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Joomla modules excellent way to joomla customization


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Joomla modules excellent way to joomla customization

  1. 1. Joomla Modules Excellent Way to Joomla CustomizationIf you are among those choosey people who would not eat the food on thetable if it does not suit there taste, then many times it would happen that, thatparticular recipe will be cooked especially to suit your tastes. Then youenjoy the food even more. Similarly Joomla customization is an excellentway to have a website of your choice the way you want so that you are ableto use it with ease.Another advantage of Joomla customization is that it allows you to addmore features to your web page. The features will not only help you but willalso attract more visitors to your site. Generally all websites have a newsfeed, as you click on a news the page expands to reveal the entire post. Hereyou have the option to customize your news post like you can add asubscription button at the bottom or add a comments part etc. When yourvisitors will use these buttons you will also benefit from it.
  2. 2. Now you might think how is Joomla customization done? Modules is the best way to add features to your existing website pages. Whether you want to add comments option to your pages or subscription button just develop module for it and add it to the page from the control panel. Joomla module development can be done in two ways either use a ready to use module or get a module developed and integrated into your existing website. Modules are also an effective way to save time on Joomla Development or Customization. Considering the above example just imagine how much time it would take to embed the subscription or comment feature individually on each page. With modules it is so simple and so small a process, just add the module from the admin panel and it will automatically display on all existing as well as future pages of the website. All these benefits of Joomla modules make it the best way to proceed for Joomla customization.Add: 11th Floor, Samudra Annexe,Off C.G.Road, Navrangpura,