWriting Bees is the market place of writers; weconnect good quality writers, with businesses thatare in need of branded content for the spanishspeaking market.In WB we make freelance writers succeed, andbusinesses achieve their results through content.At the moment we are not looking for funding, butwe are looking for strategic alliances with importantplayers in Latin America communication industry,such as media conglomerates, media networks(TV), important newspapers, publishers andmagazines.Contact: anatoral@writingbees.netWebsite:
  13. 13. THURSDAY MARCH 21th Partners: 2013 Año de la Innovación