Matti Karjanlahti presentation on StartSmart event Wantrepreneur 2 Entrepreneur 1.12.2011. Tallinn, Estonia


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Matti Karjanlahti spoke on Start Smart! event Wantrepreneur 2 Entrepreneur 1. december 2011 in Tallinn, Estonia.

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Matti Karjanlahti presentation on StartSmart event Wantrepreneur 2 Entrepreneur 1.12.2011. Tallinn, Estonia

  1. 1. Aalto University School of EconomicsSmall Business Center StartSmart! Tallinn 1.12.2011 Matti Karjanlahti
  2. 2. Founded 1.1.2010• Aalto University - a new university with centuries of experience – Helsinki School of Economics – Helsinki University of Technology – Helsinki University of Art and Design
  3. 3. Incubate your business in Aalto Start-Up Center!“ A dynamic business incubatorwith high quality businessservices!” “The best place for young companies with an innovative business idea and strong will to succeed !”
  4. 4. We support You in the pre-incubation phase Coaching, training, testing and challenging your business idea by qualified trainers and experienced entrepreneurs -> You fine-tune your service/product offering Providing the right tools to calculate cash-flow, sales pipeline, customer potential and key day to day activities -> Well thought-out and robust business plan -> You establish your own company!
  5. 5. Incubation phase:What You will get from us ?You will be guided through the first challenging years  Find and test the right business model  Begin the customer development process  Secure the funding  Find the right business contacts  Cooperate with other technology companies
  6. 6. How we do it Your strategy, customer development process and growth bath will be formulated and challenged in agile programs Networking sessions with key players in your field Access to experienced entrepreneurs via our mentor-network Personal business trainer You will have a top notch ”office hotel” with the important services you require
  7. 7. Facts and figures Selection criterias : innovative and scalable business idea, strong will to grow and age < 3 years Max incubation time 3 years Alternatives: office room (12m2), open office or virtual membership 1400 m2 office space and 150 m2 open office space in Technopolis building few minutes from downtown Helsinki Staff of six experienced specialists and a wide expert network for entrepreneurs
  8. 8. 87 % Success rate! The biggest and fast growing incubator in Finland Aalto-university business experts and experienced business consultants available for you Over 70 growth companies at the moment Our clients are are knowledge and technology based companies as well as companies operating in the creative field Over 500 companies have joined the incubation 87 % success rate after ten years (survey 2009) 32% of companies are fast growers (=Gazell companies)
  9. 9. Aalto Start-Up center companiesPostincubator companies
  10. 10. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! More information about Aalto Start-Up Center Matti Karjanlahti