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Meander/Serpentine Border Stamp Tutorial


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Leatherwork tutorial created by Wayne Christensen owner of Standing Bear's Trading Post and Leather by WC.
A tutorial to assist leathercrafters in using a meander - Serpentine type border stamp when working on a leather design.
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Meander/Serpentine Border Stamp Tutorial

  1. 1. Meander and Hourglass Border Stamps by Wayne Christensen This is how I do my layouts for meander and hourglass border stamps. First I draw a line on scrap leather and stamp a 3 stamp pattern; I keep doing this ‘til I like the spacing. Figure (1) Figure 1: Practice three-stamp patterns until you like the spacing. After I lay in my outer border line, I use wing dividers to get the spacing of my inside border line. Figure (2) Figure 2: Set wing dividers for correct border width.
  2. 2. Next I stamp the 4 corners on the inside line. Figure (3) Figure 3: Stamp corners on the inside line first. With the dividers, I get the spacing of the 2 stamps on my practice piece. Figure (4) Figure 4: Set wing dividers to proper stamp width.
  3. 3. I transfer that to my line, working from both ends to the middle. Figure (5) Figure 5: Mark the leather to indicate stamp When you come to center placement. the center, you may have to adjust the spacing a little. Figure (6) Figure 6: Stamp spacing does not always line up; make adjustments as you place marks near the center. A Start stamping at one end by placing B your stamp just above your mark, and slide it down to the line. Figure (7) Figure 7: (A) Line stamp up with mark. (B) Slide tool down to begin stamping the row.
  4. 4. Work both ends to the middle. Figure (8) Figure 8: Work towards the middle from both ends. After the inside rows are done, start on the outside by placing the stamp evenly between the stamps on the other side. Figure (9) B Figure 9: Complete the meander by carefully stamping the outer row evenly between the impressions on the inner row. You can bevel the outside of the meander to raise it, or lightly bevel the inside to crown the meander.