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Assigment 4.1


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Published in: Education
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Assigment 4.1

  1. 1. Mr. Khaln 5th Grade Class
  2. 2. Madie Ives Elementary Address of School: 20770 NE 14th Avenue North Miami Beach, FL 33179 School Type: Elementary School (PK-5) Demographics: 72% African American 21% Hispanic 7% White Students/ Staff: 721 Students and 47 Teachers Free/ Reduced lunch: 89%
  3. 3. Madie Ives Elementary is a small school. This school is a one story building, and the buildings are connected together. Everything from the bathroom to the library is not to far away from each other. This school is also old looking, including the fact that this school was built in 1957. The classrooms are updated with technology, but there are no whiteboards. Instead, there are chalk boards. Overall, this school has an old, traditional look to it. The teacher I was working with is Mr. Khaln.
  4. 4. An Activity I got to participate in was Vocabulary Actors. The teacher gave each group three vocabulary words and its definition. Each group had to act out their vocabulary words in order for the other students can understand what the vocabulary words mean. I loved this exercise because it made the students think outside of the box. The students were all enjoying the assignment and we were all learning. This assignment influenced me to make learning fun from time to time for the interest of the students. FEAPS: - Maintains a climate of openness, inquiry, fairness, and support - Deepen and enrich students’ understanding through content area literacy strategies, verbalization of thought, and application of the subject matter Activity #1
  5. 5. Another activity I participated in was a simple cause and effect lesson. The teacher had the students read a short story and each group had to come up with five cause and effect scenarios that are found in the story. Not only that, but the students had to find evidence in the text that the scenario is actually a cause and effect. This assignment is simple but influential. It’s the assignment like these that the students can really learn important test taking skills. Not only tests, but broaden the students eyes. FEAPS - Designs instruction for student to achieve mastery - Organizes, allocates, and manages the resources of time, space and attention Activity #2
  6. 6. This activity was more of a nature activity for Earth Day. The students were instructed to buy flowers to plant all over the school. This activity was a very nice and relaxing day for the students. The students learned about different types of plants while planting it with their class. Activity #3
  7. 7. My overall experience My overall experience was great! I really enjoyed the service-learning project. As a future teacher, it helped me realize that I want to spend some years in this field. My experience with the kids were great. It was good to know how the teachers work and what strategies they use to teach the students. I also learned about the downfalls of teaching which was a surprise to me. I’ve seen the amount of work the teachers have to put outside of the classrooms. I’ve seen the teacher re-teaching the same lesson twice because of the amount of students that do not understand. My experience pushed me even harder to finish school and become as great as a teacher I can be. This was a great taste of what I really want to do in life, and I cannot wait to go back and teach to the wonderful kids.