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Attraction MarketingThe Secrets

  1. 1. Attraction MarketingThe Secrets
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  3. 3. Attraction MarketingThe Secrets
  4. 4. What on earth is attraction market and how does it apply to my online business? This is what it's all about.Attraction marketing is an elegant way of presenting useful and helpful information about your products, services or business opportunity to prospects actively searching for that kind of help-- it's exactly the opposite of bombarding people with unwelcome and annoying advertising in the vague hope that somebody may be interested. In the world of network marketing it's not about being the obnoxious bore at a party shouting about his fabulous new network marketing opportunity-- it's about presenting it to people who have already expressed an interest. It's the difference between groping around in the dark and being able to see clearly what you're doing. So How does Attraction Marketing work? There are endless options available when it comes to marketing a product or service. You can use classified advertising either online or off or a combination of both. You could build an online store and drive traffic to your site by using paid advertising such as Google's pay per click, you could use mobile marketing techniques or you could even set up an affiliate program where other people market your products for you. All of these methods work but they are commonly known as "interruption" marketing. The idea being that you interrupt the person you're hoping to interest with your advertisement, even though they may be doing something else at the time. Attraction marketing is all about presenting valuable content to people who are actually interested in it. You don't have to throw your advertising budget at a very large wall hoping some will stick - understand too that attraction marketing can reduce and even eliminate some of your marketing expenses and will also increase sales. Everybody knows it's far easier to sell to someone who is actually looking for the product that you're offering rather than pitching to somebody who is not in the least bit interested. Attraction Marketing Equals Target Marketing Imagine if you had two tickets to a football game that you can't attend. You know you can sell those tickets for over $ 100 each. You could put them on eBay, pay eBay fees, postage and PayPal for processing the payment and you 'll get a lot less than the $ 100 face value. There is also the possibility that the tickets won't sell at all. The better option is to go to the stadium, which is only a few miles away from your house and offer them to people who are in a long line waiting to purchase tickets.Approach people at the back of the line and they 'll be glad to have them so they can get on with tailgating! You 'll probably get face value for the tickets. To sell them even faster you could take a few dollars off their face value. Attraction Marketing Online The secret to running an effective attraction marketing campaign is to understand your target market and know who they are. There are many research tools that you can use to get your offer in front of those people who are lining up, so to speak, to find a product or business opportunity such as yours. No traveling involved, you build relationships with them through social media or via an e-mail marketing campaign. Provide them with helpful and useful information pertaining to your product or opportunity and publish this on your website and syndicate it automatically to places such as article marketing directories. The more promotion you do in blogs, forums and on social media sites the better and if your content is useful and well received your website will move up through the rankings.Attraction marketing is probably the easiest, cheapest, quickest and most profitable ways to conduct business online.