Timeline of Nintendo


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Timeline of Nintendo

  1. 1. By: Sarah Le
  2. 2. NintendoNintendo is a company that has been upgrading trying to become abetter stock. So heres a timeline showing you how it gets better and better.
  3. 3. Game boyGameboy was invented by Gunpei Yokoi on April the 21st,1989 and who was part of the company and has 4 colours of grey.
  4. 4. Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemSNES was invented by Hiroshi Yamauchi on November the 21st,1990 who is the 3rd president in the company. It had more processing power and more entertaining games.
  5. 5. Nintendo 64N64 was invented by the company together on November the 24th,1995. It was the first made console that supported 3D graphics.
  6. 6. Gameboy ColourGameboy colour was also invented by the company together in year 1998,October 21st. It has various colours to choose.
  7. 7. Gameboy AdvanceGameboy Advance was released on March 21st, 2001 and was made by Nintendo.
  8. 8. Nintendo GamecubeNinrtendo Gamecube was invented by Hiroshi Yamauchi in 2001, September 15th. This is the first Nintendo system to use optical discs.
  9. 9. Gameboy Advance SPGameboy Advance SP was released on February the 13th, 2003 by Nintendo. Its smaller, light and you can bring it anywhere with you and is re-chargeable.
  10. 10. Nintendo DSNintendo DS was invented by Fusajino Yamauchi and was released onNovember 21st, 2004. It has a microphone,a touch screen and featuring 2screens.
  11. 11. Nintendo DS liteNDS lite was announced on January the 26th 2006 by Nintendo. Its smaller, lighter and has brighter screens than the previous model.
  12. 12. WiiWii was released on November the 19th, 2006 by Nintendo. It has wire-less motion sensitive remote controllers.
  13. 13. Nintendo DSiNintendo DSi was released on April the 2nd, 2009 by Nintendo. It has a camera;inner camera and outer camera, big screens, improved sounds; 12% and SD card support.
  14. 14. Nintendo DSi XLNintendo was released on April the 15th, 2010 by Nintendo. Its 93% bigger than the Nintendo DS lite screen.
  15. 15. Nintendo 3DSN3DS was released on March the 27th, 2011 by Nintendo. Allows users to view 3D content without using special glasses.
  16. 16. Whats next?So what do you think they will upgrade next? Including, talking like Xbox 360? Can do videos too? Do room conversations but veiwing your face? Who knows.
  17. 17. BY : SARAH LE