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How a stranger becomes A qualified lead

Discover how a website visitor becomes a known lead on your website via inbound marketing

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How a stranger becomes A qualified lead

  2. 2. QUICK INBOUND MARKETING FACTS Inbound marketing leads cost 62% less than traditional marketing B2B companies see an increase of leads by 26.8% a month B2C companies see an increase of leads by 30.4% a month
  3. 3. The prospect performs a search on Google for a research based question, for example “How to reduce the time for a data backup” Step 1:
  4. 4. Your blog post “The #1 Way to Reduce the Size of Your Data Backup” pops up in the Google search results Step 2:
  5. 5. The prospect clicks your link and reads your blog post and finds it very helpful. Step 3:
  6. 6. After reading your blog post the prospect sees a call to action (think of a call to action as a little advert). Step 4:
  7. 7. Since this call to action is very relevant to what the prospect is looking for they click the call to action Step 5:
  8. 8. The prospect is taken to what is called a landing page, a landing page is a page that is laser targeted to one particular offer and talks about the benefits of downloading the free guide on efficient enterprise data backups. This page also includes a form where the prospect needs to enter their name and email address. Step 6:
  9. 9. The prospect is now known to you and is classed as an information qualified lead. Step 7:
  10. 10. Read the full guide to understanding Inbound Marketing Here: WWW.STARGAZERDIGITAL.CO.UK