Designer Body Armor by Doo Aquino -2013


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Doo Aquino plan to build a start-up company and will be recognize as a closely-held company. We plan to design and manufacture our own patent pending technology for the ballistics apparel by improving upon an existing technology and to serve a nice market need that is clearly defined acknowledged by gun violence.

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Designer Body Armor by Doo Aquino -2013

  1. 1. High End Ready to Wear Concealable Body Armor SAVE AND PROTECT LIVES Business OverviewContact: Doo MADE IN AMERICA
  2. 2. Industry OverviewOverview Industry at a GlanceBallistic vests use layers of very strong fiber to "catch" anddeform a bullet, mushrooming it into a dish shape, andspreading its force over a larger portion of the vest fiber.  Sales worldwide will reach 1.9 billion in yearThe vest absorbs the energy from the deforming bullet, 2015bringing it to a stop before it can completely penetrate the  500 million dollars annual revenue in Europetextile matrix. aloneIn the mid-1970s, DuPont introduced Kevlar synthetic  Niche Market- World Businessfiber, which was woven into a fabric and layered.Immediately Kevlar became the fabric of choice to create  Product offering dominated by tactical categorylightweight body armor. Kevlar is still the most widely  NJIT Certification program determines level ofused fabric in modern body armor. protectionIn recent years advances in material science have  Biggest clients are government agencies,introduced new fibers to the market. However, second Securitiesgeneration “super” fibers is complex, requires largeinvestments, and represent significant technical  Increase in demand for VIP protectionchallenges and none has yet made a significant impact in  Opportunity for new business developmentthe industry.  Demand for protective clothing has risen inIn the last decade, there has been an increase demand for yearscivilian personal body armor due to the rise of terrorism,drug wars and civilian conflicts around the world. This led  Worldwide, gun crime is rising and now manyto the emergence of concealable vests – body armors that more employers have to protect their employees.are designed to blend in with regular clothing. Here comes your footer
  3. 3. Our ProductDoo Aquino’s Technology BenefitsOne of the main challenge of designing concealable ballisticapparel lies in the technical limitations of incorporating Kevlar  High degree of customizationplates in a regular garment. The stiffness and thickness of Kevlarplates and the way it is usually merged with fabrics typically  Better body coverage protectionprevents manufacturer from creating truly concealable ready to  Truly concealablewear apparel.  ComfortableWe have found a solution to this problem by developing ourpatented Ready to Wear ballistic apparel system which consists  Interchangeability/Modularof an internal structure of removable protective panels  Standardization of underlying structureinterconnected to the garment outer shell using a proprietarymethod of stitching and layering. The underlying structure  Ease of cleaning and maintenancewhich holds the protective plates is independent from the outer  Possibility of upgrade or replacement of Protectiveshell which allows for endless possibility of design and panelscustomization.  Carrier Shell – suitable for protection to level IIThis advanced design allows for industry leading comfort, and for Level IIIAmobility and design flexibility and enables us to create garmentwith a seasonal fashion approach.  High Quality Ballistics from Honeywell Industries Spectra Shield IISA-3118The ideal here is a front-opening just as importantly, myballistic protection is modular my concealment vest is built-in,  Carrier Shell- semi-fitted to the body, allowing airintegrated, instead of slipping on over your head; anyone can movementquickly close the overlapping Velcro front flaps. My patented  Carrier shell –trim binding, adaptable to ballistic-functional front-opening do serve a purpose in high heat layer thicknessenvironments because they offer more ventilation and heatdissipation  Carrier shell- integrated into an article of clothing Here comes your footer
  4. 4. Spring 2014 Product Line Vest Denim Jacket Shirt Hooded Tops Dress Coat Athletic Fabrications- Fabrications-•Biodegradable Materials •Microfibers Materials Size Ranges: Outer Shell S-M-L-XL-XXL •Carrier Shell Fabric 6- Silhouettes Denim, Wool 3-Design Linen, Silk, Variations Etc. Design and 3-to 4 Colors Size Customization Shirt Tailored Jacket Vest Hooded Varsity Jacket Athletic Here comes your Tops footer
  5. 5. Target Customers Customer Value Proposition Primary Focus Body Guards • High Degree of customization to follow the image their client wishes Performance Private companies and to portray. Convince users with independent • Inter-changeability of protective panels – As their clients change they extensive explanation of the contractors do not need to buy new protective panels each time. technology, technical • Comfort – they have to wear their armour day after day. Overall cut of diagrams, test results garment and methods of attachment of protective panels. Civilian • Tailoring to follow their professional image. A certain attire will differ Fashion VIP, Diplomats, on the setting. Office / Business meeting, Speaking Events, Courtroom Focus on design details, Celebrities, Executive, or other civil government location. fabric description, silhouette, Journalist • High Fashion – Staying with or ahead of the pack on trends. fit • High Quality – Fabrics, linings, and other embellishments Corporate • Garment to look and move like ordinary clothing Customization Security • Fabric type – Wear resistant, Sweat Resistant, Breathability Emphasize benefits while Airline companies, • Removability of protective panels allows for cleaning. highlighting flexibility for casinos, Luxury customization hotels, Banks ,Pharmacist Law Enforcement • Able to adapt outer look to specific mission environment. Performance & Agencies • Garment to look and move like ordinary clothing. Customization Local state and federal • Protective panels to cover large areas of the torso Emphasize benefits while agencies. International highlighting flexibility for organizations customization Here comes your footer Page 5
  6. 6. Competitive Overview Ready To Wear (VIP Oriented) Doo Aquino Fortier & Co Performance Tactical Strong Brand Miguel Caballero Fashion Point Blank Safariland ABA Second Chance … Tactical (Security Oriented) Market Segmentation by Product & Brand Focus Industry & Competitors Key Differences Small competitive field  Unique Technology Compared to our competitors Niche market with limited reach  We are the only company with seasonal fashion cycle Most competitors focused on the Law Enforcement market  Better technology, design and style 3 main competitors: Miguel Caballero, Fortier & Co & Anxo Body armor  Competitive Price Point Here comes your footer Page 6
  7. 7. Brand ConceptOur model Customer: The Humanitarian James Bond Humanitarian Worker International Minded Mid 30’s Attractive Male Cosmopolitan Lifestyle Intelligent and SophisticatedBrand Guideline Contemporary Design Medium to High Premium Approachable Timeless Elegance & Simplicity Functional Here comes your footer Page 7
  8. 8. Development Plan – Near Term Q1FY14 Q2FY15 Q3FY16 Q4FY17  Develop Website  Mobilize for Q3 full launch  Tier 1 line full launch  Develop Q1FY16 integral marketing campaign  Develop Q3FY14 integral  Soft launch for tier 1 marketing campaign  Start designing Q1FY15  Develop tailoring business Product line LineDevelopment Plan  Produce Fall Q3FY14 photo  Focus on R&D  Direct to customer channel shoot  Lease office in LIC and through Ecommerce purchase manufacturing equipment  Focus on R&D  Grassroots viral marketing  Expand to Foreign  Hire initial team Distributors  NJIT Testing  Focus on R&D  Launch Womens Body  Bootstrap revenue Armor  Ballistic Testing-Women  Start designing Q3FY14 line  Focus on R&D Here comes your footer Page 8
  9. 9. Development Plan – Long Term Start-up Near Term: Expand Mid Term: Optimize Long Term: Diversify FY14 – FY15 FY15-FY16 FY16-FY17 FY18-FY19  Develop and launch Tier I  Develop regional initiatives to  Complete organization  Complete international roll-Development Plan high end ballistic apparel increase business opportunities realignment and infrastructure out in prioritized international proposition markets (Mexico, Columbia, optimization Middle East)  Acquisition strategy to  Solidify brand concept  Outsource Production diversify product offering  Launch women’s ballistic line overseas  Generate initial demand with  Licensing opportunities with aggressive marketing and PR  Launch Tier II menswear brand  Explore and identify new mainstream brands and campaign market opportunities retailers (Columbia,  Develop retail business focused Patagonia…) on tailoring services and tier 1  Hire strong team and build line  R&D focused on new initial infrastructure technologies development  Focus on corporate and  Develop streamlined sourcing governmental sales strategy  Launch Tier III menswear and manufacturing processes brand  Begin organization realignment  Develop tailoring business Here comes your footer Page 9
  10. 10. Current Status Product Development Organizational Spring 2014 line finalized  Patent Submitted Currently developing tech packs  Need to register trademark Sample making  Need to submit CORP./LLC. application Developing manufacturing processes Currently developing Continuation Patent #12,462,306CRM/ IT/LOGISTIC MANAGEMENT Branding & Marketing Established web design guideline  Launching brand development survey campaign Designed website mockups & wireframes  Currently designing logo and stationeries Establishing technical specifications document  Concept for Spring 2014 photo shoot Built storefront prototype  Coordinating photo shoot production  Initial marketing research Here comes your footer Page 10
  11. 11. Team Their biographies are summarized in the Management Team Gaps Section. Several key people are also actively being sought…..Doo Aquino – AAS, Associate in Applied Science, F.I.T., 1990 Doo Aquino began his training in technical skills at FIT and has a broad background in design, management and product development . Creatively integrating technologies from diverse fields and transforming those elements into world class product solutions as his specialty. OneUnited States Patents pending have been issued to Doo Aquino to date and several more have been in progress . UnitedStates Patent Numbers 12,462,306 and titles currently issued to Doo Aquino as an inventor:Fred Hamble- General Counsel Current Legal Consultant, Intellectual Property at Frederick J. Hamble Past General Counsel at Warren Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Intellectual Property Associate at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP Associate at Pennie & Edmonds LLP Education Fordham University School of Law/Cornell University Mike Poole- Vice President/Tactical- Title Ballistic Professional at Ceradyne, Inc. Demographic info Baltimore, Maryland Area | Research Current:*Ballistic Technician at Ceradyne, Inc. Past: Sales/Technical Manager at Oregon Ballistic Laboratories, Lead Ballistic Technician at H.P. White Laboratory-Education: Harford Community College-Lead Ballistic Technician Sales/Technical Manager/Oregon Ballistic Laboratories/ December 2006– January 2011 (4 years 2 months) Business Development and Sales Manager for a small west coast ballistics testing laboratory. DOS FE/BR certification, NIJ body armor certification and NVLAP accreditation, ATC soft and hard armor certification.Phillip Kalmanson- Research & Development- Specialties; Spacecraft Propulsion System Design, Spacecraft Architecture, Spacecraft Systems Engineering, Commercial Telecommunications Satellites, Optical Remote Sensing Payloads, Commercially Hosted PayloadsEducation: Florida Institute of TechnologyBS,Physics 1994 – 2000 Recommend Phillip’s work at Florida Institute of TechnologyThe Johns Hopkins University MS,Electrical Engineering (Photonics)Recommend Phillip’s work at The Johns Hopkins University Here comes your footer
  12. 12. Vision We are in a unique position in the market for ballistic protective apparel because it is a niche market with limited competition. This gives us the flexibility to position our brand advantageously. Despite our competitor’s experience in the market, we have significant advantages that allow us not only to compete but also to define and develop new market segments. With superior product, good brand positioning and pricing strategy, we will be able to penetrate the market effectively and position ourselves as leaders. We want our customers to have a positive image of apparel protection. Our vision is to shape the market beyond its original niche audience and create new business opportunities. Our innovative product offering combined with our unique brand personality and image will undoubtedly secure and solidify our position as market innovators. This will make it very difficult for our competitors to challenge our position. As our company grows, we need to safeguard the integrity of our brand contract and make sure that the customers are always at the center of strategic decisions and business initiatives. Here comes your footer
  13. 13. Branding & Marketing Strategy I. Introduction II. Goals and Vision III. Brand Development - Brand Contract - Brand Positioning - Brand Personality IV. Delivery and Strategy - Identity System - Advertising Campaign - Web Design - Project Timeline - Metrics of ROI V. Conclusion Here comes your footer
  14. 14. I. Introduction Product Brand What is Branding? The Value of Branding?  Branding is more than a logo and being different than our competition, it is an evoked emotion ,an  Helps drive strategic business decisions image, a feeling, a reputation.. A link that  Influence product development strategy emotionally connects our customer to our company.  Provided framework for marketing efforts & delivery  Branding is an assembled of assets, both  Brand value determines price premium tangible and intangible that constitute its value (Brand Equity): brand loyalty awareness, perceived  Facilitates customer acquisition and build loyalty quality and propriety assets.  Helps preserve our competitive advantage  Branding is similar to a living organism; it  Adds overall value to the company evolves, adapts, and grows as the company grows. Here comes your footer
  15. 15. II. Goals and VisionCompany’s Objectives – 5 year Plan Brand Objectives Here comes your footer
  16. 16. III. Brand Development “ DEFINING OUR BRAND DNA” Here comes your footer
  17. 17. Brand Contract Definition Our Brand Contract Here comes your footer
  18. 18. Here comes your footer
  19. 19. Here comes your footer
  20. 20. Brand Positioning –Competition Market Segmentation by Product & Brand Focus Ready To Wear (VIP Oriented) Doo Aquino Fortier & Co Performance Tactical Strong Brand Miguel Caballero Fashion Point Blank Safariland ABA Second Chance … Tactical (Security Oriented) Here comes your footer
  21. 21. Brand Positioning – Case Study 1Miguel Caballero- “The Armored Armani”Differences Here comes your footer
  22. 22. Brand Positioning – Case Study 2 Here comes your footer
  23. 23. Brand Positioning-FindingsTarget Audience (By order of Importance) Our Positioning Industry and Competitors Key Differences Importance) Here comes your footer
  24. 24. Brand Personality -Persona Here comes your footer
  25. 25. Brand Personality-OverviewDefinitionWe are not…..We are.. Here comes your footer
  26. 26. IV. Delivery and Strategy “ BUILDING OUR BRAND EQUITY” Here comes your footer
  27. 27. Overview Purpose Assets Here comes your footer
  28. 28. Identity System Simple Custom FrontMonochromaticEasy to integrateUse of taglineNYC in Tagline Here comes your footer
  29. 29. Advertising Campaign Concept Here comes your footer
  30. 30. Web Design Minimalist StreamlinedFast Loading Photo Oriented Efficient Navigation Seasonal Here comes your footer
  31. 31. Project Timeline-Details Design Collection 2012 Patent application Web Development 2013Identify System Development 2012 2013 Business plan Corporate Identity 2013 Location/Facilities 2012 Ballistic Testing 2013 Milestones 2013 Phase I:  Business plan  Location & facilities  Corporate identity Resources Phase II:  Identify System, web development, logos,  Web developer stationary  Advertising, search engine, social networking, forums  Photographer Phase III:  Models  Ballistic testing  Marketing/Advertising  Look book  Marketing  Patent application  Design collection Here comes your footer
  32. 32. Metrics for ROI Criteria for Success Methods  Brand awareness & recognition; Measures  Conduct online survey in targeted markets strength of the brand as reflected by customers ability to identify the brand  Backend reports from the online storefront under varying condition  Google analytics and the site traffic  Contract fulfillment; Measure the degree analysis to which our brand is upholding our brand  Social media contract.  Acquired customers; Count customers claiming they have come to our company’s based on the strength of the brand  Customers Loyalty: Measures the degree to which customers continue to purchase our brand and how long that loyalty has lasted.  Financial Values: Reports the financial value of our brand in the marketplace. Here comes your footer  Price premium: Finds the percentage of
  33. 33. V. Conclusion As we are enter the market as provider of consumer goods, we need to build the value of our company through the development of a strong global brand. By delivering a successful branding campaign, we will secure out opportunities for efficient market penetration and rapid company growth that needs overall goals. We are in unique position in the market for ballistic protective apparel because it is a niche market with limited competitor. This gives us the flexibility to position our brand advantageously. Despite our competitors experience in the market, we have significant advantages that allow us not only to compete but also to define and develop new market segments. We want our customers to have a positive image of ready to wear apparel protection and also shape the market beyond its original niche market. Our innovative product offering combined with our unique brand personality and image will undoubtedly secure and solidify our position as market innovators. This will make it very difficult for our competition to challenge our position. As the company grows, we need to safeguard the integrity of our brad contract and make sure that the customers are always at the best of strategic decisions and business imitative. Here comes your footer