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Creating well meaning client relationships slideshare


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Financial adviser marketing - how you engage with clients and the stories you share can help build effective relationships with clients and business partners. Sharing stories helps articulate your value and displaying engaging characteristics ensures people will want to connect with you and listen to the advice you have.

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Creating well meaning client relationships slideshare

  1. 1. SRSCCThe Financial Services Specialists © SRS Coaching & Consulting — The financial services specialists
  2. 2. SRS Creating Well Meaning Client Relationships
 You’ll Gain More Credibility Through the Characteristics You Display & The Stories You Share!
  3. 3. Whatʼs going on? SRS
  4. 4. Whatʼs really going on? SRS
  5. 5. What characteristics are engaging? SRS
  6. 6. SRS Adviserʼs Emotions Confident Conviction Certainty Empathetic Clientʼs Emotions Uncomfortable Uncertain Unstable Stressed TransitionCurrent State Future State
  7. 7. SRS
  8. 8. SRS Why? We delete, distort and generalise – storytelling bypasses these blocks. People make decisions based on emotions and reason with logic later. Storytelling is attention getting.
  9. 9. SRS Framework for story telling This isnʼt a case study Middle Overcome obstacles Beginning The end
  10. 10. SRS Storytelling Framework 1. State the shared goals – what are the possible shared goals between the client in front of you and your previous client? 2.Describe the characteristics/emotions of the hero (the previous client) why should your client listen? How is she like the listener? 3. What goes wrong for the hero? What are the bad decisions they made or didnʼt make? 4. How does your hero triumph? You are the resource that gives them the news strength. 5. Who is transformed? Describe how the heroʼs world changed as a result of the triumph, remembering that this is what your listener is buying from you. *Important – never assume itʼs OK to share a story, always ask permission “Would you mind if I shared a story with you?” and always make up the names “Iʼll call the client Jack”
  11. 11. SRS
  12. 12. SRS w   m  0458  491  664   e   s  rachel.staggs   t  @staggsie  
  13. 13. Thanks!The Financial Services Specialists © SRS Coaching & Consulting — The financial sercives specialists