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Trailer analysis

  1. 1. Analysis of 3 FilmTrailers
  2. 2. First TrailerTropic Thunder
  3. 3. The trailer starts with a shot of 3helicopters flying above a junglelandscape. This opening suggests that thefilm will involve violence, war and action.
  4. 4. A number of striking wordsflash across the screen tocontinue with theconnotations of a serious warfilm. The word ‘heroes’ inparticular suggests that thefilm will involve bravery and adeep and engaging storylinethat plays on the audiencesemotions.
  5. 5. The trailer then takes an interesting turn when the word ‘actors’comes onto the screen with arrows pointing at all 3 people onscreen. This makes the trailer very interesting and gets theaudiences attention through confusion.
  6. 6. The trailer then takes another twist and turns into what isobviously a comedy trailer. A number of controversial and wittysequences are shown which are taken directly from the filmitself.
  7. 7. The trailer then finishes with a bright andvibrant title presenting the name of the film.
  8. 8. Overall I think the trailer does anexcellent job of drawing the audience CONCLUSIONin and giving the film as much appealas possible. The start is very seriousand gradual which I think goes verywell with the rest of the trailer; oncethe trailer takes a comedic turn itbuilds on what the trailer has alreadydone and uses funny parts from thefilm to engage and entertain theaudience. As I have seen the finishedfilm I can say that I feel the trailer is agood representation of the film andleaves no ambiguity about themeaning and subject of the film.
  9. 9. Second TrailerParanormalActivity 2
  10. 10. This trailer starts out with a clip from itsprequel. It is obvious from the outset thatthis trailer plans to play on shock andsuspense to captivate the audience.
  11. 11. The trailer keep the same shot with an increasingly eerie noisebecoming louder as the shot stares the audience in the face.Then the statement ‘In 2009 You Demanded It’ comes onto thescreen, this needs the audience to have seen ‘ParanormalActivity 1’.
  12. 12. A number of shots thenappear and the time isdisplayed in the bottomcorner, suggesting that theseshots were shot on amateurequipment. As the shots areobviously of a home and inelevated positions, it is clearto see that the shots weretaken on home securitycameras.
  13. 13. Then, continuing with the trend, plays on suspense when‘Nothing Can Prepare You’ and ‘For What’s Next’, which makesthe audience anxious about what is about to happen, coupledwith the constant blue filter put over the shots, the trailer usesemotion to grab attention.
  14. 14. A sudden, sharp sounds then plays as a dark figure is seenstanding in the bedroom where a baby and dog were seensleeping. Because the baby can no longer be seen and nowthat a degree of confusion and ambiguity is now implementedinto the trailer, the audience become increasingly worried andscared.
  15. 15. The title of the film then shows up. The titleflickers on and off. This again createssuspense for the audience who are giventhe impression that something else isabout to happen.
  16. 16. Overall, the trailer does a very goodjob of creating suspense. The CONCLUSIONproducers obviously wanted theaudience to be on the edge of theirseats when watching this trailer andthey do a good job of doing so withoutgiving too much of the film away. Ihave seen the finished film and I wouldsay that the trailer isn’t a greatrepresentation of the film as the filmtakes a lot longer to get into full swingand is a lot more intense and playswith the audiences emotions a lotmore than the trailer does.
  17. 17. Third TrailerZombieland
  18. 18. The trailer starts out by slowlyzooming into California, whilsta narrator who soundssophisticated says ‘PlanetEarth, home to over 6 billionpeople’, at this point, itappears that the film has aserious meaning.
  19. 19. The trailer then shows a shot of a groom ata wedding who is pounced on by whatseems to be a zombie bride.
  20. 20. The trailer then plays on the comedic factor, using a series ofshots of zombies in different areas of society trying to get tonormal people. The trailer at this point is very confusing andthe general subject of the film is very vague.
  21. 21. The trailer uses slow motion to add to the comedic appeal. Aman bearing a sign saying ‘The End Is Near’ is seen beingchased by zombies. By this point it is clear to see that there isa zombie apocalypse in this film.
  22. 22. The trailer finally uses wordsas a number of words flashonto the screen, ‘Our Land’ ‘IsTheir Land’ This is again veryvague and offers little to fullyexplaining what is actuallyhappening in the film.Although little is given awayin the words, the images onceagain tell the story of azombie invasion.
  23. 23. Before showing the title of the film, a number of quick imagesand shots are shown of what appears to be four maincharacters. What seems to be a theme park is shown regularlyso this offers a bit of a hint at part of the story line.
  24. 24. On the whole, I feel that this trailer isnot very well made. Once again I have CONCLUSIONseen this film and I think thatcompared to the final film this trailermisses the point on numerousoccasions. The trailer never showsany signs of romance which is one ofthe biggest factors in this film. Thefinished film is about survival, comedyand romance; three things that arerarely used in the trailer. As well as thetrailer the finished film is also vagueand takes quite a while to be openenough to understand.