Replacement roofing


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STA-DRY Roofing, a Birmingham Roofing Company wanted to provide consumers an overview the process of replacing a roof.

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Replacement roofing

  1. 1. Step One Roofing related problems never get cheaper and smaller. They always get more expensive andbigger. Roof inspection is the first step in figuring out the right solution.
  2. 2. Inspection Roof inspection would help to ascertain whether a given roofsystem is working according to its intended use as well as identify deteriorations and weaknesses that may be igniting roofing failures.
  3. 3. Signs of Damage Inspecting the roof entails much more than looking at the exterior. The roofing failures can affect several parts of the building and there are many signs, both exterior and interior, that help inidentifying the problem. The mainaim of inspection is to determine if the problems are roofing related.
  4. 4. Roof Repair If the problem is smaller, then the decision is a simple as hiring a reliable roofing professional to fixit for you or even repair it yourself.
  5. 5. Roof Replacement However, when the damage is extensive, the longevity of theexisting roof is considered as well as cost of repairs and maintenance. At a certain point,the cost of repair would outweigh the replacement cost and therefore replacement roofingwould become the most beneficial one.
  6. 6. Free EstimatesMost roofing contractors provide free inspection services. Therefore, you have to choose the best roofing contractor for your roofing replacement. Its essential to get at least 3estimates for this roofing project.
  7. 7. Not All RoofingCompanies AreCreated Equally Services and prices could varywith different contractors. Ensure that the contractor you decide to hire has skilled staff. Ask abouttheir insurance and warranty, and be convinced they would uphold high safety standards when working on your roof.
  8. 8. Look For A Company That Will Guide You At this time, you will call your insurance agent or company and inform them about the condition ofyour roof. The company would then give you a call to set up anappointment to review the conditionof your roof. Its advisable to inform your roofing contractor about this meeting. This review will help the insurance company to make adecision concerning your problem.
  9. 9. Verification Process In most cases, the insurancecompany would send a number of insurance papers to your mail approximately six to twelve business days after theappointment. Contact your roofingcontractor who would then reviewthis paperwork with you to ensure that the valuations and measurements for the replacement roofing are correct.
  10. 10. Final Claim StepThese papers would include what your insurance company is paying-out for the roof replacement.
  11. 11. Decisions The next stage is choosing the best roofing material and color.Today, shingle is the most popular roofing material. Improved overthe years, the shingles can last fora very long time and are designed to be aesthetically appealing. Other roofing materials include recycled rubber roofing materials,metal roofing and natural products like clay or slate.
  12. 12. Quality Installation In most cases, the contractor would install a water and icebarrier along the edge of the roof. While this 3-foot strip is laidunderneath the roofing materials, the remaining part of roofing would be installed directly on plywood roof deck.
  13. 13. Final Touches The metal roofing panels areusually nailed to wood stripping while sly or slate tiles are attached in various ways. Theprofessional roofers would also replace the existing vents with new quality units.