Case Study: IMAX Mobile App Вest 3D Movies in Your iPhone


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Recently we have released new app for movie theater chain “Movie Planet IMAX”, first 3D movie theater in Ukraine.
We added some great features in our app. This includes schedule with current films and showtimes, list with films coming soon and trailers. All tickets and bonuses are automatically saved in a private account. It is easy to book a seat by zooming in movie hall scheme and purchasing tickets with the help of VISA or Master Card. In the movie theater controller will scan tickets directly from iPhone screen.

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Case Study: IMAX Mobile App Вest 3D Movies in Your iPhone

  1. 1. Developed in StanfyCase Study:IMAX Mobile AppВest 3D Movies inYour iPhone
  2. 2. Movie Planet IMAXMovie Planet is the #1 movie theater to • customer loyalty (bonuses for allwatch movies in 3D. With the help of purchases in the movie theater on memberIMAX technologies audiences can Club Card).experience the adventure, drama and • one and unique movie chain IMAX inemotion of their favorite blockbusters with Ukraine with its theaters in Kiev, Odessa,the unparalleled image and sound quality Lviv.of the IMAX Experience. • booking and purchasing tickets viaOur aim was to build an app, which would iPhoneprovide exceptional customer service:cvcb
  3. 3. Our SolutionBeautifully designed iPhone app, which has great user experience and allows users topurchase and save tickets in the application.Showing them on the screen to the controller for scanning customer can easily get insidethe movie hall.
  4. 4. Movie showtimes, trailers…IMAX application will help youto find information about:• current movies andshowtimes;• find out which movies arecoming soon;• watch trailers;
  5. 5. Booking and purchasing tickets• select a seat to book by zoomingscheme of movie hall;• purchase tickets with the helpof VISA, MasterCard or usingyour bonuses;• all tickets are automaticallysaved in the application;
  6. 6. Loyalty program, bonuses• now loyalty card is availabledirectly on your phone;• all information aboutbonuses is in your privateaccount;• just pass a short registrationand become a member ofMovie Planet Club.
  7. 7. Results• The launch was well received andthe buzz spread quickly overrelevant social networks andthematic web sites• Now users can buy tickets viaiPhones, save them in theapplication and show on the screento the controller for scanning.No more used paper and longqueues!
  8. 8. Client Feedback“ We are delighted to admit that together with Stanfy we managed to create a convenient and high-quality mobile app for all movie fans. While working on the project, we were pleased with thoroughness and attention to details on behalf of Stanfy team. We were particularly happy with the work of designer who created a truly enigmatic style for our app. What is even more important, Stanfy’s expertise helped us to better understand mobile field as a whole. At the moment together with Stanfy we are working on our next project for Android mobile platform. Gennadiy Bondar. Planet Movie IMAX executive director.
  9. 9. You have to check it out!
  10. 10. We create apps that you love! Stanfy Team http://stanfy.comStanfy specializes in mobile communications and creates killer mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms.Over the past three years more than 60 successful apps were developed by Stanfy for clients from all over the world.