Convert and import wmv videos to kindle fire


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Maybe you just have some WMV files on computer and want to import WMV videos to Kindle Fire for sharing, then please read the

article below to learn more.

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Convert and import wmv videos to kindle fire

  1. 1. Convert and Import WMV Videos to Kindle Fire
  2. 2. • Such snazzy portables may not be as cheap as ordinary notebooks, however. Early tablet PCs were priced well above thousands of dollars because of expensive parts such as the touch-sensitive screen. To compensate, Amazon last year accelerated expansion into products where profit-margin pressures arent as severe, such as Kindle Fire and other popular devices.• Sometimes you just want to play some videos like WMV video files on your computer to Kindle Fire for easy sharing, while the result may let you disappointed. Never lose hope! A third-party solution like Kindle Fire Video Converter will be the salvation of many users now in desire of watching movies on Kindle Fire freely. With the professional software, you can convert WMV videos and a wide variety of other popular video files to Kindle Fire MP4 videos smoothly and effectively.
  3. 3. Step-by-step Guide: Convert and Transfer WMV Videos on Kindle Fire• Step 1: Free download the software via the link above, install and launch it. Click the "File" button to load the WMV videos to the converter, or you can also drag the WMV files to the software directly. The added files will be displayed in the left window, click one of them to preview in the right screen.
  4. 4. • Step 2: Shift your focus to the bottom left corner of the interface, choose Kindle Fire MP4 file from the dropdown "Profile" format list. Then select "Output" to choose the output folder for the converted files.• Step 3: Click the "Convert" button to start WMV videos to Kindle Fire conversion. Remember that the whole conversion process only takes several minutes.
  5. 5. • When the converting task is finished, just connect your Kindle Fire to the computer with a USB cable, then transfer the converted files to Kindle Fire easily, now you can keep Kindle Fire in your bag and pull it out to watch anytime and anywhere.• For Windows Users Free Download For Mac Users Free Download• Tags: import wmv videos to kindle fire,convert wmv videos to kindle fire,copy wmv files to kindle fire,wmv videos to kindle fire converter• Related Tips : Transfer Videos to Kindle Fire, Copy MOV Videos to Kindle Fire