How to convert divx to xvid format


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To convert DivX to Xvid format, a professional software that can fully convert Divx file to Xvid format is needed, then just follow this guide.

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How to convert divx to xvid format

  1. 1. Fast Convert Divx to Xvid Format with AProfessional Video Converter guide/convert-divx-to-xvid.html
  2. 2. • Before guid you to convert Divx to Xvid format with a professional video conveter, I want to discuss a digression about Divx format and Xvid format. That is I wonder whether you have found that Divx and Xvid exactly reverse each other. If so, then I guess you may have thought that there must be some connections between them. Yes, alright. Xvid is developed from Divx, they are based on the same technology, the only one different is their encoding method. And today the Xvid format has become more popular than Divx among people, for its better resolution, compression ratio, etc.• However, the Divx video still popular among a few part people. Thus, if you happen to find a good Divx movie and want to compress it into smaller file while retaining high quality for the video, then a professional video converter will be needed as an assistant to convert Divx file to Xvid format.• In the following, the video converter for converting Divx to Xvid we wanna recommend you highly is Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. Just free download it!
  3. 3. Guide: How to Convert Divx File to Xvid Format• Step 1. After lauch the Divx to Xvid converter program, youd better know its main features beforehand so that you can convert Divx file to Xvid format quickcly and smoothly. We capture a screenshot for you:
  4. 4. • Step 2. Now, have you familiar with this program? Yes! Then lets begain to add Divx files for converting Divx to Xvid format. Find the output format image button, click it, a Format & Device window will appear, then you can choose the output format or device as you like. The Xvid video format which is the target output video format for converting Divx to Xvid is under the "Common Video" category.• Step 3. After choosing the output video format, back to the main window of the Divx to Xvid converter. You can see a small gear icon next to the output format image button, in the same way, click it, then the pop-up window enables you to set more output video parameters.
  5. 5. • Step 4. Have prepared for everthing? Now, lets go for the last key step for how to convert Divx to Xvid format. The big "Start" button will assist you to get it all done.• Tips:• 1. You can customize the output format profile according to your own habits if you need to do video conversions among few fixed video formats often, such as Xvid to DVD Convert, Coverting 2D to 3D• 2. If you doubt whether it is just the right software to convert Divx to Xvid you need, you can free download its free trail version firstly. Why try?