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Location recce


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Location recce

  1. 1. Location Recce By Tyrell Willock
  2. 2. Location: Music Studio  For the music studio, it will mainly be used for the third verse, as it was slightly hard to interpret what was being explained. I brought the idea to my teacher to just have lip syncing happening during most of verse 3 whilst it would also cut to different scenes to allow the third verse not to just be full of lip synching. It gave me the idea to use it as the opportunity to show the actress more, as it does address her aswell.  As the music studio is internal, it doesn’t really matter as to what time I will get there, just as long as it is during college opening hours when staff available to give me access to the studio.  I have alerted my actor to mainly learn these, as the shots included will be over the shoulder shots, close ups, mid shots and XCU, to show features of when the actor is lip syncing.
  3. 3. Location: TV Studio  I am using the TV studio for two different settings. Firstly, I am looking to use the TV Studio for another lip syncing location. However the main reason for the TV Studio is for the hook of the song. I am looking to have both the actor and actress in this scene, as the plan is to have the actress laying on the sofa, whilst the actor is in front of the sofa leaning on it. It gives a sense of division but closeness, as the message in the lyrics is that Bryson wants to win his ex back.  I will use two different backdrops, as I don’t want people to be confused with the lip syncing scene and the scene with the actor and actress. I am pondering on the green backdrop, as I don’t believe it is very professional, however, I am mainly looking at white and black as the two separate backdrops.  Furthermore, during the cuts of the music studio, I will use the TV Studio to show the pure beauty of the actress, using close ups, XCU and Low angles, to show that beauty can be powerful.  I am looking at using side view shots, mid shots, low angles, close ups and XCU.
  4. 4. Location: Hale Village N17 (Tottenham Hale)  The Hale Village will be my main and only night time location. The area is very quiet, which links to a intimate environment. I am looking to mainly film the actor and actress, spending time together. This will be shown via walking through the small area and spending time on the swings.  This location will also be used for my location introduction, as for the intro, I am looking to have 4 individual shots that will contain fade to black editing techniques in between. For example, Location shot  Fade to Black  Location shot  Fade to Black (X2)  I am looking to also add the actor holding the actress from behind, to show a sense of intimacy and passion.  Shot will include; Long shot, Low angles, establishing shots, mid shots and a few close ups.
  5. 5. Location: Skate Park  The skate park will not be used as much, however, I will be using it for the first verse and I may use it for a bit of the second verse, unless I find a nice location for the use of verse two (Which may be the river near the skate park).  The skate park is mainly being used, as it has a lot of art around it and is appealing to the eye. The main part that this location is being used for is a part whereby Bryson goes on his knees to pray (links to lyrics in song). He will look up to the sky and also lip sync (to seem as if he is really praying for what he is lip syncing).  High angle shots will be used as well as mid shots and a few close ups. I will also have the actor walks towards the camera whilst lip syncing a further one or two specific lyrics. I will look to include panning.
  6. 6. Location: Transport Scenes  The transport scenes include the Overground Platform and the Top Deck of a Bus of any choice (preferably one with less people)  The Overground scene will be the first scene that we see the actor for the first time. This location will be used for lip syncing and it seems to be a nice location. Shooting this scene right would hopefully enable me to edit the scene, whereby the environment around you is speeding fast whilst you are still. I am also looking to add another technique, whereby at the end of the song, we see Bryson stand up to hold his ex and in the last line of the song, she fades away, leaving him holding air. He then gets on the incoming train.  For the bus scene, this will only be used for location shots of her that will cut from the lip syncing in verse 2. However, it will mainly be used to show that she still slyly thinks about Bryson, as she listens to the song ‘Exchange’ on her phone, through headphones, (which links to the lyrics in the song.