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2013 predictions


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2013 predictions

  1. 1. 2013 PredictionsStarmarkBrandingAdvertisingInteractivePRDirectMobileSocialAnalytics © COPYRIGHT • ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  2. 2. Starmark Our Backbone: @starmarkintl Company Founded on Integrated Marketing #2013 Interactive, Social & Public Relations Return On Investment Focused Top-10 Diversity Owned Company in Florida Nationwide Recruitment Recognized Top South Florida CEO Includes: Peggy Nordeen Fort Lauderdale (Headquarters) CEO San Juan, PR Orlando, FL STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK
  3. 3. Weekly eTip Newsletters @starmarkintl • Distributed via email, Facebook, Twitter and SMS #2013 • Based on Cutting Edge Current Trends • Co-Authored In-house By Experts Within Discipline • Nationally Syndicated Content; Two Printed Books Monthly Actionable Webinars • Deeper Dive on Popular eTip Topics • Expert walkthru with Q&A Starmark Social Playbook • Strategic Social Marketing Plan • Proactive Approach to Managing your Social Marketing • Updated daily! STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK
  4. 4. How did we do in 2012? Good call: Work In Process: @starmarkintl • Social Business • More Brand Ambassador Programs #2013 • Cloud Computing & Device • Real Time Analytics during campaigns Synchronization • Real Time Mobile Content • Recognition: Voice & Face, plus product photos • Mobile Commerce and NFC • More social dashboards • Interactive TV • Tablets will get larger and more • Proximity Deals and "Digi-Haggling" professional (and smaller too) • Augmented Reality (cool but still awkward) Matured: • Social Gamification STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK
  5. 5. @starmarkintl #2013 2013 Predictions STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK
  6. 6. Social Business Social Business is here to stay. @starmarkintl • More strategic #2013 • Better reporting • More communities and groups • Customer service • Social commerce • More focus on creating authentic buzz • Location-based drivers of social engagement Free when you Tweet... STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK
  7. 7. Mobile Commerce @starmarkintl #2013 eCommerce on Location-based Transmission of your mobile payment via money via your device your Mobile mobile device Device STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK
  8. 8. Apps @starmarkintl #2013 Android has 75% market share... ...yet only 25% of web/app usage. STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK
  9. 9. Responsive Design Matures One design can fit all: @starmarkintl • Display content optimized for phone and tablet devices. #2013 • Emails and landing pages • Entire web sites STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK
  10. 10. Media Google continues to innovate and secure its future in digital marketing @starmarkintl #2013 landscape Youtube is beta testing the future of “shoppable “videos STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK
  11. 11. @starmarkintl #2013 STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK
  12. 12. Mobile Media Mobile will continue to shape the way that media is planned, bought and ultimately consumed. @starmarkintl • Death of the desktop PC predicted #2013 • Mobile ad rates are low now, but as new technology hits the market mobile ad rates will increase • Facebook mobile targeting capabilities (down to the OS) STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK
  13. 13. Media Integration Media and digital strategies will integrate further to better compliment each other @starmarkintl #2013 • Continued Facebook and Instagram Integration • Display Advertising and Pintrest STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK
  14. 14. Pinterest Marketing Keep in an eye on: @starmarkintl • As Pinterest opens its application programming interface #2013 (API) watch marketers, business and entrepreneurs rapidly deploy new intellectual properties (IP) to maximize this rapidly growing channel • Multi-tiered Pinterest strategies • Not “Just for girls” anymore. Male demo is increasing • Will Pinterest give way to an eCommerce model? STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK
  15. 15. Instagram Marketing Keep in an eye on: @starmarkintl • Instagram profile pages — Watch for new features #2013 and ways to share • Further adoption of business platforms to tap into Instagram • Video integration? • Further cross-fertilization (beyond frictionless sharing) with Facebook should be expected STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK
  16. 16. 2013 In Summary 1. Social Business is here to stay @starmarkintl 2. Mobile Commerce continues to grow #2013 3. App development becomes the norm 4. Responsive design matures 5. Google search dominates media 6. YouTube integrates commerce 7. Facebook ad targeting means better quality traffic 8. Social marketing and media strategies integrate 9. Pinterest API opens a world of possibilities 10. Photo sharing becomes a strategy STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK
  17. 17. Stay Engaged! Register for Weekly eTips & Monthly Webinars Text “ETIP” to 247-365 to get our weekly eTip via SMS @StarmarkIntl© COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK
  18. 18. Thank You. @starmarkintl #2013 Diego Naranjo Brett Circe Justice Mitchell VP Planning & Strategy Chief Interactive Officer VP ICD/Social Media Follow Me: Follow Me: Follow Me: @miamiadguy @bcirce @justicemitchell STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK