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Startup Marketing


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Defining your market and strategy to reach it is quite important for any startup

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Startup Marketing

  1. 1. MARKETINGSTARTUP MARKETINGMMarketing6ImInternationalmarketing6
  3. 3. MARKETINGDo more than satisfying customers,you need to constantly AMAZE them.
  4. 4. MARKETINGOpportunity RecognitionIdentify the market need/opportunity★ determine the size★ make sure there’s growth potential★ is the market mature, too saturated,very fragmented
  5. 5. MARKETINGMarket Opportunity AnalysisTotal Available Market- how big is the universeServed Market Availability- how many can I reach withmy channelsTarget Market- who will be most likelybuyersTAMSMATM
  6. 6. MARKETINGExploring Customer SegmentsWho are you building your valueproposition for?What "jobs" do they want to get done?What "pains" do they want to solve andwhat "gains" to they want?
  7. 7. MARKETINGMoor’s Technology Adoption Life Cycleinnovatorsearlyadoptersearlymajoritylatemajoritylaggardstechiestechiesvisionariespragmatists conservativesskeptics
  8. 8. MARKETINGMoor’s Chasminnovatorsearlyadoptersearlymajoritylatemajoritylaggardstechieschasm
  9. 9. MARKETINGHow to cross the chasm?Concentrate on one particular segmentStudy that segmentTry to satisfy it’s needs 100%Which segment do a startup put it’sefforts on?
  10. 10. MARKETINGMarket SegmentsFor B2C★ Age★ Gender★ Income bracket★ Brand loyaltyFor B2B★ Industry type★ Number of employees★ Geography★ Order size
  11. 11. MARKETINGThe Power of SegmentationDog’s Role Segment Brand Price/100 gr.Dog as a substitute child? Super PremiumDog as a family member Premium Chum8.7 penceDog as a companion Moderate Pal and Bounce6.4 & 7.9 penceDog as an animal Economy Chappie6.3 penceReference: A. Ryans
  12. 12. MARKETINGPedigree’s Super Premium StrategyTarget Market? - Intense relationships, own smaller dogs, older and urbanfemalesBenefits? - Very best product that can be bought, reassurance, confidence,leads to an enhanced relationshipName? - Mr. Dog (later Caesar)Product? - high quality ingredients, wide variety of flavors, special packagingPrice? - 17.7 to 30.7 pence per 100 gramsAdvertising? - Dog bringing newspaper, slippers, etc
  13. 13. MARKETINGPositioning TemplateKawasaki’s Horizontal AxisFOR (target customer)WHO (statement of the need/opportunity)THE (product/service name) IS A (product category)THAT (statement of benefit - reason to buy)
  14. 14. MARKETINGPositioning TemplateKawasaki’s Vertical AxisUNLIKE (primary competitive alternative)OUR PRODUCT (statement of primarydifferentiation)
  15. 15. MARKETINGPositioning Prior To Demand Creation
  16. 16. MARKETINGNow you have aproduct/service?
  17. 17. MARKETINGand want to SELL to the world
  18. 18. MARKETINGbut TRADITIONAL marketing do notwork for startups
  19. 19. MARKETING...simply because startups do NOThave MONEY
  20. 20. MARKETINGWHAT a startup is supposed to DOthen?
  21. 21. MARKETINGStartup Marketing StrategyBuild REMARKABLE productMarket to passionate INFLUENCERSBuild LOYALTY through community management
  22. 22. MARKETINGRemarkable ProductYour product is your marketing
  23. 23. MARKETINGRemarkable Product“Something remarkable is worthtalking about...It’s a PurpleCow… Remarkable marketing isthe art of building things worthnoticing right into your productor service.”Seth Godin
  24. 24. MARKETINGRemarkable Product“A lot of times, people dontknow what they wantuntil you show it to them.”Steve Jobs
  25. 25. MARKETINGRemarkable ProductHOW to do it:- watch, listen, iterate- you are not astrologer, be an astronomerAcquisitionActivationRetentionReferralRevenueProblemHypothesis& TestKeep orkill feature
  26. 26. MARKETINGMarket To InfluencersMarket to passionate INFLUENCERS- discover who they are
  27. 27. MARKETINGMarket to Influencers10% influence the purchasing behaviorof the other 90%Malcolm GladwellThe Tipping Point
  28. 28. MARKETINGMarket to InfluencersWho do my customers listen to?
  29. 29. MARKETINGBuild LOYALTYMake your customers happyTreat them extremely well -rewards, small gifts, surprises,special attentionBe a talk show host, not apreacher
  30. 30. MARKETINGBuild LOYALTYHOWGive a great experienceGive customers a voiceEngage the communityListen
  32. 32. MARKETINGUse Your Personal Contactsgroup thembe courageous - send thempersonalized messageuse MailChimpthis is not spampersonal contacts
  33. 33. MARKETINGUse Twitter Liststwitter lists
  34. 34. MARKETINGUse Facebook ListsFacebook lists
  35. 35. MARKETINGStart Bloggingbe usefulcreate interesting content - video,infographics, interviews12/1 - useful/advertisementcall to actionEx:
  36. 36. MARKETINGStart Blogging
  37. 37. MARKETINGPrelaunch Sign Upinvite people to join the waiting listsocial share - higher conversion60% of sign-ups come from
  38. 38. MARKETINGPrelaunch Sign Up
  39. 39. MARKETINGPrelaunch Sign Up
  40. 40. MARKETINGFeedback Form
  41. 41. MARKETINGTestimonials
  42. 42. MARKETINGSomething Crazyvideo - call to action at 30 secgamification - use badgesflash mobs - hard to organize, butcan go viralFacebook App for the productpictures with catsoutdoor, print
  43. 43. MARKETINGOutdoor Done Right
  44. 44. MARKETINGTIME TO PRACTICEWhat makes your product REMARKABLE ?Who are the INFLUENCERS that can help youmarket your product?How are you building LOYALTY ?