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9 18 - 12 - writer’s workshop - the paragraph intro


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A quick overview of how to write a paragraph with a choice of three practice prompts.

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9 18 - 12 - writer’s workshop - the paragraph intro

  1. 1. Writer’s WorkshopWriter’s Workshop The ParagraphThe Paragraph
  2. 2. A “Legal” ParagraphA “Legal” Paragraph • Must have a minimum of fourMust have a minimum of four sentences:sentences: –Topic SentenceTopic Sentence –3 Support details/examples3 Support details/examples –Concluding SentenceConcluding Sentence –AudienceAudience
  3. 3. The Topic Sentence:The Topic Sentence: Develops one main ideaDevelops one main idea All other sentences support theAll other sentences support the expressed ideaexpressed idea Often begins the paragraph &Often begins the paragraph & tells the reader what thetells the reader what the paragraph is aboutparagraph is about
  4. 4. Topic Sentences: ExamplesTopic Sentences: Examples  Many people need theMany people need the companionship of other people.companionship of other people.  Solving word problems in math isSolving word problems in math is not so hard.not so hard.  The legend of Johnny AppleseedThe legend of Johnny Appleseed is based on the life of a realis based on the life of a real person.person.
  5. 5. Adding Support Details (3)Adding Support Details (3)  Support details “support” theSupport details “support” the topic sentencetopic sentence  ReasonsReasons  ExamplesExamples  Minimum of threeMinimum of three  Stop Light or AccordionStop Light or Accordion
  6. 6. Concluding SentenceConcluding Sentence Wraps up your paragraphWraps up your paragraph Restates the general ideaRestates the general idea using different wordsusing different words Catchy but not too wordyCatchy but not too wordy
  7. 7. Transition WordsTransition Words Moves writing forward First Second Third After that Next Besides that However In addition Moreover When you complete that step The next thing to do is Therefore Finally In summary
  8. 8. My Favorite Subject My favorite subject in school is world history. In the first place, I love to learn the geographical locations of the world map. Besides that, it is interesting to know important historical events. Finally, knowing world history helps me to understand today’s world. I love to read anything that teaches me more about the history of the world.
  9. 9. Your TurnYour Turn   Write:Write:  Your favorite subject in schoolYour favorite subject in school  A job you would like to haveA job you would like to have  The best pet a person can haveThe best pet a person can have  Number your paper from 1-3Number your paper from 1-3 • Write 3 sentences about yourWrite 3 sentences about your topictopic
  10. 10. Your TurnYour Turn Use Transition wordsUse Transition words Conclude your paragraph with aConclude your paragraph with a restatement of your thoughtsrestatement of your thoughts Share your paragraph with yourShare your paragraph with your neighborneighbor
  11. 11. Sample Paragraph • Jhan Moskowitz is the person who has had a huge influence in my life. (topic sentence) First, he was a superb academic advisor in my college years.(SD-1)Besides that, his teaching style influenced the way I teach today.(SD-2) In addition, Jhan’s family treated me like family when I attended school in Chicago.(SD-3) No one will ever match the impact his life had on mine.