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Public Speaking SlideShow: TED Talk Evaluation Presentation

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Mc donaldcrystal publicsspeaking_ted_presentation

  1. 1. Crystal McDonald Public Speak: Week 2 Slideshow TED Talk Evaluation Presentation S
  2. 2. Simon SinekHow Great Leaders Inspire toActionA presentation built on apowerful model forinspirational leadership allstarting with a Golden Circleand the question "Why?"
  3. 3. WHY?This question is the foundationof his presentation. He uses“why” to teach others how tobecome effective leaders andinspire change.
  4. 4. Capturing AttentionSimon says, “If you hire peoplejust because they can do a job,they’ll work for your money. Butif you hire people who believewhat you believe, they’ll workfor you with blood and sweatand tears.”Using the similarities betweengreat speakers and greatcompanies that inspire hecodifies their success with his“Golden Circle”
  5. 5. MaintainingEngagement“People don’t buy what youdo; people buy why you do it.”Simon uses his secret insightthroughout the talk to explainhow some people andcompanies create a loyal fan-base through inspiration.
  6. 6. Dynamism 3.5/5To increase the score Simoncould have been aware ofthe time. The talk feltincomplete. He gave a greatpresentation but left mefeeling the need for a morerounded idea.
  7. 7. Reynolds/Duarte ApproachSimon followed Garr Reynoldspresentation style in that hiscontent was customizedclearly for a corporateaudience.He was inspiring the group tocommunicate in a fashion thatappealed to the beliefs andloyalty of others.
  8. 8. SmarteraudiencesHe may have not left theaudience feeling smarter butthey definitely will reflect ontheir purpose, what drivesthem, why the believe, whythey do what they do…
  9. 9. What I havelearned is…If you do hand drawnillustrations they should begood.The facts & figures should beprepared or just quoted. Iwould personally prepare aslide or do nothing at all.He mixes up his style frominformal conversation tostructured instructionaltechnique.
  10. 10. CompareSimon and Sir Ken both usereal people and stories asreferences.They drew correlationsbetween creativity andinspiration and the biology ofthe brain.
  11. 11. Sir KenThe difference between thetwo presenters is that Sir KenRobinson used more humor tobreak up the monotony of hismessage.In his presentation he offers acritique and path towardsimproving education.
  12. 12. SimonSimon is simply offering anobservation and codification ofpractice he feels areembodied by successfulindividuals and corporations.
  13. 13. Tips for Presentation DeliveryBe Concise – Highlight thepoints in your introduction thatwill be discussed and howthey all relate.Make sure every point madeduring the presentation is tieddirectly back to the intro.
  14. 14. More TipsBe funny – Proper use ofhumor serves to hold youraudience’s attention whileproviding anecdotes thatillustrate major points and areeasy to recall.
  15. 15. Last TipBe time conscious – Alwaysbe aware of the time. Allottime relative to the importanceof the point.Too much time spent on sub-topics doesn’t allow theaudience the ability to exploreyour points and may lead tothe tendency to go over time.