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Ivan Aksentijević - Developing a culture in startup


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Presentation held by Ivan Aksentijević on topic "Developing a culture in startup" at Startup Academy course in Belgrade. More details at

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Ivan Aksentijević - Developing a culture in startup

  1. 1. You Start Small.You Are Fast. You Play. You Are Taking Risk.
  2. 2. Then You Grow.And All That is Gone!How Do You PreventThat?BY CULTURE
  3. 3. WHAT Things Get Done Around HereThe Way IS ORG CULTURE?• Spirit of the organization• Walk the Talk• Move fast and break things• No assholes
  4. 4. CULTURE RANGENIHILISM CULT Peter Thiel and Max Levchin
  6. 6. LEAKY CULTURECulture that doesnt aspire tochange the world beyond the wallsof your business, that isnt capturedin the product youre building andyour users experience, probablyisnt culture
  7. 7. iaksentijevic
  8. 8. Delivering Happiness Tony Hsieh