Outsmarting Google: An SEO Workshop for SEO Pros with Nicole Munoz


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Outsmarting Google: An SEO Workshop for Wedding Pros with Nicole Munoz from StartRankingNow.com was presented in October of 2011 in the Las Vegas Convention Center to over 1500 people at the Industry Tradeshow WeddingMBA. Learn what the 1% factor is to increase your sales! Discover what is SEO, how to conduct online market research, on site optimization and how to write awesome title tags. Learn how to claim your Google Places page, how to blog correctly and how to use Video to rank in the search engines. Presentation is geared to the beginner.

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Outsmarting Google: An SEO Workshop for SEO Pros with Nicole Munoz

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  5. 5. IntroductionThe  purpose  of  this  book  is  to  teach   you   about  how  to  get  more  traffic  and  sales  to  your  web-­‐site!    I  am  going  to  try   to  break  it  down  into  some  ac<onable   steps  that  you  can  start  implemen<ng  today   to   start  moving  your   site   up   higher   in   the   search   engines!     Sound  good?    I  got   started  just   like  many  of  you   by  opening  up  my  own  online  retail  store.    One  of   the  first  things  I  learned  was   that  if   I  was   not  geDng  any  traffic,  I  was  not  geDng   any  sales.     I  spent  a   lot  of   money  on   my  online  marke<ng  educa<on.       Within  about  6  months  my   online  retail  site  was  ranking  number  one  in  Google  for  some  extremely  compe<<ve  keywords   and   started   to   send   me   tens   of   thousands   of   visitors   every   month   to   my   site  which   in  turn   resulted  in  a   lot  of   sales!     AKer  running  my  online  retail  business   for  a   few  years,   I  decided   to   start  my   own   SEO   Company   called   StartRankingNow   so   I  could   help  other  retail  businesses  achieve  their  own  success.   ©2011 www.startrankingnow.com
  6. 6. Introduction In   January  of  this  year,  I  started  to   work  with  Wedlock  Magazine  as  their  SEO  Manager!    It’s  mission  is  to  teach  marke<ng  to  those  in  the  wedding  industry  through   a  monthly  print  magazine,   bi-­‐monthly   Webinars   and   a   forum   where   members   can   get   their   marke<ng  ques<ons  answered  usually  within   a  few  hours,  and  I  will  talk  to   you  more  about  that  in  this  book.     So,  I  am  going  to  try  to  make  it  simple  and  effec<ve  so   that  about  this  <me  next  year,  you  are   going  to  be   that   person  who  stands  up   and  says  that  your  business   has   exploded  as  a  direct  result  of  the  things  that  you  will  learn  here  in  this  book!   ©2011 www.startrankingnow.com
  7. 7. 1% FactorBefore  geDng  started,  I  would   like  you  to  ask  yourself  a  ques<on.    The  ques<on  is  this:  Is  your  site  currently  making  you  money?    If  not,  why  not?  The  other  day,  I  was  reading  a  book  and   it   reminded   me  of   the  1%   factor.    Did   you   know   that   sta<s<cs   show   that   if   you   only  improve  by  1%  every   day,  within  70  days,  you  will  have  doubled  your  produc<vity?    So  what  we  are  going  to  do  is  give  you  some  <ps!     My  number  one  goal   for  you  is   for   you  to  be   able  to  implement  these  <ps  and  strategies   yourself.     A  lot  of  <mes,  when  we  learn  so  much,    we  are  not  sure  where   to  start  and  we  get  so   overwhelmed   with  informa<on  that  we  don’t   put  anything  into  prac<ce.     So,  today,  as   you  are  reading  this,  ask  yourself,  what  is  my  1%  that  I  can  change,  that  I   can   improve,  that  I  can   implement?     Then  focus  on  that  1%...  That  small  incremental   change…   knowing   that   as   you   do,   you   are   moving   forward   to   double   your  produc<vity,  double  your  marke<ng,  and  double  your  sales!  So  let’s  get  started! ©2011 www.startrankingnow.com
  8. 8. Search Engine OptimizationDo   you   know  what   SEO   stands   for?     SEO   stands   for   Search   Engine   Op<miza<on.   So   what  we’re   going   to   talk   about   today   is   how   to   get   your   site   to   the   first   page   of   Google   and  possibly  even  the  first  three  posi<ons  for  a  keyword.  We  have   some  clients  that  are  realtors  and  if  you  talk  to  any  realtor   they  will   tell  you  that  the  #1  factor  in  buying  a  house  is  always  loca<on,  loca<on,  loca<on!     SEO  works  exactly  the  same  way!    If  your   site  is   ranked  in  the  top  1-­‐3  spots,  you  are   going  to  get  all   the   traffic  to  your  site.  If  your  site   is  buried   on  page  forty-­‐four,  the  only  traffic  you   will  get  is  if  someone  types  in  your  website  address   or  finds  it  by   your   business   name.   The   problem   is   that   people   are   not   searching   the   Internet  for   a  business  name;  they  are   searching  for  what  we  call  "keywords."    That  is  going  to   be  one  of  the  first  things  we  cover  today!     Don’t  worry  if  all  of  this  sounds  unfamiliar.    By  the   <me  you  finish   reading   this,  you   are  going  to  know  what  a  keyword   is,  what  keywords  you   need   to  focus  on  to   get  you  the   most  traffic,  and  exactly  what   you   need  to  do   to  get   to  those  most  trafficked  spots  on  the  internet! ©2011 www.startrankingnow.com
  9. 9. Online Market ResearchIn   business   school,   one   of   the   things   they   teach   you   is   the   importance   of   doing   market  research  before   star<ng  a  new  business   or   launching  a  new   product!  Before  releasing   any  new   products,   Apple   and   similar   companies   spend   hundreds   of   thousands   of   dollars   on  market  research   to   find   out  what  people  want.  They   have   study   groups,  test  groups,   and  they   also  create  prototypes  of  their  products  to   make  sure  they  will  meet  the  needs  of  their  consumers.     Market   research   is   numbers   driven.     It   is   all   about  finding   out   what   people  want  and  then  mee<ng  their  needs.  On  the   Internet,  we  call  this  market  research  "keyword  research."     Keyword   research   is   finding  out  what   keywords   people   are  typing  into   search  engines  such  as  Google,  Yahoo,  and  Bing  when  they  are  looking  for  a  product  or  service.Keyword   research   is   also   numbers   driven   and   there   are   a   lot   of   tools   that   will   show   us  approximately   how   many   <mes   a   keyword   is   searched   per   month.     The   more   <mes   a  keyword  is  searched  for,  the  greater  the  demand  is  for  that  product  or  service.     The  key  to  a  successful   online   marke<ng   campaign   is   to   find   keywords   with   a   high   demand   and  preferably  a  low  compe<<on. ©2011 www.startrankingnow.com
  10. 10.     We   are   going   to   use   the   example   with   the   keywords  “San  Diego  wedding  flowers”  just  because   I   am   from   San   Diego   area.     There   is   a   completely   free  tool  out   there  called   Google  Keyword  Tool  that   is   available   to   you   within   your   Google   Adwords   account.     You   can   sign   up   right   with   your   google   account   and   if   you   have   gmail   you   already   have   a   google   account.     Just   do   a   search   for   Google   Keyword   Tool   and   you   will   be   able  to   use   this   tool   completely   free.     What   this   tool   does   is   show   you  exactly   how  many   <mes   someone   is   searching   for   your   par<cular   product   or   service  on   the  web.    So,  in  this  example,  I  did  a   search  for  the  keyword  "San  Diego   wedding  flowers."     What  I  found  Is   that  the  keyword  “San  Diego  florist”   is  searched  22%   MORE  than  the  plural  version  of  “San  Diego  florists”.    What  this  means   is  that  the  keyword  that   I  want  to  focus   my  marke<ng  efforts   on   is   “San   Diego   florist."       San   diego   wedding   flowers   also   has   1000   searches   per  month,   whereas,   the   keyword   “San   Diego   wedding   flower”   has   so   few   that   it   is   not   even  registering!    The  keyword   “wedding  florist”   has  368,000   searches  per  month  while  the  plural  version  has  only   60,500.    This   is   509%  MORE.     You  can  do  this  research  for  any  market  and  the  best  part  is   that  this   tool   is   completely   free.     As   a   bonus   for  you   advanced   users   out   there,  many  <mes  I  get  asked  by  people  in  smaller  areas   about  how  they  can  figure   out   exactly  what  keywords   to   focus   on   as   they   are   not  sure  people   are  looking  for  their   product  or  service  in  their  town  even!    In  these  cases,  what   I  like   to   do   is   to  run  an   actual   pay  per  click   campaign  with  Google  Adwords   but  do  it  in   such  a  way  to   target  just  a  specific   town  or  city.    So,  when  you   setup   your  campaign   in   Google   Adwords,  and   again,  this   is   for   the  advanced   users,   but  when   you   set   it   up,   you   can   change   the   seDngs   so   your   campaign   only   runs   in   a   specific  geographical  loca<on.    What  you  can  do  then  is  to  put  in  a  lot  of  different  keywords…  in   fact,  it  is  beker  to   put  in  as  many   different  keywords   as  possible,  and  then  set  your  daily   budget  to   be  something  low  like   fiKy  dollars  a  day  and  then   just  let  the  campaign  run   for  two   to  three  days  or  so.    AKer  two  to  three  days,  what  you  are  going  to  have  is  some  data  that  is  going  to   tell  you  the  exact  keywords  that  people  are  searching  for  in   your  specific  local  area!     This  is  going  to   be  gold   because  then  you  can  focus   on   just   the  keywords   that  people   are  searching  for   in  YOUR  area! ©2011 www.startrankingnow.com
  11. 11. On Site OptimizationNow  that  you  have  determined   which  keywords  to  focus  on,  the  next  step   is  to  do   what  we  call  "on  site  op<miza<on."    On  site  op<miza<on  are  the  changes  that  you  make   to  your  own  site  to   make  it  show  up  higher  in  the  search  engines.    Off   site  op<miza<on   is  what  we  are  going  to  be  talking  about  next  and   it  primarily  consists   of  building  links  to  your  site.     Off   site  op<miza<on   is   anything  you   do   to   help  your  site  get  ranked   higher  on   the  search   engines  that  is   not  directly  ON  your  site.    Both  on   site   and  off  site  are  important,  but   most  top  SEO  experts   agree,  on   site   SEO   should   account   for   ten   to   twenty   percent   of   your   <me   spent  marke<ng  your  site  and  off  site  SEO  should  account  for  the  other  eighty  to  ninety  percent.     ©2011 www.startrankingnow.com
  12. 12. The   best   part   about   on   site   SEO   is   that   you   can   do   most   everything  you   need   to   do   in   about  one   day   and   in   a  lot   of   cases  just  half  a   day.    If  you  have   a  huge  site  with  thousands   of   pages   it   might   take   longer,  but   even   then   a  programmer   who  knows  their  stuff  can   do  a  lot  of  these  changes.    So  what   we   are  going   to   cover   in   the   next   few   minutes   are   changes   that   you   can   make   on   your   own   site   right   now   yourself,   or   send   an   email   to   your   webmaster   telling  him   what   changes   you  want  done.     Title Tags Don’t   do   it   right   now,   but   the   next   <me   you   open   up   your   website   take   a  look  at  the  words   that   show   up   at   the   top   of   your   browser.     Those   w o r d s   a r e   t h e   words   that   you   or   your   Webmaster   have   placed   within   the   code   of   your   site   in   a   place   called   the   Title   Tag.    Now  the  <tle   tag   is   the   absolute   most   important  part   of  all   that  we  will  be   discussing  about  on   site  SEO  and  should   be  the  very  first   thing  you  take  a  look  at  fixing  on  your  site.    A  lot  of   websites  get  this   wrong.    If  you  put  into  ac<on  what  I  am  about  to  tell  you   right  now,  your  site  will   be  more  op<mized  for  the  search   engines   than  the  majority  of  other  wedding  sites  out  there!   ©2011 www.startrankingnow.com
  13. 13. This   is   an   example   of   a   website   that  has  the   <tle   tags   setup   correctly.    If   you   check   out   the   browser   you   will   see   that   their   keyword   “Wedding   Aisle   Runner”   is   showing   up   right   there   in   the   browser.     This  is  how   you   can  know   for   certain  that  your  <tle  tags  are   setup   correctly   so   you   don’t   have   to   learn   how   to   read   techie  html  code!    One  thing  I   also  want  to  point  out  here   is   that   the   keywords  in   the   <tle   tag   are   also  what   show   up   in  the   search  results.     In   other   words,  any  <me  your  website   shows  up  in  the  search  results  for  one  of  your   keywords   that   you   are   op<mizing   for,   whatever  your  keywords  are   in  your  <tle   tag,   is  what   is  going   to   show   up   in   the   search   results.     This   is   so   important   because   you   can   use   this   to   your  advantage   to  get   a  higher  click  through   rate  to  your  site   even  if  your  site   is  not   yet  ranked  number  one  for   your   keywords.    This  is  a  perfect  example  of  this.     Do  any  of  you   watch  Shark  Tank?    If   you  don’t   you   should   check   it   out!    I  want   to   write   a  blog   post   called  What   Shark   Tank   has  taught   me  about  my   Wedding  Business!    Even  though  I  don’t   always  agree  with  their  decisions  on  who  to  fund  or  not,  their  show  gives  you  a  perspec<ve  on  the  type   of  ques<ons  investors  might  ask  to  determine  if  your  business  is  worth  inves<ng  in  or  not.    In  this  case,   the   Original  Runner  Company  was  actually  ON  the  show  The   Shark  Tank    I  happened  to  see  that  episode   and   I  could  NOT  believe  they  did  not  see   the  poten<al  for  this  business!    So,   the   owner  of  this  website   has  placed  "As  Seen   on  Shark  Tank"  right  there  in  the  <tle  tag  of  their  home  page.     This  is  awesome  because  they  are  using   their  publicity  from  The  Shark  Tank  and  also  The  View  to  increase  their  click  through  rate  on  the  search  results.    What  that  means  is  when   someone  types  in  one   of  their  keywords,   let’s  just  say  “wedding   aisle  runners”  for  an  example,  and   saying   that  their  site  was  ranked  number   two  in  Google   and  their  compe<tor,  who   did  NOT  appear  on  The  Shark  Tank   or  the  View,  was  ranked  number  one.      If  someone  viewed   the   search  results,  they  would  be  more   likely  to  click  on  this  lis<ng  as  it  has  the  credibility  and  authority  from   The  Shark  Tank   right   there   in   their   Title   tag   and   the   credibility   and   authority   from   The   View   also  right  there  in  another  tag  called  the  Meta  Descrip<on  Tag! ©2011 www.startrankingnow.com
  14. 14. H e r e   i s   a n o t h e r  example   of   a   site  doing   this   correctly!    T h i s   s i t e   i s  op<mizing   for   the  keywords   “ordained  non-­‐denomina<onal  wedding   officiant”  and  they   have   those  keywords  in  the   <tle  tag   which   we   have  discussed  and  also  in  the   meta   tag   and  also   within   the   text  of   their   website!    We   touched   on   the  Meta  descrip<on  tag  a  second   ago,   but   let’s  discuss  this  a  likle   more.    The   Meta   descrip<on  tag   is  another  tag   within   the   html  code   of   your   website   that   also   allows  you   to   tell  the   search   engines  exactly  what  your  site  is  about.    Think  of  this  as  food  for  the  search  engine   spiders.    All  search  engines  have  what   we  call  spiders  that  go   out  and  crawl  the   different   sites  on   the  Internet.    The  spiders  find  other  sites  by  links  and  that  is  something  that  we  are  going  to  cover  in   a  few  moments,  but  for  now  just  know  that  the  spiders  find  the  sites  by  links  to  other  sites  and  then   the   keywords  on  the   sites  are  like   food  to   the   spiders  that   tell  the   spiders  what   each   site   is  about.     The   spiders  then  go   back   to  Google   and   Google   in   turn   ranks  each   site   by   what   informa<on   the   spider   found   out!     The   more  keywords  you  have  on  your  site,   the   more  likely  it  is  that   your  site  will  get   ranked  for  your  keywords.    So   the   Meta  descrip<on   tag   is  another   piece   of   code   on   your  site   where   you   can   write   a  unique  descrip<on   for   each   of   your   pages   and   tell   Google   exactly   what   your   site   is   about.     The   meta  descrip<on   tag  usually  shows  up  in  the   search   results  right   under   the  <tle   tag  so  this  is  also  a   good  place  to  put  not   only  some   keywords,  but  other  key  informa<on  about   your  business  to  increase  click  through  rate.    Also,  some<mes  Google  will  pull  the   first  paragraph   of  text  that  shows  up   on   your  site,  so  this  is  why  it  is  also  extremely  important  that   your  keywords  show   up  in  the   first  sentence   or   two  on   your   site!     Such   is   the   case   in   this   example.     You   can   see   that   the   content   under   A   Brief  Introduc<on   on  the  site   is  exactly   the  same   as  the   content  showing  up  in  the   descrip<on  area  on   the  Google  search  result.     ©2011 www.startrankingnow.com
  15. 15. Google Webmaster ToolsSo   now   that  we   have   discussed   how   important  it  is   for   each   page   on   your  site  to   have  a  unique  <tle  tag  and  a  unique  descrip<on  tag,  let’s  go  back   to  the  tool  that  I  was  discussing  a  likle  bit   earlier:  Google   Webmaster  Tools!    With   Google  webmaster  tools,  which  again   is  a  completely  free  tool  available   to   anyone  with  a  gmail  account,  you  can  install  a  likle  piece  of   code   onto   your   site   and   Google   will   spider  your  site   and   tell   you   how   many   duplicate  meta   tag   descrip<ons   and   exactly   how   many   missing  or   duplicate   <tle   tags   you   have   on  your   site.    Once  you  open  up  the  results  you  can  also   click  on  the  blue   underlined  links   and  it   will   show   you   the   exact   urls   of   the   pages   on   your   site   that   need   work   on.     This   is  something  that  will   take  a   few  minutes  to   run  and  once   you   run  it,  you  can  go   in  and  write  some  unique  <tle  tags  and   unique  Meta  descrip<on   tags   for  all  of   the  pages   on   your  site.    AKer  you  make  the   changes  on  your  site  and  once  the  spider  from   Google  re-­‐visits  your  site,  usually   within   a  few   days,  this   report   will   be   updated   and   you   should   see   0   in   all   of   the  rows.     If  you  don’t,   just  go   in  and  make  some  more   changes   and   then   check  back  again  in  a  few  days.    This   is   something  that  you  will   want   to   set  on  your  calendar  to   do  every  ninety  days  or  so   or  even   more   oKen   if   you  are  adding   a  lot   of  content  and  new  pages  to  your   site  on  a  regular  basis.       ©2011 www.startrankingnow.com
  16. 16. Brick and MortarLet’s  review!     So  far   we  have  covered   how  to   do  market  research  with  the  Google  Keyword  tool,   how   to   use   Google   webmaster   tools   to   determine   if   your   site   is   suffering   from  duplicate   <tle   tags   or   duplicate   meta   descrip<on   tags,   how   to   feed   the   search   engine  spiders  by  having  keywords  in  your  content,  and  how  to   increase   your  click  through  rate  on  the  search   results  by   having  “borrowed   credibility”  statements   in   the  <tle  and  descrip<on  tags!     And  we   are  just  geDng  started!    Everything   that   we  have  covered   so  far   is  applicable  to   all   sites   on   the   Internet.     What   I   want   to   touch   on   for   the   next   few   moments   is  specifically  for  businesses   that  have  a  brick  and  mortar   loca<on  that  customers   can  walk  in  and  make  purchases.    This  would  be  anyone  with  a  physical  loca<on  such  as  a   florist,  or  an  event  venue,  or   a  wedding   dress   store   and   so   on.     For   those   of   you   without  a   brick   and  mortar,   can   I   assume   that   you   are   offering   services   to   your   clients   such   as   a   wedding  consultant   or   maybe   an   online   wedding   directory?     For   those   of   you   without   a   physical  loca<on,  what  we  are  going  to   cover  right  now  can  also   work   for  you   but  you  will  need   to  get  a  virtual   office  address   such   as   an   address   at  a  Regas.     A  post   office   box  won’t  work!    You   need   an   actual   address  where,  poten<ally,  customers  could   meet  you  in   person.    You  could   use   your   home   address   for   this   of   course,   just  know   that  your   home   address   may  appear   in   the   search   results   and   in   some   cases   even   a   picture   of   your   home   from   the  Google  maps  might  even  show  up!     ©2011 www.startrankingnow.com
  17. 17. Brick and MortarWhen  someone  does  a  search  for  certain  keywords,  Google   has  determined  that  at  least   for  some  keywords,  the   intent   is  to  find  a  local   business.    So  what   they   have   done   is  they   have   integrated  within   their   search   results   a   way   to   show   sites   that   they   know   are   local   brick   and   mortar.    Remember,  Google   is  a  business,   and   their  business  is  to  get  as  many  people   to  use  their   search  engine  as  possible  so  that  they   can  sell  adver<sing.    In  order  to  do  that,  they  have   to  have   the  best  results  as   possible   for   the   users.    If,   for   example,   someone   searched   for  “wedding   flowers”   that  may   or  may   not   mean  that  someone   is  looking   for  a  local  store   but   on   the  other  hand,  someone  that  searched  for  “wedding   flowers  San  Diego”,  you  can  preky  much  assume  they  are  looking  for  a  local  business.     When  someone  searches   with  a  keyword  plus  a  local  search  query   such  as  a  city  name,  Google  shows  what   we  call  local  search  results.    The   local  search   results  usually  result  in  a  map  lis<ng  on  the  same  page  or  at  a  minimum   they  have   the  red  balloons  showing   up  in  the   search  results  next  to  the   local  search  results  lis<ngs.    The   local  search  results  are  usually  stacked  within  the  organic  results.    In  this  example   we  have  google  pay  per  click  ads  showing  up  on  the   top  and  on  the  right   side,  the  local  search  results  trigged  a  map   lis<ng  on   the  top  right.    The  first   result  in   the  middle   right   below   the   pay   per  click  lis<ng   is  an  organic  lis<ng.     In  other   words,   the   site   Google  says  is  most  about  those   keywords.     We   know  that  that   is   not   a  local  lis<ng   as   there  is  not  a  red  balloon  next   to  it.    Under  that   lis<ng   we  do   have   two  local  search  results  and  another  interes<ng  thing  is  that  the  pay  per  click  ads  are  also  showing  as  blue  balloons  on  top  of  the  map.     ©2011 www.startrankingnow.com
  18. 18. Getting Ranked Local   SEO   is   extremely   powerful   for   local   businesses   as   it   is   easier  and   faster  to   rank   for  local  search  terms   that   it  is  for  na<onal  or  global  search  terms.    In  fact,  I  am  going  to  reveal  to  you  right  now   the  three   main  things   you  need   to   do   to   get  ranked   in  the  local  search  results.    And  unless  all  of  your  compe<tors   from  your   city  are  here   also  listening,  if   you  put  into  ac<on  the   three   things   I   am   going   to   share,   you   will   be   outranking   your   compe<tors   in   the   local  search  results  in  a  very  short  <me.     Also,  as  you  are  implemen<ng  these   strategies  for  geDng  ranked   in   the  local   search,  you   are  also   helping  your  site  to  get  ranked   in   the  organic   search  results.     Remember   the   1%?   This   could   be   your   1%   today   that  will   put   you   on   the   path   to  double  your  marke<ng  results  and  doubling  your  sales  in  the  next  seventy  days! ©2011 www.startrankingnow.com
  19. 19. The  first  thing  you   need   to   do   to  get   ranked   in   Google  Local   is   to  put  your   address   on   all  of   the  pages   on  your  site!    If  you  only  service  a  local  geographic   area,  then   also   consider  puDng  the  local  search  term  right  in  your   <tle   tag   and   Meta   descrip<on  tag  as   well.     If   you   service  clients  in  mul<ple   geographic   areas   then   put  the  main  area  on  the  footer  of  every  single   page.     This   is   also   where   a  likle   bit   of   market   research   will   be  very  helpful.    If  you  go  back  to  what  we  talked  about  in  the  beginning  about  puDng   your   keywords  into  the  Google  keyword   tool,  what  you  can  do  is   put  your  main   keyword   plus   local  search  queries  and  see  which  ci<es   have  the   most  search   results.     This   is   a   very   powerful   technique  to   help   you   to   determine   which  local   areas   to   target   first   with   your   marke<ng   budget.     AKer   doing   the   research   with   the  Google   keyword   tool,  make  a   list  of   the   top   ten   areas   that  people  search   for   a   DJ   in   in   this  example,  and  then  in   the  footer  you  can  put  in   city  1  DJs,  city  2  DJs,  city  3  DJs  and  make  those  all  clickable  links  that  go  to  another  page  on  your   site   just  about   each  of  those  ci<es   or   areas.    Each   of  those  ten   or  so   pages   have  a  500-­‐1000  word  or  more   ar<cle   that  uses   the  city   1  DJs  keyword  throughout  the  ar<cle   and  has   pictures  and  <ps  all   about  venues  or  vendors  in  each  of  those  areas.     Be  sure  to   put   in  vendors  or  venues  you  have  a   working  rela<onship   with  and  not   your   compe<tors!     You   could   also   put   in   pictures   of   your   company   working   in   those  specific  local  areas!    If   you   actually  have  different   physical  loca<ons   that  service  customers,  I  recommend   you   build   out  a  separate   website   for   each   brick  and  mortar   store  and  also   have  one  corporate  site  that  links  to  all  of   the  individual  sites.     This  will   help  you  to  have  more  links  to  your  main  corporate  site   and  also   help  you  to  get   more  targeted  search  results  for  each  of  your  local  businesses.    If  you  have  more  than  ten  or  so  businesses  you  can  do   the  same  thing  but  with  a  database  driven  site  that  builds  out  a  subdomain  lis<ng  for  each  of   your  stores.  That  is  something  preky  advanced  but  also  easy  to  implement  for  an  experienced  programmer.    For  the   majority  however,  the  only  thing   you  need  to   do  is  to  get  your   address   on  all  of  the  pages  of  your  site! ©2011 www.startrankingnow.com
  20. 20. Claiming Your Google PlaceThe   next  thing  that   I  am   going   to   show   you   is   something   that  even   today   a  lot   of   business  owners   are   s<ll   not   doing   and   those   who   are,   are   not   doing   correctly!     As   stated   earlier,  Google   wants   to   show   the   best   results   to   its   users   so   it  has   set   up   a   way   for   local   business  owners  to   announce   to   Google  that  they   have  a  local  business.    They  have  even   set   it  up   so  that   you   can  publish   photos,  videos,   your  store  hours,   and  even  a  link  to   your  main   website!    This   is   extremely   valuable  because  what  you  put  in   here  will  show   up   on   Google  maps  when  someone   is   doing   a   search   on   their   smartphone   as   they   are   driving   around.     This   is   very  valuable  as  someone  driving  around  looking  for  a   business  is  even  MORE  likely  to   buy!    Even  more,   if   you   can   get   your   customers   to   leave   reviews   and   checkins   on   your   business   lis<ng  they  will  be  even  MORE  inclined  to  purchase  from  you  even  if  your  prices   are  higher!  We  are  going   to   cover   reviews   and   checkins   in   a   second,   but   first   let’s   look   at   how   to   claim   your  Google  places  page! ©2011 www.startrankingnow.com
  21. 21. Google   places   is   where   you   can   claim   your   lis<ng   of   your   brick   and   mortar   store  from  Google.    If  you  have  a   gmail   account,   you   can   go   to   Google   Places   and  just  hit  Get  Started  and  it  will  walk   you  through  the   process  to   claim  your   lis<ng.    When   you  do  this,  Google   will   send   a   postcard   out   to   your   place   of   business   with   a   likle   code   on   it.     You   will   have   to   place   that  code  onto  your   account   before   your   lis<ng   shows   as   ac<ve  and  before   any  changes  that  you  make  are  live  on  the  Internet.     This  is  very  powerful   as  a  lot  of   <mes  in  the  local  search  results;  there   will   even   be   unclaimed   businesses   that   show   up   in   the   search   results.     When   this  happens,  you   are   GOLD!     Just   go   in   and   setup   your   lis<ng,   add   in   as   much   informa<on   as  possible,  and  very  quickly  your  site  will  improve  in  the  local  search  results.    I  am  going  to  show  you   in   a   second   what   an   op<mized   lis<ng  looks   like,   but   also   in   the   same   place   on   Google  places,   your  customers   can   login   and   leave   reviews.     Most  of   the   <me  they   can   also   do   this  directly  from  Google  Maps  on  their  smartphone.    A  good  idea  for   ANY  local  business  is  to   have  some   signage   up   where   you   show   customers   exactly   how,   step   by   step,   they   can   leave   a  review  for  your  business  right  from   their  smartphone!      I   have   even   seen   where  some   businesses   have   offers   for   free  stuff   for   leaving   reviews   or   liking   their  Facebook  page!    Very  smart! ©2011 www.startrankingnow.com
  22. 22. Your   Google   lis<ng   is   probably   the   second   most   valuable   piece   of   real   estate   on   the   Internet   for   your   business,   second   only   to   your   own   website.    You  definitely   want  to  spend   some   <me   making   sure   this   page   is   op<mized   for   Google   and   the   search   spiders   in   the   same   way   that   we   discussed   making   changes   on   your   own  site.     Some  of  the   most  powerful  changes   that   you   can   make   on   your  Google  lis<ng  is   to  make  sure  that  your  keywords   show   up   in   the   <tle   of   your  lis<ng   and   in   the   descrip<on   of   your  lis<ng.     This  is  the  same  as  making  sure  your   keywords   show   up   in   your   Title  Tags   and   Meta   Tag   Descrip<on.     And   just   like   you   can  op<mize   a  page   on   your   site   for   up   to   three   keywords,   a  great   idea   that   will   help   you   to   stay   a h e a d   o f   y o u r  compe<tors   is   to   work   in   mul<ple   keywords   into   the  descrip<on   of   your   business!     You   can  also  upload  up  to  ten  pictures.     One   thing  that  most  SEO  experts  even  forget  is  that  it  is  always  beker   to   upload   original   pictures   and   not   just   stock   photos   purchased   from   a   stock  photography  site  or  photos   provided   by  a  manufacturer.    Any<me  you  can  take   new  pictures  either   yourself  or  even  just  modify  the  pictures  with  photoshop   to  make  them  beker  will  help  give   you   the   edge   over   your   compe<tors.     Pictures   of   your   actual   physical   loca<on,   your  signage  and   even  customers  at  your  place  of   business  are  great   pictures  to  upload  not  just  for  Google,   but   also   because   when   someone   searches   for   your   place   of   business   on   their  smartphone,  they  are   going  to  be  able   to  see   those  pictures  and  if   they  are  awesome,  like   they  should   be,   it   will   increase   your   foot   traffic   also.     Also   be   sure   to   <tle   your   pictures   with  keywords   and   here   is   where   you   can   get   crea<ve   and   try   to   add   in   as   many   keywords   as  possible.     So,  for   example,  name  of  the  pictures  Wedding  Flowers  San  Diego,  and  another  one  Wedding  florist  San  Diego,  and  for  another  Wedding  bouquet.   ©2011 www.startrankingnow.com
  23. 23. You   can   also  upload  videos.    If  you  have  not   app  downloaded  on   their  phone  and  check  it  had   a  professional   video   done  of  your  place   first   before   going   to   a   place   of   business.    of   business,   this   is   something   you   can   get   When  you  open  up  Yelp  on  your   smartphone  done  for  a  few  hundred  dollars  and  use  over   you  can   type   in   a  keyword   and   then  choose  and  over  again.     But  don’t  let  that  stop  you.   the   loca<on   to   be   where   your   business   is  You  can  always  take  pictures  of  your  place  of   located.     This   is   a   really   good   idea   so   that  business,   upload   them   to   inexpensive   y o u   c a n   g a t h e r   s o m e   c o m p e < < v e  soKware  called  Animoto   where  you  can  also   intelligence.     Don’t   just   look   at   the   lis<ngs  edit  them,   add  some  background  music,  and   for   your   keyword,   you   can   also   check   out  save  as   a  video.    It  takes  less  than  an  hour  to   what   others   are   doing   just   in   the   wedding  do   and   can   allow   you   to   have   a   video   to   industry   to   get  some  ideas!    One   of  the  first  upload   to   your   Google   lis<ng   quite   quickly.     things   you   will   no<ce   is   that  there   are  a   lot  If   not,  just  ask   your   neighbor’s   teenage   son   of  reviews  and  also  check  in  offers!    Check-­‐in  that   probably   has   tons   of   experience   offers   are   offers   to   your   customers   for  uploading  youtube  videos.    You  can  probably   checking   in   with   their   smartphones   on   the  find  a  kid  willing  to  do  an   awesome   video  for   Yelp   app.     A   lot   of   <mes,   people   will   leave  your   business   for   less   than   a   hundred   reviews   when  they   check-­‐in   making  this   is   a  dollars!     The   last   thing   you   want   to   make   great  way  to  get  reviews   for  your  business  as  sure   is   that   your   lis<ng   is   owner   verified.     well.     A   check-­‐in   offer   could   be   something  You   can  check  that  when   you   are   looking   at   like  a  percentage   off  of  their   order  or  a  free  your  lis<ng  and  on   the  top  right  it  should  say   giK!     Bing   and   Yahoo   are   more   similar   to  owner  verified.     If   it  doesn’t  then   you   need   Google   places.     Bing   also   requires   you   to  to   put   in   the   code   from   the   postcard   aKer   confirm  your   lis<ng  by  sending  out  a  leker  to  you   receive   it  or  some<mes   Google   creates   your  place  of  business   with  a   code   that  you  duplicate  lis<ngs.    If  that  is   the  case,   there  is   then  have   to   place   onto  your  lis<ng.    What  I  a   place   right   there   to   report   to   get   the   really   like   about   Bing   however   is   you   can  duplicate  lis<ng  removed.     post   up   to   ten   of   your   products   or   services   within   your   lis<ng.     Best   of   the   Web   and  AKer  you  claim  your  Google  places,  there  are   Horrog   are   two   of   the   more   important  some  other  sites   you  want   to  also  make  sure   directories  to  get  your  business  listed  at.    you  claim  your  lis<ngs  on.    Some  of  the   more  important  one’s   are   Yelp,   Bing,  Yahoo,  Best  of   the   Web   and   Horrog.     Yelp   is   really  important   as   a   lot   of   people   have   the   Yelp   ©2011 www.startrankingnow.com
  24. 24. There  are  two  important   things  to  remember  when  filling  out   your  lis<ngs  on  these   sites.     One   is  to  fill  out   as  much  informa<on   as  possible.    Use   every  single  opportunity  you  have   to  put  more   informa<on  about   your   business.     When   possible,   also   include   reviews,   tes<monials,   and   pictures   of   happy  customers!    Also,   even  though   you  are   trying   to  put  in  keywords   into  your  lis<ngs,   always  be  sure  to  write   for   your  customer  first.    Don’t   keyword   stuff  your  lis<ngs   by   puDng   a  bunch  of  city  names  of  areas   you   service   all   in   a   list   in   the   descrip<on   area   of   your   business  lis<ng,   but   rather,   work   the  keywords  into   your   lis<ng   in   a   natural  way   that   will   compel  people   to   want   to   visit   your   place   of  business.    A  good  idea  also,   is  to  work  in   the  URL   of  your  website   into   the  descrip<on.    That   way,  if  someone  wants  to  get  more   informa<on  about   your  business,  they  can   find  it   easily.     The  second  thing  you   always  want   to   make   sure   you   do   is  have   a  link   back   to   your  main   website   within   the   lis<ng.    Usually  they  have  a  specific  place  that  they  allow  you  to  put  the  URL.AKer   claiming   your   lis<ng   at   Google   and   the   other   five   main   sites,   a   way   to   stay   ahead   of   your  compe<tors  is  to   work   on  submiDng   your  site   to   more   directories  on   a  monthly   or  even  a  weekly  basis.    There   are   new   one’s  coming  up   all  the   <me   and  a  good  idea  is  to  also  look   for  some   specific  wedding  directories  to  submit  your  site  to.    Many  of  the  specific  wedding  directories  will  not  only  help  you  with  your  search  rankings,  but  will  send  traffic  to  you  as  well.The   third   thing   you  need  to  do  to  get  great  local  search   results  is  get   some   reviews  directly  on  your   Google   lis<ng.     The  best   way  to  do  this  is  to   simply  ask  your  customers  to   give   you  those   reviews!     We   covered   a   likle   bit   about   this   already.    We  discussed  puDng  up   signage  at   your  place  of  business  showing  them  how  to   leave   reviews.     This   is   going   to   work   more   and   more   as   a   lot   of   people   today   have   smartphones.     If   you   have   a   lot   of   clients   without   smartphones,   be   sure   to   have   a   system   setup  to   collect  their  email  addresses   so   you   can   email   them   the   informa<on   about   how  to  leave   reviews  from   their  home   computers!     In   fact,   no   maker   what,   you   should  have   a  system  setup  to   collect   email  addresses   from   your   clients   and   prospects,   but   that   is   another   presenta<on   on   email   marke<ng,  something  that   we   also  cover   within  Wedlock  Magazine,   forums,   and  Webinars!    I  think  we   actually  have  one   scheduled  that  covers  a  lot  of  this  especially   about  how  to  follow  up  with  your  customers  in  an   automated   way   so  that   you  only   have   to  set   it   up   one   <me   and  then  they  get   emails  with  your  marke<ng  messages  and  special  offers  automa<cally  delivered  to  them  on  a  weekly  basis. ©2011 www.startrankingnow.com
  25. 25. So,  once  again,  let’s   review!     Make  sure   your  address   is  on  each  page   of  your  website,  think  of  your  Google  places  as  a  mini  website  and  op<mize  it  for  your  keywords  just  like  you   would  for  your   main   site  by   keeping   the   keywords   in   the   <tle  tags   and   descrip<on   tags.   Add   as   many  pictures   and   videos   as   possible   always   being   sure   to   add   unique   photos   and   not   use   stock  photography.     Don’t   forget   to   claim   your   business   lis<ngs   and   make   sure   they   are   owner  verified  and  then  set  up  a  system  for  collec<ng  reviews  from  your  customers!   ©2011 www.startrankingnow.com
  26. 26. Using Video to RankOne  of  the   things   that  we   have   touched   on   but   have  not  gone  into   great  detail   yet  is   about  video.  Using  video  to  get  ranked  for  local   search  terms  is  another   strategy  successfully   used  by  many  websites.     More  and  more,  people  want  to  see,  feel,  and  experience   before  they   make  a  decision   to   purchase   something.     By   having   video   on   your   site,   you   will   not   only   help   to  increase  sales,  but  if  done  correctly,  you  can  publish   your  videos  on  video  sharing  sites  such  as  Youtube   and   get   more  traffic  to  your  site  as  well.    Now  videos  don’t  have  to   be   a  complicated  thing  with   a  script  and  video  crew!    A  video  can   be  as  simple  as  puDng  together   some  photos  with  some  audio  and  conver<ng  it  to  a  video.    There  are  a  lot  of  tools  out  there  that  will  allow  you   to  do  this  quickly  and  inexpensively,  but  if   you  have  never  made  a   video  it  is  probably  not  the  best  use   of  your  <me   to  be  making   the  videos  yourself.     What   I  would  recommend  is  that  you   checkout   some   of   the   job   board   sites   such   as   elance.com   or   odesk.com   and   put   up   a  project   to   create  some   videos   and  tell  them  that   you   will   provide  the   photos   and  the  royalty  free  music  to  use  and  let  them  do  the  rest!     If   you  do  have  a  staff  member  that  can  be  crea<ng  videos,  the   easiest  soKware   that  is  commonly  used   is   called  Animoto.     Once  you   create  your  video,  the  next  step   is  to  upload  it  to  some   of  the  video  sharing  sites.    You  can  use  tools  such  as  Traffic  Geyser  to   distribute  to  a  lot  of  sites  all   at  once.    Since  we   normally  only  upload   to  the  top  three  to  five  sites,  you  can  also  just  upload  them  manually.    If   you  upload  to  Youtube,  you  can   then  also  embed  the   youtube  url  into   your  website.     When  you  are   uploading  videos,  you  also  need  to  be  sure   to  op<mize  your  videos  just  like  we  learned  about  op<mizing  our  website  and  our  mini  lis<ngs  on  Google  places  and  other  directories! ©2011 www.startrankingnow.com
  27. 27. Using Video to RankOne  of   the  best  advantages   of   crea<ng  videos  with   local   search  terms   is  that  there  is  usually  very  likle  compe<<on  and  you  will   be  able  to  get  ranked   quite  quickly!    The  end   goal  of  each  video  is  for  the  viewers  to   click  through  to  your   website  so   you   want  to  make  sure  that  your  website  URL   is  one  of  the   first  things  that  appear  in  the  descrip<on  of  your  video.    When  trying  to   decide   what   sites   to   upload   to   the   top   one’s   are   youtube,   DailyMo<on,   Vimeo,   and  Metacafe.    You   should   also   do  a   search  to   see   what  sites   show  up  as   hos<ng   videos   in   your  market   and   make   sure   you   also   have   a   presence  on   those   sites.     You   can   upload   the   same  videos   to  mul<ple  sites.    But  if  you   do   that,  change  the   <tle   of   the  videos   or  the  descrip<on  just  enough  so  it  does  not  exactly  duplicate  what  you  published  on  another  site.     ©2011 www.startrankingnow.com
  28. 28. Youtube   videos   rank   high   on   Google   based   on   how   many  people   view   your   videos   and   if   they   are   leaving   comments  or   not.     So,  be  sure  to   have  all   your   staff   members   watch  your  videos   and  also   to   leave   comments   not   only   on   your  company   youtube   channel   but   also   have   someone   login  to   your   youtube   account  and   leave   comments   on   other  people’s   videos,  preferably   in   the   wedding   industry.     This  w o r k s   o u t   k i n d   o f   l i k e   r e c i p r o c a l   c o m m e n < n g  because  once   someone  sees  you   leK   a  comment  on  their  videos,   the  most   natural   thing  is   to  go  check  out  your  videos  and  return  the  favor  by  leaving  comments  on  your  videos  as  well!  One  of   the  factors   of   the  google  algorithm   that  determines  whether  or  not  your  site  ranks  high  is  the  <me  people  spend  on  your  site.     Now  don’t  quote  me  on  this,  but  in  my  opinion  it  is   well   worth  the   investment  to   have  a  really   high   quality  video  made  that  calls  aken<on  to  the  visitor  and   gets  them  to  click   on   that  video.     Just  those  extra  few  seconds  they  are  on  the  site  can  help   your  site  exponen<ally!    Here  are  some  examples  of  websites   doing  this  the  right  way!    Some  have  videos  showing  up   on   the  top  right,  some  on  the  leK,  some  in  the  middle  of  the  content   area.    So,  how   does   crea<ng  a  video   and   submiDng  it  to  other  sites  like   youtube   help  your   SEO?    It  helps   in   two   ways!     First,   your   videos   can   get   ranked   in   the   video   search  results!    This   is  helpful  to  send  more  traffic  to  your  site!     Second,  on   all  of  the  sites  where  you  can  publish   a   video,   both   in   the  profile  area  and  also  in  the  descrip<on  area  of  each   video,   you   can   add   in   a   link   to   your   site!     It   is   best   to   get   as   many   different  links  from  as  many  different  sources  as  possible!   ©2011 www.startrankingnow.com
  29. 29. BloggingSo,  now  that  we  have  done  some  keyword  research,  fixed   our  <tle  tags  and   meta  descrip<on  tags,   claimed   our   Google   places   lis<ng   and   setup   accounts   on   Yahoo,  Bing,  Botw,   Yelp,   and  Horrog  as  well   as  other  directories,  created  a  video,  submiked   it  to  the  video  sharing  sites  and  placed   a  high  quality  video  on  our  own   site,   the  next  thing  I  am  going  to  teach  you  is   how  to  build   links  to  your  site  by   blogging!      For   those  of  you  are  not   sure  what  a  blog   is,  a  blog  is  a  content  management  system  that  allows   business  owners  to  easily  publish  content  to  the   web  with   “a   what   you   see   is   what   you   get”   editor   very   similar   to   a   Word   document.     In   other  words,  if  you  can  use  Word,  then  you   can  write  and  publish  a  blog  post!     It   is   that   simple!     The  blogging  plarorm   of   choice   by   SEO   experts   is   Wordpress.   Your   blog  should   definitely   be   on  your   own   domain   and   not  setup   as   a   subdomain   of   Wordpress.     So   for   example,  your  blog  should  be   on  www.yoursite.com/blog,  and  not  on   yoursite.wordpress.com.    Your  Webmaster  can   visit  wordpress.org   and   download   Wordpress   that   your   Webmaster   can   install   on   your  hos<ng  account  as   a  subdomain   of  your  own  site.    Some  hosts   will  even  setup  Wordpress  on  your  own  domain  with  a  click  of  a  bukon.  One   really  great  thing  about  Wordpress  is  that  there  are  a  lot  of  free  plug-­‐ins   out   there  that  once  installed   will  automa<cally   make   your  site  SEO  friendly.   ©2011 www.startrankingnow.com