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  1. ENTREPRENEURS GUIDE PARTNERS: Demo Day April 10th 2014 martes 1 de abril de 14
  2. Bureo Skateboards Bureo Skateboards designs and manufactures a unique line of sustainable skateboards by utilizing the growing amount of plastic pollution in Chilean communities and coastlines. By offering recycled high quality products, Bureo enables ethically conscious consumers to support recycling development and job growth for local inhabitants. Contact: Investment: $200k USD Website: martes 1 de abril de 14
  3. Austral 3D We develop Gamified Simulators to support education and training of students and workers in companies of industrial areas. With a strong Gamification concept and SAAS delivery model, we carry out inductions and training of operations and maintenance of industrial plants (Mining, Forestry, Aeronautical, Production) in a first person 3D immersive virtual environment.  Contact: Investment: $500k – $750k USD for 7% - 10% equity Website: martes 1 de abril de 14
  4. EmCube This company is dedicated to the design and manufacture of 3Dprinting related hardware, with an plastic extruder and recycler as a first step, but expecting to make our product spectrum grow continuously. Our philosophy is to develop high quality products to assure our clients comfort. Contact: Investment: $15k - 20k USD Website: martes 1 de abril de 14
  5. Appalladium Pty Ltd Appalladium brings you "Dextr" - a faster, simpler, smarter keyboard for smartphones and tablets. Our mission is to put the enabling power of technology in the hands of everyone. Because if we can make text entry easier, we can make every mobile device and app easier to use too. Contact: Investment: $150k USD to close out Seed Round and $3M for our Series A Website: martes 1 de abril de 14
  6. Entac Medical Entac Medical is developing a novel platform technology known as audio spectral analysis that has proven use in the area of connected medical devices and diagnostics.  Contact: Investment: $2M USD Series A Website: None martes 1 de abril de 14
  7. DoubleMap DoubleMap is an online bus-tracking application delivering real-time information. Moreover, we build valuable tools for riders and transit administrators alike. DoubleMap provides cross-platform web applications accessible to its riders. Additionally, DoubleMap supplies transit authorities with an intuitive administration panel and a multitude of reports for managing their fleet’s efficiency. Contact:, Investment: $300k USD Website: martes 1 de abril de 14
  8. SolarBrush SolarBrush is a robot that cleans the solar panels and mirrors, at night. It crosses through the panels and cleans the power plant, autonomously. The system is about 40% cheaper over manual cleaning and prevents the solar power plant from lenergy osses that would occour when cleaned manually. Contact: Investment: $500k USD Website: martes 1 de abril de 14
  9. Sylleta Inc. Sylleta Inc. is a Toronto based company developing cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions for the marine industry. Our mission is tohelp Aquaculturists grow fish in a healthy environment and help reduce fuel costs in the marine transportation industry in a cost-effective way. Contact: Investment: Sylleta aims to raise $1.3 million. A funding agency and private angel investor group in Canada plans to invest $500,000 so currently we are looking to raise $800,000 here in Chile.  Website: martes 1 de abril de 14
  10. Copyright Agent Copyright Agent works as your eyes and ears on the Internet. Acting solely for professional photographers, we monitor your current portfolio online and give you a panoramic view of where your photos are. Wherever your work is being used, we’ll know, and what’s more, we’ll tell you. We’re a bit like the CIA, only cooler. You’ll be notified as soon as we find a photograph being used without your prior approval. Then we’ll take care of the rest. Copyright Agent takes 30% commission of successful claims.  Contact: Investment: $300k USD Website: martes 1 de abril de 14
  11. The unemployment rate for people with disabilities in Latin America reaches about 70% and is affecting more than 30 million people. is the first job portal focused to develop employment inclusion for people with disabilities in Latin America. Contact: Investment: $300k USD Website: martes 1 de abril de 14
  12. SlideBean Slidebean is a web-based presentation app. By separating the content creation from the design process, Slidebean is the most efficient and easy way to create beautiful presentations.  Contact: Investment: $250k USD Website: martes 1 de abril de 14
  13. Coin4ce Coin4ce is on a mission to bring Bitcoin to Latin America, helping people buy, sell and use Bitcoins with safe and simple methods! Contact: Investment: $500k USD Website: martes 1 de abril de 14
  14. Tripcover International Tripcover is disrupting the biggest rip-off in the travel industry; expensive car rental insurance! Tripcover uniquely has two business models, B2C via, and B2B via web-services (API), distributing directly into websites of trusted airline and travel agency brands. In the 4th quarter of 2013 sales exceeded $78,000. It’s working! Contact: Investment: $100k seed for 5% equity (this investment will be used to prepared the business for a series A round of $1million for 10%) Website: B2C –, B2B - martes 1 de abril de 14
  15. Uanbai Unabai is a platform that allows anyone to sell anything directly from their own social media accounts. Right now we already have a contract to sell Prepaid recharges for Virgin Mobile (211,000 clients) and Claro Chile (4,7M clients) using their own Facebook and Twitter account, and soon we expect to start collecting Bills as well. Contact: Investment: Chile Operations: $453.497, Chile/East Coast of USA: $ 1.123.450, Chile/East and West Coast of USA: $1.423.000, Chile/USA/Canada: $1.856.456, Chile/USA/Canada/UK: $2.826.601 USD Website: martes 1 de abril de 14
  16. Vibe by Profoundis Inc.     Vibe - A smart sales tool to do quick research on people from anywhere on the web. From an email address, Vibe will find all the details like name, designation, work history, social media handles and deep analysis information like influencer scores and even the person’s general topics of interest. In startup terms, it is Rapportive with steroids.   Contact: Investment: 800k - 1M USD Website: martes 1 de abril de 14
  17. THURSDAY APRIL 10th martes 1 de abril de 14