Public concerns about violence in computer games


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Public concerns about violence in computer games

  1. 1. Public Concerns about violence in computer games By Emma Riley
  2. 2. Violence in video games has become increasingly concerning among thepublic especially parents. This concern is based on the assumption that theycontribute to aggression and violence among young players.( of the most recognised games that sparked major public concerns wasthe game ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’, although given an 18 certificate, parentinggroups have expressed concerns that the game, which has smashed previousentertainment sales records, will fall into the hands of younger children (TheTelegraph, by Nicole Martin, Published May 2008). I agree with thisstatement because I also feel that games like these can get into the hands ofchildren as young as the certificate rating, I feel this is due to the influencethe media has on them as well as some parents buying it for them.Many people also believe that video game play is directly linked to youthaggression, as these youths who play excessively become conditioned to theviolence. ( I slightly disagree with this statement because I feelthat video games aren’t completely the element to blame for youth crime, Ithink this because I feel other elements add up to youth crime occurring suchas they don’t work or due to the poverty they have grown up with, as well asthey may not feel as wanted as others do.
  3. 3. Legislators have also listened to public concerns, a variety of labelling orcensorship schemes have been considered by lawmakers in the past formusic, movies, comic books and not forgetting video games in the name ofhelping parents shield their children’s eyes and ears from potentiallyobjectionable content. ( I feel it is about time that the governmentlistened to the parents and other various members of the public, as I feel thatviolence in video games should be controlled more strictly.One article I found ( talks about the fact that parents should judgewhat’s best for their children. I disagree with this as if all parents do this thenI feel that youth crime would rise, not to include that parents should abide bythe rules of the video games rating. It then goes on to talk about a freesociety and that parents should decide what their children see, hear or play. Idisagree with this children should not be allowed to have anything to do withviolent video games until they are of age.A case of violent youth crime includes the 1999 massacre of 12 students and1 teacher at Columbine High School is one of the most significant youthcrimes to of taken place, in which touched off enormous public concern aboutthe possible deleterious effects of violent video games on today’s youth. I feelthat video games could have contributed to this in which something moreserious should have been done about it.To end another article I found mentions the fact that parents ignore gameratings because they assume that games are for kids. ( I feel that themedia is to blame for this as they encourage us that it is alright to allowchildren to play video games like this, in some ways this is a stereotypicalthing that most parents assume about video games. Lastly I feel that thereshould be stricter advertising and marketing laws.