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Succeed with #Lync BYOD and WiFi


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If so implement Lync successfully, it's a feel good product. I have never heard of so many happy users as when we succeed with Lync in an organization. I will go through 5 key elements of how to succeed with Lync and BYOD in a WiFi infrastructure.

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Succeed with #Lync BYOD and WiFi

  1. 1. Succeed with Lync, BYOD and WiFi Ståle Hansen Lync MVP Chief Technical Architect
  2. 2. When you do telephony, Lync will become a true productivity tool @StaleHansen
  3. 3. The Lync 2013 mobile client works on Microsoft, Apple and Android operating systems and is a strong solution for those enterprises seeking a UC and telephony client for their mobile devices. Gartner 2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Corporate Telephony 2014 @StaleHansen
  4. 4. Clients report poor call quality, dropped calls and system outages in implementations that didn't use a Lync integrator Gartner 2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Corporate Telephony 2014 @StaleHansen
  5. 5. LAN Wi-Fi Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Choose Your Own Device Bring Your Own Disaster @StaleHansen
  6. 6. Users expect good performance in meeting spaces
  7. 7. Users consume the network in a different way today than yesterday Challenge @StaleHansen
  8. 8. Salesforce Marketing Cloud – 2014 Mobile Behavior Report
  9. 9. Goal Help you meet the expectations of mobile users
  10. 10. Succeed with Lync, BYOD and WiFi • Understand Lync Mobile media flow • Make sure logon is simple • Do unmanaged devices correct • Optimize WiFi for Lync • Evaluate security and authentication @StaleHansen
  11. 11. Ståle Hansen @StaleHansen
  13. 13. Lync mobile sign in • • • Lync Mobile is an UCWA application • Will always connect to external web services – Internal UCWA and Externa UCWA attributes is reserved for future use @StaleHansen
  14. 14. Sign in process @StaleHansen
  15. 15. Media Path Enterprise Voice @StaleHansen
  16. 16. Media Path Enterprise Voice @StaleHansen
  17. 17. Lyncdiscoverinternal and certificates • Lyncdiscoverinternal pointing to Lync Front-End • If internal PKI is used • Unmanaged clients typically don’t trust Root CA • iOS clients will sign in fine • Android clients will give a redirect warning • Windows Phone will not be able to sign in – Use public certificates on Front-End Server – Or point lyncdiscover or lyncdiscoverinternal to external reverse proxy @StaleHansen
  18. 18. MAKE SURE LOGON IS SIMPLE @StaleHansen
  19. 19. User name should match mail address NetBIOS sign in is legacy @StaleHansen
  20. 20. @StaleHansen msunifiedstahanse
  21. 21. Do it right EXCHANGE WEB SERVICES (EWS) @StaleHansen
  22. 22. Outlook works perfectly with Exchange Using SCP records to locate autodiscover Lync client is introduced, no exchange integration works THE CHALLENGE, ON-PREMISES @StaleHansen
  23. 23. Lync use DNS-based discovery method • http://<smtpdomain>/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml • https://<smtpdomain>/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml • http://autodiscover.<smtpdomain>/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml • https://autodiscover.<smtpdomain>/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml • _autodiscover._tcp.<smtpdomain> @StaleHansen
  24. 24. MAPI fallback when EWS fails • Exchange delegation information (MAPI only) • Missed Conversations history and Call Logs are written – Retrieving conversation history fails • Voice Mail count only • Exchange integrated Archiving will work Major failures • Presence update based on calendar • Presence based on Out of Office messages • All mobile clients fail to connect to Exchange @StaleHansen
  25. 25. Features available only with EWS • Unified Contact Store • High-Resolution Photos • Meeting tab • Contact Information • Presence based on Calendar Information • Conversation History – Missed Conversations – Missed Calls • Voice Mail Playback @StaleHansen
  26. 26. That is why we Lync folk care about Exchange Web Services @StaleHansen
  27. 27. Best Practice publishing EWS • DNS A Record for – SRV is supported, but not recommended – Multidomain? Use HTTP redirect • Publish using NTLM, no pre-authentication – EWS and autodiscover – Avoids authentication pop-up for EWS • No need to Set-AutodiscoverVirtualDirectory – Should point to HLB with correct autodiscover certificate @StaleHansen
  29. 29. access and placement @StaleHansen
  30. 30. @StaleHansen
  31. 31. Policybased access
  32. 32. Clearpass onboarding and network authentication @StaleHansen
  33. 33. 1. 2. 1. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  34. 34. OPTIMIZE WIFI FOR LYNC @StaleHansen
  35. 35. access vs quality @StaleHansen
  36. 36. WiFi • Signal Strength • Lync quality performance
  37. 37. WiFi problem areas • Shared medium • Limited band selection in 2.4 GHz band • Was designed for none-real time data usage • Deployed for access, not throughput @StaleHansen
  38. 38. How to optimize for voice over WiFi • WiFi tag Lync voice traffic with DSCP value – Through heuristic approach, deep packet inspection and guestimates – Use QoS to prioritize Lync voice traffic – Great for unmanaged devices • Move to 802.11n and 5ghz or 802.11ac • High-density AP deployments – Closer to users • Fast inter-AP handover support – All venderos stress end to end optimization – Endpoint -> WiFi -> LAN -> WAN -> LAN -> WiFi -> Endpoint @StaleHansen
  39. 39. End to end optimization @StaleHansen
  40. 40. No handover from WiFi to cellular @StaleHansen
  41. 41. Validate your WiFi network with Ixia • Discovery Phase – Understand what network environment exists – Understand user modalities • Modeling Phase – Determine Lync utilization per AP • Traffic Simulation – Using a Lync Traffic simulator, connect clients and apply real traffic to production network and monitor factors that affect the quality of Lync traffic: delay, jitter, and packet loss • Report – Analyze factors affecting quality and produce a full report with recommendations @StaleHansen
  42. 42. Validate your network • Network Stats (RSSI, PHY) – Target & other networks – HTTP speed test • Lync results per location – By traffic class (voice, video) – By client
  44. 44. Pre-authorization in DMZ Lync is not built in that manner today @StaleHansen
  45. 45. Challenges • Lync clients need to authenticate directly • Native passive authentication breaks exchange @StaleHansen
  46. 46. Passive authentication • Supported on WP8 and iOS • Works only with Lync, breaks Exchange Web Services – Meetings environment – Voice Mail environment – UCS will still work through the Lync Server @StaleHansen
  47. 47. • A number of third parties can sit in the HTTP flow/Reverse Proxy Role and add additional Security – Restrict sign in to selected devices – Authenticate specific devices to specific users – Use dedicated “lync mobile” credentials so that AD credentials to not sit on the phone • Vendors include – PointSharp – Lync Solutions – LyncShield @StaleHansen
  48. 48. PointSharp • Lync reverse proxy • App specific password • Device control • User identity • Pre-authentication • 2-factor auth @StaleHansen
  49. 49. Media Lync Web Services PointSharp Web Services Exchange Web Services
  50. 50. Goal Help you meet the expectations of mobile users
  51. 51. OPTIMIZE WIFI FOR LYNC AND UNMANAGED DEVICES @StaleHansen Want happy users?
  52. 52. Let’s discuss @StaleHansen
  53. 53. Thank you! Remember to evaluate the sessions @StaleHansen