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11 top free apps for your ipod touch


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11 top free apps for your ipod touch

  1. 1. 11 Top Free Apps for your iPod Touch I'm not going to be in line as planned for the new iPhone because at this point I don't think it's worth paying an extra 100 bucks for the early upgrade on my existing AT&T account. Screw them. I'll wait it out, and other existing AT&T customers should too. In the meantime, I headed over to the Apple Store in iTunes (which requires the 7.7 iTunes update to access) to see what is available for free for the iPod Touch. There are a handful of apps that I might like to get later, ranging from $1.99 to $14.99. The sad part is that it doesn't appear as if you can trial run iPhone and iPod touch applications. So checking out upcoming reviews will helpful in this regard. I'm not much into game applications, so I skipped those, but I am more into utility and information type apps. So here's my top 11 list. AIM: I don't use AIM an awful lot, but it does come in handy when I need it. Remote: Will probably be downloaded by everyone and his momma. This nifty little application enables you to control music on your computer or Apple TV from your Touch or iPhone. Sweet. Google Mobile App: If you Google--and who doesn't--, you gotta have this app. It should come pre-installed in every Touch and iPhone. PayPal: You can send money to existing Paypal account users and also check your balance. SmugShots: this application is mainly for uploading photos shot from your iPhone to your SmugMug account, but I figure it will be useful for Touch users if you simply want to view your existing photos on your SmugMug account. Ebay Mobile: No explanation needed. If you buy and sell on Ebay, you know what it's for. Evernote: Just another way to add and sync notes, todo lists, etc. to your Touch. New York Times: Useful, but I personally prefer journalistic style blogs and talk radio for my news. Not sure if anyone would actually pay for this application. eReader: Until I can get Amazon's Kindle, this will have to do. Eventful: finds events in your local area. Twitterific: doesn't look that much different from the one I already have installed on my Touch, but I downloaded it anyway.
  2. 2. What about you, any favorite free Apps that you are using? by Bakari Chavanu