Benefits of pmp for personal career growth


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Benefits of pmp for personal career growth

  1. 1. Benefits of PMP for individual career growth: Be a star Sumit Saha, Manager, Reliance Communications Ltd. PMP certification is one of the highest paid salary certifications in India and Managers who holdthe PMP certification also often make more money than non-certified project managers. It is no more asecret that PMP is one of the best professional credentials in the field of Project Management, and projectmanagers also are interested to bag this golden feather on his crown. Project Management Guidelines, Methodologies, tools & techniques, and the entire framework of9 knowledge areas, 5 process groups, 42 processes and 80 activities provide you a structured approachof project management view to enrich your knowledge. Smart people know how to play with these helplines and get benefited NOT only in terms of monetary rewards but also how they keep a everlastingtouch in their final project deliverables. The PMP certification program maintains ISO 9001 and other accreditations and is recognizedglobally and often leads to better career opportunities to someone who is PMP certified. Quality leads tostandard and standard leads to affiliation and acceptance. After attaining PMP certification, add value to your CV and show your interest and seriousnesstowards your career to the prospective employers. When you search any job portal, you will find lot ofMNCs specially mentions about the PMP certification expectation at the “Desired Profile” area. The PMP certification enhances your professional marketability in the field of ProjectManagement as future employers will often choose individuals with a PMP certification over other non-qualified project managers, because of the reduced risk. One must undergo rigorous preparation to get the PMP Certification. This process includes asignificant amount of coursework (35 hours minimum) and study to qualify for and pass the PMP exam.Project managers often experience improved skills and knowledge while preparing to sit for the PMPexam based on the hours of coursework and study. It reflects in their future project work through how theyinitiate, Execute, Plan, Monitor and close a complex project. The certification is a quick way to enter new countries, new markets, and new industries, becauseof your basic qualifications, and your expertise and competence in the field of project management isestablished already.The benefits of PMP Certification are immense! One becomes a "good" project manager through their experience, mistakes and learning fromthose mistakes in a real and complex project environment. Neither the experience on a range of projects,and most particularly, on complex projects, nor the right sort of academic qualifications and relevanttraining can be under estimated. A project manager with the right credentials, such as one with a PMPCertification, is not necessarily better at leading and directing projects, but the qualification itself is anindication of how serious that person is to be recognized as a professional. So my suggestion is definitely you do PMP certification, but not for only to get the financialmileage out of this certification but for the excellence to the work which gives you bread and mentalsatisfaction for your livelihood. So enjoy the extra status and become a star within the organization.