Transnat newsletter winter 2012[3]


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Transnat newsletter winter 2012[3]

  1. 1. Centre for Transnational HistoryNewsletter Winter 2012 School of History University of St Andrews St Andrews, Scotland, UKNew Members of StaffSarah Easterby-Smith teaches and researches modern European history, with a special interest in theglobal connections and transnational links made between France, Britain and the wider world in theeighteenth century. Her research focuses on the relationship between science, society and culture duringthis period, and on how information, knowledge and cultural influences moved (or failed to move)between nations and across social groups. Sarah is currently completing her monograph, CultivatingCommerce, which is a social history of botany in France and Britain between 1760 and 1815. Prior tocoming to St Andrews, Sarah held a 2011-12 Dibner Fellowship at the Huntington Library, California andwas a Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute in 2010-11. She holds a PhD in History fromthe University of Warwick.Heidi Mehrkens studied Modern History, Medieval History and Law at the Technical University ofBraunschweig. Her doctoral thesis Statuswechsel.Kriegserfahrung und nationale Wahrnehmung imDeutsch-Französischen Krieg 1870/71 (Essen 2008) formed part of the DFG-funded project ‘France andGermany at War (18th-20th Century).’ From 2005-2012, she was assistant professor at BraunschweigUniversity with research and teaching interests in modern European political, military and media history.She joined the Heirs to the Throne Project in March, and is currently embarking on a transnational studycomparing British, French, and Prussian heirs to the thrones’ interactions with representatives of theconstitutional state (1815-1914).Research Seminars10 October 2012Tomasz Kamusella (University of St Andrews)Ethnolinguistic Nationalism in Modern Central Europe: How to Define and ‘Measure’ It?24 October 2012Silke Strickrodt (German Historical Institute, London)In Search of a Moral Community: Little Popo and the Atlantic Slave Trade in the Eighteenth Century7 November 2012Kate Ferris (University of St Andrews)Experiencing Fascism: Everyday Articulations of Power and Agency in 1930s Venice14 November 2012Stéphane van Damme (Sciences Po, Paris)Capitalizing Manuscripts, Confronting Empires: Anquetil-Duperron and the Mercantilist Economy ofOriental knowledge, 1755-1780 1
  2. 2. Summer School17-20 June 2013From the Margins: Revisiting European HistoryThe Summer School will be focusing on themes in modern European history from c.1500 onwards. Thecentral theme of revisiting European history from the ‘margins’ will address both geographical as well asanalytical margins. The three days of the summer school will thus evolve around a transnational, cross-border perspectives on European history around three broader themes i) circulations and trading zones,ii) bordering and border regions, iii) as well as the dynamics of centres and peripheries.The organising GRAINES network aims at facilitating exchange opportunities for PhD candidates andmembers of staff within the network, and thus seeks to build an international, multi-linguistic network ofyoung scholars with an interest in modern European history. The three key axes of the GRAINES networkare: cross-national perspectives, trans-epochal and inter-disciplinary, with the core of scholars comingfrom history, literature and cultural studies.The Summer School is open to applicants from within the organising GRAINES network including StAndrews, Basel, Cologne, SciencesPo Paris, Charles University Pragueand University of Vienna, as well asguests.A Call for Applications will be available shortly GRAINES Consortium ( SciencesPo campus at Menton (southern France)Our Research ProjectsHeirs to the Throne in the Constitutional Monarchies of Nineteenth-Century Europe (1815-1914)Leader: Frank MüllerTimeline: 2012-2017Website: by: the Arts and Humanities Research CouncilEncyclopedia of the Social and Political History of Southern Africa’s LanguagesLeaders: Tomasz Kamusella and Finex Ndhlovu (University of New England, Armidale, NSW, Australia)Timeline: 2012-2017Contract with Publisher: PalgraveCultures of Natural Knowledge: Enquiry, Textuality and Social Participation in the Eighteenth CenturyLeaders: Sarah Easterby-Smith and Emily Senior (Birkbeck, University of London)Timeline: 2010-2014Special issue of Journal for Eighteenth Century Studies (December 2013)International conference on ‘Aesthetic Enlightenments’ to be held in California, January 2014 (fully fundedby the Huntington Library, California) 2
  3. 3. Current PhD ProjectsAndrew DoddThe Return of the Nation-State? German Political Culture in Transition, 1985-1998Denis KitzingerCultural Criticism and Catholic Conservatism: An Intellectual Biography of Dietrich von HildebrandNiall MacGallowayThe Italian Occupation of South-Eastern France, 1940-1943Miriam Schneider“Sailor Prince” in the Age of Empire: Creating a Monarchical Brand in Nineteenth-Century EuropeMarie VenturaLike Clockwork: The Development of the Modern Perception of Time in Industrial Britain (1753-1914)GRAINES ConsortiumGRAINES (or the Graduate Interdisciplinary Network for European Studies) combines the expertise andfields of research from scholars across Europe including Austria (University of Vienna), the Czech Republic(Charles University Prague), France (Sciences Politiques, Paris), Germany (University of Cologne),Switzerland (University Basel) and the United Kingdom (St Andrews, Scotland).Website: ActivitiesNovember 2012Work Meeting of the Consortium, Basel Graduate School of History, Universität Basel, SwitzerlandJune 2013From the Margins: Revisiting European History, Menton, FranceOur PartnersBritish International History Group, (Andrew Williams is a member ofthe Executive)German Historical Institute, London ( Research Center, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan ( 3
  4. 4. Lectures of the Centre’s MembersJanuary 2013Tomasz KamusellaThe Politics of Script and Language in Modern Central EuropeUniversity of Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, IsraelJanuary 2013Stephen TyreA Transnational End of EmpireOxford Transnational and Global History SeminarDecember 2012Heidi MehrkensFerdinand Philippe von Orléans: Ein Todesfall und ein fragiles Regime (1842-1848)Workshop ‚Geboren, um zu herrschen? – Gefährdete Dynastien in interdisziplinärem und interkulturellemKontext,‘ Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen, Germany.December 2012Kate FerrisParticipation in the round table discussion on popular opinion under fascism with Prof. ChristopherDuggan and Prof. Stephen Gundle.Institute of Historical Research, London5 Dec 2012November / December 2012Riccardo BavajWesternization and Knowledge Transfer: Ernst Fraenkel and Richard Löwenthal Between Exile,Remigration and West Germany’s Public Spheres. Chemnitz, Germany & Geneva, SwitzerlandNovember 2012Frank Müller and Heidi MehrkensDashed Hopes and Mourned Prospects in France and Germany: Prince Ferdinand Philippe of Orléans(1842) and Emperor Frederick III (1888), conference on Royal Loss: Untimely deaths, public and privatemourning, and the monarchs who never were, University of YorkOctober 2012Bernhard StruckInclusion or Exclusion? Ethnic Groups, Territorial Overlaps and the Mapping of German Border Regions,1820s-1880sConference ‘Mapping History’ at Montana State University, Bozeman, USASeptember 2012Conan FischerPolitical Catholicism and Franco-German Relations during the Inter-War Years24th Annual Conference, British International History Group, LeicesterSeptember 2012Bernhard StruckHow to Write Transnational History: Methodological Aspects of a Contemporary Paradigm in HistoricalResearchPhD Workshop, Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland 4
  5. 5. Journals and Book Series International History Review Co-edited by Andrew Williams Nationalisms Across the Globe (book series) Oxford: Peter Lang, founded and co-edited by Tomasz KamusellaPublications of the Centre’s Members Conan Fischer A Vision of Europe: Franco-German Relations during the Great Depression, 1929-1932. 2014/15 [Forthcoming]. Oxford: Oxford University Press. The Failed European Union: Franco-German Relations during the Great Depression of 1929-32 (pp 1-20). 2012. International History Review, Vol 34, No 4. Riccardo Bavaj ‘The West:’ A Conceptual Exploration. 2011. European History Online / Europäische Geschichte Online. URL: Young, Old, and In-Between. Liberal Scholars and ‘Generation Building’ at the Time of West Germany’s Student Revolt (pp 177-194). 2011. In: Anna von der Goltz, ed. ‘Talkin’ ’bout My Generation:’ Conflicts of Generation Building and Europe’s 1968. Göttingen: Wallstein. Kate Ferris Everyday Life in Fascist Venice. 2012. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave. A model republic and (with N. Bas & N. Miller) Abolition. In: A. Körner, N. Miller & A. Smith. eds. 2012. America Imagined. Explaining the United States in Nineteenth-Century Europe and Latin America. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave, 2012. Kate Ferris, Bernhard Struck, together with Jacques Revel have jointly edited the themed issue Size Matters. Scales in Transnational and Comparative history, in: International History Review (vol 33/4, December 2011). The journal issue has been voted runner up of Routledge 2012 History Journals. Tomasz Kamusella The Politics of Language and Nationalism in Modern Central Europe (Foreword by Professor Peter Burke). 2012. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave (Paperback edition) The Change of the Name of the Russian Language in Russian from Rossiiskii to Russkii: Did Politics Have Anything to Do with It? (pp 73-96). 2012. Acta Slavica Iaponica. Vol 32. Gillian Mitchell From ‘Rock’ to ‘Beat’: Towards a Reappraisal of Popular Music in Britain, 1958-1962, Popular Music and Society (Published online, 2012 – hard copy forthcoming in 2013). A Very ‘British’ Introduction to Rock‘n’Roll: Tommy Steele and the Advent of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Britain, 1956- 1960 (pp 205-225). 2012. Contemporary British History. Vol 25. 5
  6. 6. Frank MüllerThe Prince, the Crypt, and the Historians: Emperor Friedrich III and the Continuity of MonarchicalGeschichtspolitik in Imperial Germany (pp 521-540). 2012. German Studies Review. Vol 35.Bernhard Struck(with Kate Ferris/Jacques Revel). Introduction. Space and Scales in transnational history (pp 573-584).2011. In: Size Matters. Scales in Transnational and Comparative History, special issue: InternationalHistory Review. Vol 33/4, December.Conquered Territories, Entangled Histories and Variations of Nationalism. Franco-German and German-Polish Borderlands during and after the Napoleonic Wars (pp 95-113). 2011. In: Hagemann, Karen/Forrest,Allan/François, Etienne (eds.), War Memories: The Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars in 19th and 20thCentury Europe, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.Andrew WilliamsAndrew Williams, Amelia Hadfield, J. Simon Rofe. 2012. International History and International Relations.London: Routledge. 6