#1 Introduction to Cultural (Human) Geography 1


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#1 Introduction to Cultural (Human) Geography 1

  1. 1. Introduction toHuman/Cultural Geography
  2. 2. Geography is about why places are where they are..." Why do people live there, or why not" Why do people move there, or move away" What do people do there" What are the people like there" What do they have in common with me, or how are they different
  3. 3. 5 Themes of Geography" Location" Place" Region" Movement" Human-environment interaction
  4. 4. Location Where is a place?" Absolute Location –it’s specific place on the globe.Longitude/latitude (coordinates)  Relative Location – it’s location compared to other places
  5. 5. Placespecific features or CHARACTERISTICSthat distinguish it from other places Human CHARACTERISTICS population, language, customs, beliefs, economy, government Physical CHARACTERISTICS landforms, ecosystems, climate
  6. 6. Regiona group of places withcommon characteristics Broad Similarities Regions can overlap language or accent/topography depending on definition or perception Ties to the Surrounding Areas For Example: Mexico is highways or railroads/lakes or rivers geographically part of North America but culturally more a part of Latin General Perceptions America. feelings and attitudes
  7. 7. Movement – of people, goods and ideas
  8. 8. Human/EnvironmentInteraction
  9. 9. Where do people live?1. Where there is rich soil (where food can grow). 2. Where there is plentiful fresh water. 3. Where the climate is mild.
  10. 10. Natural Barrierswater, mountain ranges,deserts, rivers…
  11. 11. Human Adaptationsclothes, irrigation, modes of travel…