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Project activities

  1. 1. 14.12. 2011 – A team of studentsand teachers involved in the projectmet Mr. Marin Kavrakov, governor ofSliven. They presented their ideasand project objectives and activitiesthat will be implemented during thetwo-year period of the project.Mr. Kavrakov shared his vision oftolerance and its place in humanrelationships.
  2. 2. 14.12. 2011 - The seminar with Mrs Jekova, regionalrepresentative of the Commission for Protection against Discrimination.
  3. 3. On 19.12. 2011 Mrs. Ivanova, headmistress of Damyan DamyanovSchool of Humanities and part of the team working in the project metMr. Ivan Slavov, Deputy Mayor for social and humanitarian activities ofthe Municipality of Sliven. They presented their ideas, the projectobjectives and the activities that will be done.
  4. 4. Mr. Slavov expressed his satisfaction with the chosen topic,having in mind the meaning of tolerance and its place in humanrelationships. He talked with the students and shared hiswillingness to assist in any of the future activities.
  5. 5. Working out informative boards
  6. 6. DARE TO BE DIFFERENT- SAY “NO” TO DISCRIMINATION drawing competition 6.04.2012г.
  7. 7. Meeting with Mrs Sedlarska, a journalist and writerOn 04.05.2012 the project participants in Comenius program had a talk with MrsVesselina Sedlarska. She is a notable journalist in Sliven who won the awardDimitar Peshev for ethnic tolerance in the media for 2004. The meeting began withthe place of tolerance as a characteristic theme of her book Passengers of Noah,continued with comments of cases related to tolerance as a moral category, andended with many questions to which she answered comprehensively. All of thepaticipants felt satisfied with the talk they had.
  8. 8. A PHILOSOPHY CONFERENCE - PHILOSOPHY OF TOLERANCE On 08.05.2012 we organized a conference entitled Philosophy of Tolerance as part of our Comenius project -TOLERANCE as a Key to Social Integration Into European Dimension for Young Citizens. Students from 9 to12 grades took part in it.. Discussions and comments brought up disputes about if rationality should always conduct us or consensus that it is better to live in peace. The students looked for the answer in The Parable of the Good Samaritan, an animated version of which they watched. Finally, Albert Camus was paraphrased: tolerant individual, especially freely chosen to be tolerant, i.e. personality, the Ego in its power to create human relations would be a more beautiful view, if it has moved beyond colourless tolerance.
  9. 9. blog-