Best apps for the new ipad


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The new iPad has enhanced the resolution to 2048 by 1536, this will give the user a more clear visual experience. Here we introduce you the best apps for the new iPad to make the best of the new iPad's big screen and HD feature.

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Best apps for the new ipad

  1. 1. All rights reserved—— Best Apps for The new iPadAs it is known to all, the new iPad is coming with its screen resolution enhanced to areally high level which has never been reached by the same type of products. Thisfeature brings the user a more clear visual experience in many aspects. However, thehigh resolution is really an unhappy thing for the application developers, because theyhave to develop more HD games or applications to make the most of the new iPadsbig screen and HD feature as well as they had done when iPhone4 was born.On the other hand, the majority of consumers took a fancy to Apple for the beckoningchange on the resolution. Up to now, Apples AppStore has officially demonstrated 24apps and games that can make best use of the new iPads big screen and HD feature.Now just lets go ahead to know some of the distinctive representatives among theseHD supported apps.Best Apps for The new iPad - Real Racing For most players who prefer to play the racing game, the Real Racing series would be the most familiar ones. This game series can be regarded as the most realistic racing game for iOS platform. What worthy to be mentioned here is that this game series is very seriously on the details, such as the details of the vehicle, the track scenes and manipulation techniques. This great game been optimized for making the most of thenew iPads 2048x1536 high-definition screen in the recent update. And this new updatealso enhanced four times the anti-aliasing effects.Best Apps for The new iPad - Mass EffectThis game has attracted a lot of attention when in the PC platform. Not long ago, this successful game on PC has been successfully transplanted into iOS platform to meet the needs of iDevice users. This game was successful mainly due to its composite model of role-playing and the third person action shooting. In its latest version, there was also increasing the support for the new iPad. Users are able to enjoy high-definition visual experience as well as smooth virtual joystick control on the retinascreen.
  2. 2. All rights reserved—— Apps for The new iPad - Flight Control Here is a funny game produced by EA. It is the upgrade edition of the Flight Control, which has once won the iOS game design award issued by Apple. Around with the cartoon picture and original sound, game player should regress various fighter aircraft in accordance with the specified route. In the game, we need to use the fingers crossed way to control aircraft and avoid the collision event at the same time.Best Apps for The new iPad - Foosball Compare with iPhone, iPad comes its advantages mainly concentrated on the screen. In order to highlight its advantage, here Id like to recommend you a two-player game for iPad platform. Even the Foosball is coming in a 25MB capacity, it is still a great game for the new iPad. It enables to let the game players feel as if return to the real table football game in the recreation room. Since this game uses the 3D scene that its effect is rather outstanding.Best Apps for The new iPad - EvernoteThis is a free but well-known software which has a strong function for taking note on different platforms. Once you want to read and take the notes/information, you only need to register an account to get your task. Thanks to its powerful functions in note capture, it rightly makes up for the deficiency of the iOS system which comes with the memo function shortage problem. It is available to support the words, pictures, sound and other ways of records.Tips: These apps are available on AppStore now! If you are looking for the apps thatcan help you backup the new iPad content to Mac, then the professional iPad to MacTransfer tool will do you a favor.