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BBblog company profile

  1. 1. Bina Blog Indonesia is a brand new blog network in Indonesia. It’s operated by CyberBuzz which is Japanese No. 1 blog network by CyberAgent Inc. Group. Through B Blog, the bloggers could get an access to colaborate with Advertisers, including reputable brand in Indonesia. Using our sophisticated and easy to use system that has been tested for years by CyberBuzz Japan, we could connect the blogger with media as well. This system can track how far a blog article could has an impact to become a conversion.
  2. 2. B Blog’s Services Integrated Influencer Marketing >> Integrated Social Media << Marketing B Blog could be a medium to Advertiser that want to promote their product and service through B Blog Projecy. This will make their product and service become a Digital Word of Mouth in social media. Sampling B Blog Project Event Web Release
  3. 3. B Blog’s Project There are 3 kinds of Project that B Blog offer to choose by Advertiser (as client) or Blogger (as reviewer): 1. Sampling 2. Event 3. Web Release Sampling: B Blog will send the product (food, cosmetics, etc) to blogger before the product is marketed. Event: B Blog invite the blogger to participate on the event like talk show about product, or sharing thoughts, group discussion, etc. Web Release: B Blog will give information and news about the new product to bloggers
  4. 4. B Blog’s Blogger Categories >> Fashion >> Beauty & Cosmetic >> Food & Beverage >> IT & Gadget Entertainment << Game << Animation << Sports << ..etc..
  5. 5. Types of Bloggers The status of each blogger can change. B Blog PREMIUM BBlog 99% Blogger - Blogger Pyramid • • • Bloggers that become member of B Blog will be categorized to 2 category: Premium and Usual. In B Blog, the usual blogger can raise their status to premium, and premium also can fall to usual blogger. The raise and fall of their status will depend on how much of popularity they have, their followers number in social media, and unique viewer of their blog page.
  6. 6. 10~20 powerful influencer on each category 10~20 powerful influencer dlm setiap kategory (Blog, Twitter, Instagram) →→ Have a lot followers & good talents. Premium blogger are bloggers who B Blog invite to review exclusive premium events with different kind of payment from usual blogger.
  7. 7. How to join B Blog How to join on B Blog: 1. Go to this link: 2.html 2. Click “join” 3. Fill the registration form 4. After that bloggers will receive email with a link from our system to verified their account. 5. After click on that link, Blogger will directly connect with their profile page. So let’s join on B Blog!
  8. 8. How to contact B Blog You could contact B Blog team to ask about how to join, our services, recruitment, etc. B Blog’s Addres: PT Bina Blog Indonesia Indosurya Plaza, Floor 3A Jl. MH Thamrin Kav 8-9 Jakarta Pusat 10230 Tel: +6221 293 88488 Fax: +6221 293 88489 Website: / Email: Twitter: @Bblog_ID Facebook: Bblog_ID
  9. 9. Your Blog and Social Media Marketing Solutions!