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HACK.d Creative Brief 1/2012


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Published in: Education, Technology
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HACK.d Creative Brief 1/2012

  1. 1. presented THE HASSO PLATTNER INSTITUTE OF DESIGNby and GRAY AREA FOUNDATION FOR THE ARTSCREATIVE BRIEF | january 27 - 29 2012 |’re bringing together a diverse community of developers, designers, makers, and moreto inspire and build creative technical solutions to bring Design Thinking to the world. Thisweekend will represent one of the first instances of an educational institution opening up itswebsite code to be hacked, rebuilt, and reimagined by its students and community at large.CHALLENGEUsing the existing website and core content as both a platform and an inspirational tool, you arechallenged to build new experiences, interactions, tools, and visual aids to help a wide variety of audiencesunderstand and engage with design thinking as an approach to transform their personal and professionalendeavors. Projects could range from a mobile design thinking workshop application, to an interactive web-based learning tool, to a complete redesign of the website to better serve as a teaching tool in itself.JUDING CRITERIAUser-centricity | INTUITIVE Scalability | GLOBALHow does the project incorporate How does the project help more people engageuser-centered design from top to bottom? How easy with creative learning experiences? How easy is it tois it to find and engage with content? share and adapt content?Creativity | TRANSFORMATIVE Accessibility | DIVERSEHow does the project embody the How does the project help more types of’s creative ethos? How appealing is it to find engage with creative learning experiences? Howand engage with content? appealing is it to share and adapt vcontent?GOALS DISCOVER MEASUREHow can the leverage digital tools to help How can the use a diverse suite ofa much broader audience discover creative learning analytical tools to gain a deep understanding ofexperiences originating both from within the school demographics, use cases, locations, and motivesand from other leaders in the field? across the site, and help grow this community? ADAPT SHAREHow can the anticipate different use cases How can the drive visitors to be passionateand make the content dynamic and adaptable to about sharing creative learning content with theirsuit each individual’s needs and preferences? networks, and facilitate this process seamlessly?