A2 Media Studies Evaluation Question 3


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Here is my evaluation question 3 for A2 Media Studies.

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A2 Media Studies Evaluation Question 3

  1. 1. A2 Media Studies Evaluation Question 3 By Emma Riley
  2. 2. Question 3 – What have youlearned from your audiencefeedback?
  3. 3. Question 3In order to construct research from our audience, we all decided to make aquestionnaire and of course show them the trailer. We also looked at getting feedbackusing web 2.0, such as we used Facebook. The majority of the feedback we receivedwas positive such as some said they liked the camera shots/angles as well ashighlighting their favourite scenes, for example the shaky camera shot and the knifescene. Some also said that they liked the fading effect at the beginning of the trailerwith the students walking through the college with the lockers in the scene. We alsolearned that our genre is easily identifiable, some of the responses we receivedinclude ‘Thriller’, ‘Horror’ and ‘Post-Apocalyptic’. This happened because the post-apocalyptic genre is mostly associated with Horror and Thriller, this was expected.
  4. 4. Question 3A popular element of our trailer was the voiceover with some calling it suspensefuland grabbing their attention to the trailer. A few people identified a glitch at 0:28 ofthe trailer saying that the edge of the screen moves slightly. As a group we didn’tnotice this until it was pointed out. Another thing that was pointed out was that somenoticed that the music was slightly repetitive but they said it wasn’t a major issue.Also, adding more camera shots and diegetic sounds was pointed out to us throughthis research with some suggesting using footsteps and a POV shot. The editing wassmooth as well as the fade effects working well with the music. Some said that thefonts used were nice and that they were detailed. The keywords were striking and sellthe film well.
  5. 5. Question 3One person picked up on the award nomination being used was effectivein the trailer. One last point they picked up on was the characters werevivid, they also picked up on the 1st character standing out more. Lastlythe majority mentioned they would be willing to go and see this film inthe cinema. If we were to have a chance to improve our trailer we wouldlook at the glitch and try and find a way to resolve it. Also we could tryand mix the music to our trailer a bit more. We could also make the othercharacters stand out more by adding more camera shots or evenmentioning them in the voiceover.