How to transfer videos from computer to ipad 2


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How to transfer videos from computer to ipad 2

  1. 1. All rights reserved—— How to Transfer/Import Videos from Computer to iPad 2?Have you ever come across the circumstance? You just have downloaded some videosfrom the internet and installed the iTunes software on the desktop, you just want tosync downloaded videos to iPad 2 with iTunes, while the annoying problem is that youdon’t know how to do.In fact, many iPad 2 lovers run into the same problem like that, some of them searchfor the solution in the long-term pain. Now just stop being frustrated, here we wouldlike to introduce the best and easiest way to copy videos from computer to iPad 2 withsimple steps, the whole process is easy and fast out of your imagination.Step-by-step Guide:Step 1: Connect the iPad 2 to the ComputerFirst connect the iPad 2 to your computer with the supplied USB cable, run the iTunessoftware by click the iTunes icon on the desktop, when the iTunes opens then choose the filesthat you want to transfer from the "File" list, after that select the iPad device under"Devices" on the left-hand side of iTunes, meantime, you can click on "Movies" tab.Step 2: Choose the videos/movies to syncThen just go to the sync settings to choose the video folders on the computer that you want totransfer to iPad (You can put the transferred videos to one folder named "For iPad 2").
  2. 2. All rights reserved—— If you want to transfer the specified movies from the folder, you can choose"Unwatched movies " checkbox and select "Selected" option from drop-down menu.Step 3: Sync movies/videos to iPad 2 with iTunesClick "Sync" in the lower-right corner of the window. Just feel free to have a coffe! Whenyou come back, the whole sync process has completed fastly!It seems as if the whole transferring process is very simple and easy, yeah. Just because youtransfer the movies to iPad successfully, it doesn’t mean that you can play the transferredvideo files on iPad 2 smoothly, as we know, iPad 2 support play movies in MP4, H.264, MOVetc., some other popular video files like AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, MKV etc. are not compatibleformats of iPad 2, with this way, you may try to use one powerful yet free video converter likeHandBrake to convert amounts of videos to iPad 2 videos effectively.Note: If you want to transfer the iPad 2 video files to Mac for backup, here we highlyrecommend a useful tool -- iPad to Mac Transfer which can help you to transfer any videofiles to Mac easily and effectively, click the download link below to have a free try!Related Guides: • How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPad • How to Sync Safari Bookmarks to iPad