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Stafford community meeting gw ride_connect

  1. 1. GWRideConnect Program FundingTransportation Demand Management Grant Department of Rail & Public Transportation FY 2011: $355,803 plus 20% local match of $88,951 Total: $444,754CMAQ funding : $125,000Total program funding : $569,754
  2. 2. GWRideConnect Program ScopeTDM Agency operated by the GWRC Commission that serves the residents of Planning District 16.GWRideConnect promotes ridesharing and TDM techniques to assist citizens seeking transportation options to workplaces and other destinations.Program Goal: to promote, plan and establish transportation alternatives to the single occupant vehicle, improving air quality, reducing congestion & improving quality of life.
  3. 3. GWRideConnect Program ServicesFree Matching Program – assists thousands of residents matching them to existing transit and transportation providersTransportation Options – provide and promote transportation options and solutions to residentsGWRideConnect Website – Provides information on all types of transportation alternatives with links to Bus Companies, VRE and Metro
  4. 4. GWRideConnect Program Services Vanpool Program - Facilitates the formation of new vanpools and maintains the existing fleet of 392 vanpools Van Start – Start up financial assistance for qualifying new vanpools in the region funded through CMAQ. Van Save – Provides financial assistance for vanpools in danger of ceasing operation. Funded through the GWRideConnect program, 17 vans have been saved this year totaling $9,648 (12 to NOVA, 5 to NSWC)
  5. 5. GWRideConnect Program ServicesAVANtage Self-Insurance Pool Program – operated by GWRideConnect and the Division of Risk Management for all vanpools in the State. Vanpool operators self-insure themselves with premiums paid into the pool. This program saves vanpool operators thousands of dollars per year and provides up to $14-million more liability protection than previous insurance programs. Currently 180 vanpools are participating in the program, most from GWRC.
  6. 6. GWRideConnect Program ServicesNational Transit Database Vanpool Incentive Program – a multi-regional program investigating the feasibility of vanpool reporting transit data to the NTD. Reporting vanpool ridership data would generate additional 5307 funds for vanpool incentive programs and for the region Program increases the number of vanpools in the region and reduces the number of cars Each reporting van has the earning potential of $10,930 per year
  7. 7. GWRideConnect Program Services Carpool Program – Facilitate the formation of formal carpools, provide assistance and facilitate the continuation of instant carpooling. Commuter Buses / Local Transit – Assist and promote commuter buses in the region and continue to support and promote FRED Transit VRE / METRO – Assist and promote the VRE and the Metro system. Help educate residents on how to utilize these systems and use as a resource instead of driving alone.
  8. 8. GWRideConnect Program Services Commuter Parking Lots – promote and monitor existing commuter lots and help plan for new commuter lots in the region. GWRideBoard – located on the GwRideConnect Website, the GWRideBoard is a place to post rides that are needed locally and is also a place to look for a rider going your way. Telework – Information on Telework, Telework!Va and will soon have information on the new Telework tax credits for businesses anywhere in Virginia
  9. 9. GWRideConnect Program ServicesEmployer Outreach – Work with employers in region to help establish TDM techniques at their worksites and assist with established programs  NSWC – largest employer program in region with 49 vanpools removing over 400 vehicles daily.  GEICO, Germanna Community College, Regional HospitalsRealtor Outreach – Work with realtors in each locality to educate them about the program and provide them with Rideshare packets for new residents
  10. 10. GWRideConnect Program AdvertisingAdvertising Techniques to promote GWRideConnect Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer campaigns that use print media and radio advertising in every locality Print media used throughout year Highway signs GWRideConnect Website – Comprehensive informational source for transportation options in the region, averaging 1,500 hits per month
  11. 11. GWRideConnect Program Data FY 10 New applicants 2,342 Applicants assisted 1,167 New vanpools formed 36 Vanpools Assisted 1,295 Applicant surveys 3,196 Vanpool surveys 326 Commuter/FRED Bus dist 1,737 VRE information dist. 1,356More than 10,000 people received assistance in FY 2010
  12. 12. GWRideConnect Current Data392 Existing Vanpools: Transport 4,704 persons daily / 1,176,000 annually Reduce 7,769 work trips daily / 1,942,250 annually Reduce 466,124 vehicle miles traveled daily Reduce 116,531,000 vehicle miles traveled annually Saves 23,306 gallons of gasoline daily Saves 5,826,000 gallons of gasoline annually
  13. 13. GWRideConnect Current DataAll Services (Vanpools, Carpools and Buses): Transport 5,844 persons daily / 1,461,000 annually Reduce 9,789 work trips daily / 2,447,250 annually Reduce 587,324 vehicle miles traveled daily Reduce 146,831,000 vehicle miles traveled annually Saves 29,366 gallons of gasoline daily Saves 7,341,500 gallons of gasoline annually