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Ckan foo - CKAN Association overview at CKANcon 2015, Ottawa


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Presenting the statement of purpose for the CKAN Association, running through a SWOT analysis for the CKAN project and providing a short overview of Link Digital's activities.

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Ckan foo - CKAN Association overview at CKANcon 2015, Ottawa

  1. 1. STEVEN DE COSTA Steering Group Member @STARL3N CKAN FOO
  2. 2. STEVEN DE COSTA Steering Group Member @STARL3N
  3. 3. WHO AM I? Link Digital Executive Director CKAN Association Steering Group Member Open Knowledge Australia Co-Secretary & Treasurer Data Shades Founder GovHack National Organiser AWS User Group CBR Organiser
  4. 4. STEVEN DE COSTA Steering Group Member @STARL3N
  5. 5. Delivering the world’s best open data management system The purpose of the CKAN Association is to support sustainable growth and development of CKAN while also protecting the interests of the CKAN community. The Association values a healthy and thriving community which continues to deliver the best open data management system in the world. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE
  6. 6. Community interests, or needs, can be generalised as: 1. Users need an enterprise level open data management system tailored to meet their needs now and into the future. 2. Individual contributors need a project that is rewarding to work for, inclusive and active. COMMUNITY INTERESTS
  7. 7. Who owns or directly manages the CKAN project? The project, its releases and future direction are cooperatively managed by its community of users and contributors. Association delegates, staff and office holders may be active within the project but will exercise no more or less influence than any other contributor or user. More information about CKAN and how to contribute can be found at DELEGATION TO SERVE AND PROTECT
  8. 8. What is the current structure of the CKAN Association? See The steering group carries on a number of business activities. This includes raising revenue, managing resources and directing projects or programs of activity relevant to the CKAN Association’s statement of purpose. COMPLETENESS OF PURPOSE
  10. 10. 1. Large installation base of significant platforms 2. Open Source projects favoured by technical influencers, driving adoption 3. Historical association with Open Knowledge adds significant ‘open’ credibility 4. Support via Open Knowledge opens direct and indirect funding support 5. Global awareness of CKAN due to many years in the market 6. CKAN Association is established with strong representatives from three continents 7. Established, experienced and professional technical team 8. Extension model allows for customisations 9. CKAN can be integrated with WordPress or Drupal 10. Free to use 11. A number of private companies now specialise in CKAN services 12. Public roadmap for future features OUR STRENGTHS
  11. 11. 1. Current reliance on Open Knowledge funded contributors 2. Technical debt (python framework needs replacement) 3. Relatively* low activity on roadmap feature development 4. Community and Communications Team lacks resources 5. Technical team is relatively* small 6. Relatively* small number of private companies specialise in CKAN services * Compare with projects with such significant adoption in enterprises OUR WEAKNESSES
  12. 12. 1. Partnerships within data and civic app sector 2. Many markets where CKAN is being considered 3. Markets are growing 4. CKAN is a technically interesting project for potential contributors 5. Attractive to internal technical teams within Government 6. Use case ‘distributions’ to meet new verticals 7. Use case extensions can increase the value of current installations 8. Regular update releases supporting a vendor community 9. Vendor community can grow awareness, demand and installations of CKAN 10. An effective communications effort can grow awareness of the project 11. A modified license would allow CKAN to be integrated with commercial applications 12. Revenue from formal membership tiers can fund business activities 13. In-kind contributions from formal membership can advance business activities 14. Domain specific working groups can align the project with various global activities and market segments 15. Ensuring broad interoperability to widen use cases and adoption within various solution 16. Direct alignment with OK initiatives, such as OpenSpending, for increasing the value of CKAN OUR OPPORTUNITIES
  13. 13. 1. Alternatives to CKAN could gain in popularity, degrading contributor interest 2. Project is overly reliant on support from Open Knowledge 3. Possibility of user churn out, degrading the user base 4. Supply of enterprise services fails to meet demand for services, killing adoption 5. Project could fork in too many directions if doesn’t evolve to meet user needs over the long term. 6. Contributors churn out, leaving the community without new contributors entering OUR THREATS
  14. 14. CKAN FOO STEVEN DE COSTA Steering Group Member @STARL3N
  15. 15. Disclosure
  16. 16. CKAN Galleries
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