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Igor sbg

  1. 1. Who we are and what do we do?• We are a biotech startup based in Boston and Belgrade• No, I havent heard that Eagles song• I dont care to...• We are a platform providing infrastructure for parallel and scalable execution of agenomic pipelines and scientific collaboration in the cloud• (I am now trying to explain the previous sentence because I dont understand iteither)• Yes, were actually trying to help biologists and bioinformaticians to focus onresearch, they dont care about platform, tools, or cloud - they care about theresults (data)• We have 23 employees in Belgrade and 7 employees in Boston
  2. 2. • We are facing a rapid drop of the cost of DNA sequencing• That means exponential growth of genomic data each year• With better knowledge of DNA information and processes, weare getting into an era of personalized medicine• It means that we will be able to treat cancer with proper drugsand/or design them for each patient• It also means we will be able to understand and, perhaps, treatmany rare genetic disorders
  3. 3. • It takes about a day just to align a whole genome (high quality data, ~600-800GBper genome) on a ~100 m2.4xlarge EC2 instances, that is - if you can• We dont write/implement the actual "algorithms" and genomic applications, wemake them seamless to run, "pipe" and parallelize their execution using AWSinfrastructure• There are several hundreds of various applications that labs/institutions want tosee running on top of our platform, some of them commercial and/or developedin-house• Its a hard problem and we are the only company that actually managed to builda product, not a prototype• Yes, a "minimum viable" product someone actually wants to pay for - it took us 2years• Most of the labs/institutions struggle with both resources and knowledge onhow to do this
  4. 4. • Deniz (Kural) and I know each other for >10 years• We actually met in person 2 years ago, after we started ourventure• Deniz finished math at Harvard, worked on 1000 GenomesProject and started his PhD at Boston College• He figured a market and product vision• John (Sheffield), Deniz friend from Harvard did the financesand hustling• I figured out how to build the platform and engineeringteam
  5. 5. • You are hiring a team to work with you, not for you• Credibility is all you actually got• Be humble, if youre working with the right team youll feel like an idiotseveral times per day...• ... and you are an idiot, nothing you can do about it exceptacknowledging it• Keep your feet on the ground, arrogance works only when the times aregood• Do a proper legal paperwork, use standard templates - they are therefor a reason• Do a founder vesting• Everyone is replaceable, if you did a proper job - especially yourself
  6. 6. • Youll have to go through many situations and decisions thatwill make you feel like a crap• Only way to avoid the politics is to deal with it• Expect pretty much anything, do your homework• There is nothing like a "founder DNA", it boils down to hardwork and persistence• Dont underestimate luck, but dont count on it• Dont ever, never let your co-founders call the platform by yourname