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Ep school calendar 2013 14 se 1


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Ep school calendar 2013 14 se 1

  1. 1. 1EP School Calendar 2013-2014 (2556-2557)First Semester (16 May – 1 October 2013)No. Dates Activities Venue Notes1. 15 May 201316 May 2013Main School Thai Teachers MeetingStart of 1stSemesterOnly for Thai Teachers2. Friday-Sunday24-26 May 2013LONG WEEKEND24 May 2013: Visakha Bucha DayBuddhist observance commemoratingthe birth, enlightenment and passingof the Buddha. Also observed asNational Tree Day. It falls on the fullmoon of the 6thlunar month.25-26 May 2013: WeekendHAVEAGOODWEEKEND3. Monday-Friday27-31 May 2013EP Parent Meeting Monday 27 May M. 1 Tuesday 28 May M. 2 Wednesday 29 May M. 3 Thursday 30 May M. 4 Friday 31 May M. 5-6EP Room236All EP Teachers invited toparticipate in the meeting4. June 2013 DUX Certificate RehearsalSchoolAssemblyHallSome of the students willattend the rehearsalPeriod 8-95.Tuesday3 June 2013Tutoring Class (Evening Class) EPClassroomsDue to the Tutoring ClassTimetable
  2. 2. 2EP School Calendar 2013- 2014 (2556-2557)First Semester (16 May – 1 October 2013)No. Dates Activities Venue Notes6. Wednesday5 June 2013Wai Kru Ceremony Rehearsal SchoolAssembly HallNo classesPeriod 7-97.Thursday6 June 2013(08:30 – 12:40)“Wai Kru” CeremonyTeacher Appreciation Day(Google for more information)SchoolAssembly Hall(Gymnasium)NO CLASSES in the morning.All EP Staff are invited.8.Saturday-Sunday8-9 June 2013Computer Training for M. 1 EP Room 236Thai Staff and Brett will be incharge. Any teacher who isinterested in can join in. Pleaseinform Chaht.9. Friday21 June 2013Central & Eastern Region EnglishProgram / Mini English ProgramSchool Conference“ Distance Learning ”SchoolAssembly HallParticipants from 116 EP / MEPschools in Central and Easternregion will attend thisconference.10.Monday-Friday24-28 June2013Monday1 July 2013Buddhist Camp Monday 24 June M. 1 Tuesday 25 June M. 2 Wednesday26 June M. 3 Thursday 27 June M. 4 Friday 28 June M. 5 Monday 1 July M. 6SchoolAssembly HallWill lose each level on differentday. More details will beinformed later.11. 28 June –12July 2013Student Exchange Program 2013Tasmanians’ Thailand VisitDetails as in the StudentExchange Program Itinerary12. July 2013 School Scholarship PresentationCeremonySchoolGymnasiumNormal Classes in Period 1 and2, then the ceremony, classesstarts again at Period 7
  3. 3. 3EP School Calendar 2013-2014(2556-2557)First Semester (16 May – 1 October 2013)No. Dates Activities Venue Notes13. July 2013 EP School Zone B English SkillsCompetitionAll EP Staff are participating inthis event14. 17 July 2013 Sa-nguan Ying BirthdayCeremonySchoolGymnasiumNo Classes for the morning-half of the day15.Monday-Friday15-19 July2013EP Mid-Term ExamRe-sits & Results(English Version)EP ClassroomsExam Timetable is dueaccording to the normalTeaching Timetable16.Friday19 July 2013Candle Festival: Khao Phunsa Day(The activity is to mold big and tallcandles as the offerings to themonasteries nearby the school)SchoolGymnasiumMight lose some of the classesin the morning or afternoon. AllEP Staff are invited toparticipate in this activity.17.Saturday-Tuesday20-23 July2013LONG WEEKEND20-21 July : WeekendPUBLIC HOLIDAYS:22 July: Asanha Bucha Day:to commemorate the Buddha’sfirst sermon in the Deer Park inBenares and the founding of theBuddhist Sangha.23 July: Wan Khao Pansa(Buddhist Lent Day)The beginning of Buddhist Lent –monks retreat to their temples.HAVEAGOODTIME18.Wednesday24 July 2013Submit Results and 1stStudentBehavioral ReportEP Office: ToWipawadee andChahtThe report should be done bitby bit from the start of thesemester.
  4. 4. 4EP School Calendar 2013 - 2014 (2556-2557)First Semester (16 May – 1 October 2013)No. Dates Activities Venue Notes19. July 2013 EP School (Central & EasternRegion) English Skills CompetitionOnly the Winners and the FirstRunner-up of each skill willparticipate in this event.More details regarding the staffinvolving in this event will beinformed later.20. Wed. 24 JulyThur. 25 JulyFri. 26 JulyMon. 29 JulyEP Parent Meeting and1stStudent Behavioral Report(M. 1, M. 2, M. 3 and M. 4-5-6respectively)EP Room 236 All teachers are invited to themeetings to give the GeneralReport to the parents.21. Thursday-Friday1-2 August2013Sa-nguan Ying Sports Carnival“LADDAWAN GAMES”SchoolGroundNo classes. All join in the activity.22. Saturday-Sunday 3-4August 2013EP SCHOOL OPEN HOUSE(CENTRAL & EASTERNREGIONS)MCC HALL,THE MALL,NGAMWONGWANSTAFF PARTICIPATION WILL BEINFORMED LATER.23.Monday 5-Thursday 15August 2013EP NIGHT Preparation No Tutoring Classes24. Friday9 August 2013Queen’s Birthday & Mother’s dayActivitiesSchoolAssemblyHallAll EP Staff are invited toparticipate this activity.
  5. 5. 525.Saturday-Monday10-12August2013LONG WEEKEND10-11 August: Weekend12 August: The Queen’s Birthday &Mother’s DayHAVEAGOODWEEKENDEP School Calendar 2013-2014 (2556-2557)First Semester (16 May – 1 October 2013)No. Dates Activities Venue Notes26.16 August2013 EP NIGHT 2013SchoolAssemblyHallHuge party for all EPstudents, staff andfamilies.27. Sunday18 August2013Home-School Relationship Day SchoolAssembly HallJust for Thai Staff28.Mon. – Wed.9-10September2013Submit Term Work Results EP OfficeTo Wipawadee and Chaht29.Thur.-Friday /Mon.-Wed.12-13 / 16-18September2013EP Final Exam / Resit & Results(English Version)EP Classrooms  According to the EP Final ExamTimetable All teachers will be allocated to monitorthe examination.30. Thursday19September2013Submit Results and 2ndStudentBehavioral ReportEP Office: ToWipawadeeand ChahtThe report should be done bit bybit after the 1streport..
  6. 6. 631. 23-27September2013 First Semester Final Exam(Thai Version) EP Parent Meeting and 2ndStudent Behavioral Report EPClassroomsAccordingto theSchoolTimetable EP Room236 All teachers will be allocatedto monitor the examination. All teachers are invited to giveGeneral Report to the parents.EP School Calendar 2013-2014 (2556-2557)First Semester (16 May – 1 October 2013)No. Dates Activities Venue Notes32. 30 September- 1October 2013Presentation Competition SchoolAssembly HallAll Staff will be involved.-------- END OF THE FIRST SEMESTER 2013 --------