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- In case you are searching for every day transportation of a hard-to-walk elderly or disabled person, then Drive Medical 4 wheel scooter Phoenix will combine the long range, and easy operation in an attractive design. + - The modern day, dependable style of Drive Medical Phoenix 4 Wheel Scooter will provide peace of mind during your adventures. + - Because of the compact style, you are going to simply have the ability to disassemble the scooter into four tiny parts and therefore store the scooter within the trunk any automobile for use on longer road trips. + - Stackable battery pack style tends to make it easy to add the 2nd electric battery anytime with no hassle at all and increase your current traveling range. + - In the event you truly go for any 30 miles journey, you are going to have the integrated front lights to light your path once the night comes. + - Because the electrical battery will be the sole source of power of the scooter, the wireless electrical battery container will end up being an incredibly effective function enabling you to waste no time at all recharging the battery. + - Present people who own Phoenix Four are amazed with the stable ride, excellent management of obstructions, and straightforward learning curve. + - In the event you value becoming versatile and movable indoors and out, Drive Medical Phoenix Four may just be the ticket to suit your needs. +

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Phoenix 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter By Drive

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