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Bear creek contracting

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Bear creek contracting

  1. 1. The 5 Biggest Problems on Your Website. (and how they’re costing in you in lost Business and Customers.) Executive Briefing Prepared for: Ian Munson, President of Bear Creek Contracting by Sysil Group
  2. 2. Why your Website is Important • Nowadays your potential customers visit your website to do research before giving you call. • Your website is has the potential to be one of your Top salesman(who works 24/7 for free). • If your website doesn’t do a good job of selling, your visitors will buy from your competitors.
  3. 3. The 5 Biggest Problems on 1. Weak Headlines 2. Too Little Text 3. Text All About Your Company 4. Features Over Benefits 5. Not Getting Contact Info of Visitors
  4. 4. Why Headlines are Important • Headlines are simple but powerful selling tools, not to be underestimated. Headlines can make or break your sales copy • Without Strong Headlines, the text on your website does not get read. If the text on your website does not read, your website doesn’t sell. • You need headlines to hooks your visitor with a compelling benefit, otherwise they will loose interest and leave your website.
  5. 5. What’s Wrong With Your Headlines Your headlines do not retain attention of your visitors  they leave your website earlier than optimal  loss of potential sales
  6. 6. Example of good headlines
  7. 7. Not enough Text • The text on your website is your company’s sales pitch. • Great text, just like a great sales pitch can get your prospects pumped up and ready to buy. • Just like a Sales Pitch, you need a enough of words to convince your prospects to buy from you.
  8. 8. Not Enough Text You only have standard text about your service, which your competitors would also have. You’re missing out an opportunity to sell through text. Having Enough Text That Sells
  9. 9. Stop Talking about Yourself!!! • Your potential customers care more about themselves than they do about your company. • By talking only about yourself and your company, you turn off your potential customers. • Speak to them about the benefits of your product and how it solves their problems and they will be much more interested in buying from your company.
  10. 10. You only focus on yourselves when you mentioned about your services. If you focus more on the benefits and solutions, you would’ve gotten more calls.
  11. 11. Features Over Benefits • People buy for the benefits not the features. (e.g your products saves them time, work, or money.) • Don’t make the mistake of assuming this doesn’t apply to your products because they are highly technical. • Tie each major feature of your product directly to a desired benefit to get your prospect interested.
  12. 12. Not Getting Contact Information • If you don’t get your prospect’s contact info before they leave your website, you have no way of converting them into a sale. • If you get your prospects email address, you can send them emails regularly with useful information and warm them up until they become customers. • You can get your visitors contact information by offering something valuable in return, for example a free report or free white paper.
  13. 13. Targeting the 3% Targeting the 50%
  14. 14. Summary of 5 Biggest Problems 1. Weak Headlines 2. Too Little Text 3. Text All About Your Company 4. Features Over Benefits 5. Not Getting Contact Info of Visitors
  15. 15. Q & A Session Interested in learning more? Call Stanley at Sysil Group right now at (778) 238-8490