SF Mobile Entrepreneurs Meetup. Mobile Analytics for Startups from Flurry


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The presentation from Flurry's experts Mike Rollins and Alexandra Friedman at SF Mobile Entrepreneurs Meetup organised by Stanfy.

We were discussing different aspects of keeping your users sticking to your mobile app. We were super excited to have Mike Rollins and Alexandra Friedman, experts from the New York office of Flurry discussing mobile analytics for startups and revealing practical tips on how to measure how sticky your app is.

Flurry is a market-leading analytics software for smartphone and tablet apps and recently they crossed another major milestone – they now measure over 500,000 apps.

Check this presentation and watch a video (http://youtu.be/Vlp-p4i91ec) to get to know many interesting insights on mobile analytics for startups, basics of integrating the SDK, the types of events you need to log, types of measurement tools you need, and how to monitor your campaign’s performance in order to determine the value of the user you purchased.

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SF Mobile Entrepreneurs Meetup. Mobile Analytics for Startups from Flurry

  1. 1. April 2014 Mobile Analytics for Start-ups Alexandra Friedman, Senior Manager, Analytics Mike Rollins, Lead Engineer, Partner Integration
  2. 2. Brief introduction Meet the Flurry team @FlurryMobile Alex Friedman, Sr. Manager, Flurry Analytics Alex is responsible for developing and retaining key clients for Flurry Analytics. She counsels some of Flurry’s largest clients on their mobile business strategy and immerses herself in client data to identify trends that might inform key product decisions. Mike Rollins, Lead Engineer, Integration Mike is responsible for helping important partners integrate Flurry services. He primarily fills in on the advertising side, but is well-versed in all Flurry products. He is also an individual contributor to the core Flurry products.
  3. 3. 1.2 BillionMonthly Unique Users #1 Mobile Reach Brief introduction Flurry Analytics #1 Analytics Provider 155KApplication Developers 500KApplications 1.3 TrillionMonthly Events @FlurryMobile
  4. 4. Topics for today @FlurryMobile 1) Know your data 2) Identify your most valuable users 3) Measure success
  5. 5. Agenda @FlurryMobile 1) Know your data 2) Identify your most valuable users 3) Measure success
  6. 6. What are the basic metrics you can/should track? @FlurryMobile • Users are identified by unique device IDs • A new mobile user is a user that launches the app for the first time New mobile users • A session is one use of the application by a user • In Flurry, you can measure median and average session length for your users, as well as the total amount of time spent in your app Sessions • An active user is defined as a user that has had a session with your application during a specified time period • Available in daily, weekly, or monthly view, as well as Time of Day Active mobile users • A retained user in Flurry is defined as a user that has had at least one session with your application in the past seven days. • Flurry also reports on user churn Retained users
  7. 7. • In-app Actions are known as ‘Events’ in Flurry • Events enable you to know when a user: – Makes a purchase – Completes a level – Shares on Facebook – Listens to a song – Searches for content – Makes a phone call from a number listed in the app How can I track app-specific actions?
  8. 8. How granular can I get with Events and Parameters? Parameters can be exact values (as shown), ranges of values, or user-defined
  9. 9. What are sample Events in Game apps? • Event Name: Level play • Trigger: Level 1 loads for player • Parameters: Level played, Level started, Level re-started Gameplay • Event Name: Tutorial, Step • Trigger: User completes Step 1 of the tutorial • Parameters: Step, Duration Navigation • Event Name: In-app purchase initiated • Trigger: User taps on “buy” to initiate purchase • Parameters: Level, Coins, Duration Monetiz- ation • Event Name: Facebook share • Trigger: User shares activity to Facebook • Parameters: Score, Level Social
  10. 10. • Get started in minutes– 2 lines of code gives you all your mobile usage metrics, demographic information, and User Acquisition Analytics What does implementation entail? FLURRY SDK • Advanced Flurry implementations with full event tagging take days, not weeks or months like other enterprise software solutions • Flurry Analytics is a SaaS-based delivery model and does not require additional resources from your IT department
  11. 11. What does iOS SDK implementation entail? Basic Integration Events Integration
  12. 12. What does Android SDK implementation entail? Basic Integration Events Integration
  13. 13. Agenda @FlurryMobile 1) Know your data 2) Identify your most valuable users 3) Measure success
  14. 14. How to identify and acquire valuable users? @FlurryMobile • Use segments to identify cohorts of valuable users • Understand personas (audience segments) in your app
  15. 15. • Flurry empowers you to create any custom segment you can imagine. • Powerful examples include segmenting your audience by: – Paying vs. non-paying consumers – Casual vs. power users – Men vs. women Segment Your Mobile Users Your Way      • View all of your mobile usage metrics such as new users, active users, and user retention by segment • Use this information to: – Plan your next acquisition campaign to acquire users most like your whales – Package key parts of your audience to sell directly to advertisers – Determine the ROI of your marketing spend
  16. 16. Cohorts: Segment based on acquisition date Usage Level: Define heavy, regular & infrequent users Events: Any event, parameter, or value you specify Demographics & Geography: Age, gender, location, language and more Acquisition Source: Segment by channel & campaign Create segments using all important metrics Segment Your Audience Your Way
  17. 17. Determine which Personas are valuable to you BUSINESS Real Estate Followers Business Professionals Personal Finance Geeks Small Business Owners TRAVEL Business Travelers Leisure Travelers SHOPPING Value Shoppers Catalog Shoppers ENTERTAINMENT Bookworms Casual & Social Gamers Entertainment Enthusiasts Hardcore Gamers Music Lovers News & Magazine Readers TV Lovers LIFESTYLE Auto Enthusiasts Fashionistas Food & Dining Lovers Health & Fitness Enthusiasts Home & Garden Pros Photo & Video Enthusiasts Tech & Gadget Enthusiasts Singles Social Influencers Sports Fans New Moms Moms
  18. 18. Flurry Personas Use Real App Usage to Qualify Users 1. Identify business travelers based on what apps they use 2. Qualify only recent, heavy users 4. Update membership bi- weekly EXAMPLE: Business Travelers • Flight Booking • Business Management • Taxi • Dining Reservations 3. Create Business Traveler Persona
  19. 19. Agenda @FlurryMobile 1) Know your data 2) Identify your most valuable users 3) Measure success
  20. 20. • Flurry User Acquisition Analytics enables you to measure the quality of acquired users based on how they engage with your app, their demographics and whether they eventually spend money • Cut all your mobile data such as retention, session length, age, and gender by channels and campaigns • Understand which channels deliver your best customers • Build the best possible audience for your app as efficiently as possible Are you able to optimize user acquisition spend? Define user quality your way - by engagement, demo, monetization and more
  21. 21. How It Works: An Example Campaign Flurry records app install For each campaign, set up a unique clickthrough URL Flurry records app launch Flurry matches launch to install source Reporting available within 2 hours
  22. 22. • Use your events to create funnels to measure any series of steps you want consumers to complete • Improve conversions over time and versions • Analyze funnel data by segments, versions, and time to gain even more insight Are users converting along the key paths in your app?
  23. 23. Are users retained? • Flurry retention metrics include Return Rate (e.g, static retention), Rolling Retention, and Recent Users • The Return Rate chart above includes a heat map to compare by install date cohort Compare return rate by months since install
  24. 24. Concluding thoughts @FlurryMobile Collect the right data early on Know your MVU’s and focus on acquiring these key segments Conduct on-going assessment of goals and progress
  25. 25. @FlurryMobile Questions? Please contact us at: Alex Friedman: Alexandra@Flurry.com Mike Rollins: Mike@Flurry.com @rollinsio