Maximes Light And How We See


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Maximes Light And How We See

  1. 1. Light and How We See<br />By Maxime Doneux<br />
  2. 2. Contents page <br />Introduction<br />Parts of the Eye PG 1<br />Parts of the Eye PG 2<br />How we See<br /> Light <br />Credits<br />
  3. 3. Introduction<br />The Eye is a magnificent part of the body which is very useful to every animal in the world. <br />Light is also very important without it we would not need eyes and we would not know where we are going. <br />
  4. 4. Parts of the Eye PG 1<br />The Iris<br />The Iris is the part of the eye that controls the amount of light that gets into your eye so it is not to bright . It is also the colored part of the eye.<br />The Pupil<br />The Pupil is the hole in your Iris that gathers the light. The Pupil gets smaller when there’s bright light and bigger in not so bright light.<br />The Lens<br />The Lens of your eye puts light onto your Retina . It changes shape to get as much light onto the retina as possible.<br />The Retina<br />The Retina is just like a TV screen that shows things upside down. The Retina has two different cells called Cones and Rods. The Cones can only see black and white while Rods can see all colors. Then it sends the light to the brain and identifies it as something we see. <br />The Blind Spot<br />The blind spot is the part of your eye that is not sensitive to light. The blind spot is where the Retina joins to the Optic nerve. The Optic nerve sends the message from the Retina to the brain. <br />The Eyelid and The Eyelash<br />The Eye Lid is the part of the eye that protects it from anything getting into it. The Eye lid also helps light getting into your eye when you want to sleep.<br />The Eyelash also helps the Eyelid block things get into your eye. It is also the part that blinks. <br />
  5. 5. Parts of the eye PG 2<br />The Tear Gland<br />The tear gland is on your upper eye lid and spreads water across your eye when you blink all the dust gets put to one side and excess water goes through a tube into your nose that is why when you cry or are sick you have a runny nose. That also explains why you have sleeping dust which is the dust.<br />The Aqueous Humour<br />The Aqueous Humour is the watery stuff that is on the front of your eye. <br />The Vitreous Humour<br />The Vitreous Humour is the jelly part of your eye that keeps it in position.<br />The Conjunctiva<br />The Conjunctiva is the lining on your eye that is on the front of your eye. <br />The Ciliary Muscles<br />The Ciliary Muscles are the little rings that are on your lens. They are the thing that move your lens by squeezing and relaxing.<br />
  6. 6. How we See <br />We see from light coming from a light source such as the sun and the light rebounds of the object and into your eye. We only see because of all the part of our eye work together to get it to the brain. When you see the picture is actually upside down but your brain turns it the right way up and that is the final image that your see. <br />
  7. 7. Light <br />Light is a wave that travels from a light source. Light travels in a straight line and travels by bouncing from things into your eye. Different colors are seen only by the length of the light wave. <br />Light can be man made or natural such as lightning that is natural light or a neon that is man made. <br />When you blink light has traveled from London to New York and back eight times. <br />
  8. 8. Credits<br />Everything by Maxime<br />Please Applaud<br />