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Senior Research Paper

  1. 1. Stancil  1    Will StancilMrs. TilleryAP Literature16 November 2011 A Gentleman’s Game To be an observer at a professional golf tournament is a truly magnificent experience.The moments of pure excitement and tension that ripple through the crowd of spectators thatwatch an athlete try to manage a golf shot that will either make him or ruin him only heighten theexperience of the observers. The entire spectacle, ranging from the establishment of officials tomanipulate and safe guard the athletes to the outings that reside on the golf course, if donecorrectly will generate excitement among spectators. Most spectators do not fully comprehendthe full complexity and ingenuity that resides underneath the entire visible event. The event hasto be orchestrated by planners that shape and mold the tournament into what it desired. Thatbeing said, one of the most paramount pieces of creating a respectable golf tournament relies onthe pre-planning. Furthermore, pre-planning involves the purpose of the event, the organization,and the decorative. A golf tournament, no matter professional or local, the tournament needs to be strivingfor a distinct purpose. Comparing to any sporting competition, the purpose of the tournament isgenerally outlined, whether that is from fundraising to simply having competition. “An eventwithout a clarified purpose is an event that has no definite goal and will otherwise fail”(Brennan1). The purpose of a golf event determines the entire scenario of the tournament, fromthe sponsors that support the event to the organizations that approve of the event. A clearpurpose is a pure necessity that cannot be ignored or construed; it must be definite.
  2. 2. Stancil  2     Moreover, the mission statement of the event hinges on focus and accuracy. The purposeof the event is the underlying theme of an event, but a mission statement should be included toabsolve all doubts and questions that a contender might have. “Having a mission statement thatcan be measured and precise will drive a successful golf event” ( Amission statement for a golf tournament, having no difference from any other, must have a cleargoal in mind. If there is no definite mission statement, or it lacks focus or drive, an event’ssuccess will only be hindered. The purpose of the golf tournament must also be projected at the right audience. If theevent is focused on charity and fundraising, the golfers that the golf event is trying to snare aremostly less serious golfers that only want to contribute for a cause. On the other hand, such golfevents that are for the sake of competition and reputation, the golfers that generally arrive areserious and strive to champion the others. “The golf event must be steered to a certain audience ifthe type of golf event demands it” (Fong1). With all that in mind, planners must take heed in thedirection the golf event is progressing. Capturing an audience(s) for a golf tournament iscompulsory in order to fully maximize success. Moving on, the right organization is crucial for agolf tournament, mainly due its ability to maximize the group’s potential. A functioning organization is key to the development and smooth-sailing that a golftournament yearns to achieve. ‘Organization’ is defined as “Something made up of elements withvaried functions that contribute to the whole and to collective functions”( As anything in this world, having order among chaos is imperative toachieve something. Having organization in planning for a golf tournament is fundamental tosucceed. The organization that incorporates inside a golf tournament should include persons thatwould most benefit and maximize their potential abilities in that field. Assorting committees and
  3. 3. Stancil  3    subcommittees to the tournament would section out important details and bring order. Thesecommittees would appropriately be manned with volunteers, people that have the time andability and determination to give all they can to the event. “Volunteers, not only are responsiblefor their role in the pre-planning of the event, also are the manpower of the event, providingsupport and answers to golf contenders”( The volunteers are paramount tothe event because the not only is the purpose of the event to gather support but to please andsatisfy golf contenders who paid money to be part of the golf tournament. The organization should also focus on providing a sustainable system that is easilynavigable by golf contenders. When a player checks into the golf tournament, they must beadmitted and acknowledged of their presence. When a golf tournament is gargantuan, order andeasy navigability lessens problems that would otherwise exacerbate tournaments with a weakorganization. A golf tournament should also rely on complimentary resources and nourishments. Asolid organization should focus on the satisfaction of the contender, providing nourishments andtools to show gratitude of being present. “A varying amount of nourishment and complimentarytools for golf contenders should be present and readily available” (Kelley1). A respectableorganization provides for the golfers, no matter if the supplies seem superfluous. Even more, theawards and gifts that should be awarded are as important as well. Speaking on the awards and contests, the organizational committees should consider thedifferent options that arise. A golf tournament might focus on a ‘scramble’ or ‘best ball’ or even‘stableford.’ ” Although competition formats are used to find a victor, these formats are key toeveryone feeling like they are all winners” ( While it might beconfusing to non-golf enthusiasts, golf competition formats are no different from every other
  4. 4. Stancil  4    sporting competition because the sense of thrill and excitement is always there. However, themost important factor that organizational committee has to acquire are the rules. Rules are an important concept for almost everything in this world, and golf tournamentsare not exempt from this. Regulations and restrictions make up tournaments and they arefollowed to the letter. The regulations provide support and something to hinge onto for safetybecause it is like concrete: it is a foundation. For golf tournaments, they generally “follow USGARules, which are comparable to the Judicial Branch concluding an issue and the land abides”(Dill4). Just like any sport, golf follows regulations and guidelines that portray the sport.However, it can be said that golf regulations are more stringent than most, and because of thestringencies, golf is considered a ‘Gentleman’s Game.’ To fully engross a golf contender in a competition, prizes should be available to besnatched. The gifts and awards do not even have to be major; these gifts should only need to beenhancing the experience and excitement the golfers feel. “Providing contests to win prizes andgifts are used everywhere for the main reason of that is works every time” (Newton1). Thesecontests and giveaways can be perfectly executed by a strong organization, made up ofvolunteers, and keep the tournament exciting for everyone. People, no matter the subject, enjoywinning prizes and having things that others do not have. One major factor that the organizational committees have to consider is transportation. Ofcourse, the golf contenders will have to be given carts. When people arrive at a golf tournament,they expect the best treatment because they paid for this service and assume the best will begiven. Smooth transportation lessens the botherations that might exacerbate the flow oftransportation on the golf course. Golfers generally enjoy a four to five hour golfing experience
  5. 5. Stancil  5    and become quickly vexed when there are complications on the course. Finally, there is thedecorative that catches a golfer’s eye. Golf tournaments serve a purpose to gain revenue for charity or to gather more members.For golf tournaments to gain reputation, however, there must be decorativeness that attracts acontender. ‘Decorative’ is a word defined as “serving to embellish or decorate”( An embellished object generally receives more attention than autilitarian object; making the connection, a golf tournament transversely works the same.Planners must make the tournament inviting to golfers, otherwise people would not feelwelcome. Making guests feel welcome is imperative for them to come back every year to theevent and word will spread. As for the setup, the restaurant should be decorated to suit the golf tournament.Decorations in the restaurants should be respectable and professional. Volunteers would be usedas servers to serve golf contenders with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The servers need to berecognizable as such, making them easy access for help from the guests. “The restaurant needs tobe efficient and orderly, because the guests will then feel like they are in a special competitionand they are top priority” ( When golf contenders arrive in arestaurant to be witness of a place that is decorated and embellished to look the part, they willfeel important and therefore, enjoying the experience only so much more. All in all, golf tournaments require pre-planning that involves many roles andresponsibilities. For a golf tournament to get off the ground, it must have a clear, definitepurpose. The mission statement must be honed in on the focus of the tournament, whethercharity or competition. Organization is central to the entire operation, requiring many differentroles of people. Organization can be argued to be the most demanding and for good reason. In
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