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Job Search Tips for Geeks & Hipsters


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A #SXSW14 proposal

Published in: Career
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Job Search Tips for Geeks & Hipsters

  1. 1. Job Search Tips for Geeks & Hipsters A #SXSW14 Proposal By: Stacy Donovan Zapar @StacyZapar Sarah White @ImSoSarah
  2. 2. Getting your job search tips from your mom? Is your job search kicking it old school? Come on now… step it up! Learn insider tips & tricks from the people that teach recruiters how to find YOU!
  3. 3. Who ARE We? Stacy Donovan Zapar • Most Connected Woman on LinkedIn • CEO, Tenfold Social Training • 16 year Recruiting Veteran for Fortune 500 Companies • Blonde / Geek Sarah White • Principal & CEO of Sarah White & Associates, LLC • Start up / SaaS Product Advisor • Recruiting / Hiring Industry Expert • Brunette / Hipster Lover