Mobile Payments


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Presentation from the iSummit in Orlando give on mobile payments and mobile commerce.

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Mobile Payments

  1. 1. MOBILE PAYMENTSStarmarkBrandingAdvertisingInteractivePRDirectMobileSocialAnalytics © COPYRIGHT • ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  2. 2. Starmark Our Backbone: @bcirce Company Founded on Integrated Marketing #mcommerce Interactive, Social & Public Relations Return On Investment Focused Top-10 Diversity Owned Company in Florida Nationwide Recruitment Recognized Top South Florida CEO Includes: Peggy Nordeen Fort Lauderdale (Headquarters) CEO San Juan, PR Orlando, FL STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK
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  4. 4. @bcirce #mcommerce Mobile Payments & Mobile Commerce STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK
  5. 5. Broadly, Mobile Commerce includes... @bcirce #mcommerce eCommerce on Location-based Transmission of your mobile payment via money via your device your Mobile mobile device Device STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK
  6. 6. New Transmission Technology: Near Field Communication (NFC) @bcirce #mcommerce RFID BlueTooth Allows encrypted transmission of: Payment Data • Security Codes • Marketing Information • Social Media Checkins/Status • Much more ACTION ITEM Retailers: Install NFC Point of Sale Not available on all phones...yet! Terminals STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK © COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK
  7. 7. Payment via Google Wallet Stores your: @bcirce • Credit Cards #mcommerce • Debit Cards • Gift Cards • Loyalty Cards • Sales Promotions Uses NFC to transmit securely to the terminal ACTION ITEM This has great potential, but keep If your phone has NFC, try it! your phone secure! STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK
  8. 8. Apple Passbook Stores your: @bcirce • Boarding Passes #mcommerce • Coupons • Movie Tickets • Loyalty Cards • No NFC = No Credit Cards ACTION ITEM Big miss for Apple... Early Adopters should try this out A wait-and-see approach... STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK
  9. 9. Payment via Square Lets you accept credit cards @bcirce • Personal use #mcommerce • Small business use • Fast & Convenient • Smallest Transaction Fees ACTION ITEM I love it, and I’m happy to demo If you have the need to accept credit this for you after the seminar! cards, get one now for free! STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK
  10. 10. Payment via Custom Apps • LevelUp @bcirce • TabbedOut #mcommerce • Many Others ACTION ITEM There are virtually no retailers Wait for market shakeout and accepting these yet...probably the consolidation wrong approach STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK
  11. 11. Payment via Proprietary Apps #1 mCommerce application @bcirce Simple, prevalent, good shopping experience #mcommerce 50,000,000+ Transactions since launch ACTION ITEM At the end of the day, not every Try it now! retailer will have their own Earn rewards and free drinks mCommerce app...will they? STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK
  12. 12. Add-on to Existing Accounts Millions of people have PayPal and Bump already... @bcirce #mcommerce ACTION ITEM PayPal...meh Skip it... unless all your friends are using it STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK
  13. 13. Payment via SMS If you can send an SMS, you can send @bcirce money to anyone #mcommerce Venmo Most Successful SMS payment campaign to date... ACTION ITEM First person to opt-in, I’ll text you Text ETIPS to 247-365 (right now) $1 to show how easy this is! STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK
  14. 14. Payment via Social Update @bcirce #mcommerce ACTION ITEM The future of social marketing will Be one of the first to try the let the business control the lobby here at iSummit! message more and more... STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK
  15. 15. Stay Engaged! Register for Weekly eTips & Monthly Webinars Text “ETIP” to 247-365 to get our weekly eTip via SMS @StarmarkIntl© COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK
  16. 16. Thank You. @bcirce #mcommerce Brett Circe Chief Interactive Officer Follow Me: @bcirce STARMARK.COM© COPYRIGHT 2012 STARMARK