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The Ins and Outs of Social Media

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Show Don’T Tell Presentation 11912

  1. 1. Show Don’t TellUsing Social Media to effectivelyand efficiently enhanceenrollment.
  2. 2. getting someone who has a need to know, like, and trust you.
  3. 3. What….How….Why… Most everyone knows what the Mission Statement is for their school… But do you know how you accomplish your Mission Statement… Or why your school exists, or better yet, why your school isn’t just another private school?on_sinek_how_great_leaders_inspire_ action.html
  4. 4. then you must figure out what your customer looks like, actslikes, and why they like you!
  5. 5. What does your customer look like?Demographics Behavior• Age • SmartPhone• Job • Text Savvy• Education • Computer Savvy• Housing • Wants information fast, now• Location • Cook at Home/Out to Dinner• Number of Children • Challenges• Religion • Goals: what do they want to• Housing gain from us? • Where do they get their information? • Who do they trust?
  6. 6. Your customers don’t buy what you do, but they buy into whyyou do it. Show don’t tell.
  7. 7. Five Categories of Social MediaUsing Social Media to effectivelyand efficiently enhanceenrollment.
  8. 8. What Consumers use Social Media for…• People connect online with friends because people love to connect to people.• More than half of social network users are connected to brands.• Positive experiences are bigger conversation starters than negative experiences.• People become a fan on Facebook because they like the product, not because of advertising. - 36 percent post content about a brand on social networks - 38 percent of internet users have a Smartphone
  9. 9. Blogging: Build loyaltyExamples Strengths• Blogger • Simple to start• Typepad • Convenient way of providing resources to your target• Wordpress audienceBest suited if… Weaknesses• You want to establish yourself • Requires solid time or your company as an commitment industry expert and encourage • Requires regular production of a conversation with your target unique, useful information market
  10. 10. Westminster School andCardigan Mountain SchoolWord Press blogAble to archive stories by monthEasy to find recent postsTypes of Entries• Article/Videos of Hockey game• Thanksgiving Memories Article/Video• Talent Show Article/Video• Photo Album of Football SeasonNumber of Admins – 1 (A parent)
  11. 11. Microblogging: Build loyalty and drivetraffic to websiteExamples Strengths• Twitter • Quick and easy to post updates • Grow exposure to a large group • Good way of finding newsBest suited if… Weaknesses• You want an immediate way to • Requires a smaller time interact with your customer commitment to post regular base updates • Not built for sharing in-depth information
  12. 12. Whitefield AcademyTwitter FactsFanPage – Began October 27, 2009Number of Fans – 114 (as of January 4)Types of Entries• School Announcements• Sporting Events/Game Score• Classroom Events• A Walk Around Campus• School-wide News (School Closings)• Academic/Athletic AccoladesNumber of Admins – 1 staff membersNumber of hours per week – 30 minutes
  13. 13. Social Networking: Engage and InteractExamples Strengths• Facebook • Lets users interact with each• MySpace other • Increases brand recognitionBest suited if… Weaknesses• You want to build a fan base • Target audience is there to where current and potential socialize, not to do business customers can interact in one • Needs to be active regularly- location must be engaging
  14. 14. In June 2011, there were over 710 million subscribers worldwide,indicating one in every 10 persons has a Facebook Account. In NorthAmerica, 48.4 percent of the population was on Facebook. Also ifFacebook was a country it would be the 3rd largest. - Internet World Stats
  15. 15. Whitefield AcademyFacebook FactsFanPage – Began October 15, 2009Number of Fans – 436 (as of January 9)Types of Entries• Alumni Announcements• Construction Progress Blurbs• School events• Sporting Events/Game Score• Photo galleries• School-wide News (School Closings)• Academic/Athletic AccoladesNumber of Admins – 3 staff membersNumber of hours per week – 1-2 hour
  16. 16. Whitefield Academy AlumFacebook FactsFanPageNumber of Fans – 165 (as of January 9)Types of Entries• Alumni News Announcements•Alumni Event Information• Alumni Survey request• Photo galleriesNumber of Admins – 1 staff memberNumber of hours per week – 30 minutes
  17. 17. Multimedia: Engage and EducateExamples Strengths• YouTube • More engaging and visually pleasing• Slideshare • More likely to be shared• Flckr • Create a stronger call to actionBest suited if… Weaknesses• Sharing rich media such as • Labor intensive video, images, and • Requires technical knowledge presentations online
  18. 18. You Tube: Show Me YouTube? YouTube is the perfect way to show potential customers the ends and out of your school without being told what to think. Remember pictures speak louder than words….. And a laugh is worth two photos!
  19. 19. Whitefield AcademyYou Tube FactsTypes of Entries Submitted by School• School Events• Athletic Games• Alumni Stories• Professional Admission VideosTypes of Entries Submitted byStudents/Parents• School Events• Athletic Games• Alumni in News• Classroom Activities• Blue Crew Snippets• Field Trip Videos• Art Films• Everyday Videos
  20. 20. Multifaceted Sites: Group RelationshipsExamples Strengths• LinkedIn • Networking abilities • Adds more interactivity • A sticky site.Best suited if… Weaknesses• You need to be more serious • Labor intensive but want to become a savvy • Requires some technical marketer knowledge
  21. 21. Linked IN: Customers value what their peers say Really? My LinkedIn account? Remember customers value what their peers are saying about your school. Don’t just get connected with colleagues, get connected with your parents, neighbors, church members, etc. You can add events your school’s events, links to your school’s web site and/or blogs, join professional and other various groups, and get involved in discussions. The sky is the limit with over 90,000 group pages
  22. 22. Mobile Media: Involved ConsumersExamples Strengths• QR Codes • QR Code Apps are free • Adds more interactivityBest suited if… Weaknesses• Get interactive while • Requires technical knowledge consumers are on the go on the consumers end • Consumer must have applications on their mobile devices
  23. 23. QR Codes: The odd little boxes QR Codes QR Codes get your customers who have Smartphones actively involved in your messaging… Use them in ads, on your website, business cards, brochures, and on posters around your school. To make QR Codes, try: To read QR Codes , try the app: QuickMark app
  24. 24. Where do I start?There are multiple mediums I canuse; so where do I spend my time?
  25. 25. Which sites are essential?Facebook LinkedIn• You can have an unlimited number of • Allows networking with your Facebook pages and fans. colleagues, parents, and other• Facebook Pages are public professionals.• All content posted on your Facebook page gets indexed on Google. • Circle of posts about your• You can target your posts by location school double-fold as more and language. join your network circle, as• You can add video, rich text, graphic well as the network circles of and graphics your friends.• You can add multiple admins• All admins have equal rights to • Don’t forget that people desire administer your page to have what their peers have• The majority of users are in the 18-44 range, comprised of 48 percent women
  26. 26. Which sites are essential?YouTube Twitter• Visual search engine • For the busy parents and• Catches the eyes more quickly professionals• Younger generation is more • All about getting information readily influenced by what fast they see • Following businesses and• It’s a Show, Don’t Tell site brands that meet their social• People can see what your needs or that they like students, parents, and • Falls behind Facebook and employees are doing first hand YouTube as a Social Media• Off the cuff videos, allow for network humor
  27. 27. Implement one site at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  28. 28. A Week at a GlanceMonday Tuesday• Morning: Send out Facebook, • Morning: Send out Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn update Twitter, and LinkedIn update• Lunch: Post a previously • Afternoon: Check Facebook written blog update Inbox on all sites.• Afternoon: Check Facebook friends list and respond to comments. Check Twitter for retweets and messages. Post a new update.
  29. 29. A Week at a GlanceWednesday Thursday• Morning: Send out Facebook, • Morning: Send out Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn status Twitter, and LinkedIn status update. Check all Inboxes. Add update. Send out a link to a a comment to a Linked previous written article. Discussion group • Afternoon: Check Facebook• Afternoon: Check Facebook friends list and respond to friends list and respond to comments. Get out the flipcam comments. Check Twitter for and record a 30-second video. retweets and messages. Post a new update.
  30. 30. A Week at a GlanceFriday The Weekend• Morning: Check all Inboxes. • Saturday: Post a status update Upload 30-second video to on Facebook and Twitter YouTube • Sunday: Add events to your• Afternoon: Check Facebook LinkedIn Calendar and look friends list and respond to for more Networking Contacts comments. Check Twitter for retweets and messages and respond to comments
  31. 31. Keep a timer by your desk so that you don’t get drawn in.
  32. 32. Two programs to save you time andenergy….• Buffer allows you to select times throughout the day to send your tweets as well as the ability to send your key messages out to all of your Social Media platforms. There are three pricing plans – free, $5/month and $30/month, with the premium plans offering more accounts, users, tweets and times. Plus you get some basic analytics which will show you the number of click, reach, and retweets.
  33. 33. Another Program….• With HootSuite, you can select times throughout the day to send your tweets and key messages to Facebook, RSS feeds, Twitter, LinkedIn. There are three pricing plans – free, $5/month and $49.99/month, with the premium plans offering more accounts, users, tweets, and times. As with Buffer, you get some basic analytics.
  34. 34. How do I make this Social Mediathing work?10 Rules of Thumb…
  35. 35. Call your fan or follower bytheir first name whencommenting. When doing soin your comment use the @sign: “@Stacy, @Linda,@John great tip.”
  36. 36. Use the words you oryour. Use these wordsoften – “What are yourthoughts?” “What doyou think about xyz?”
  37. 37. For status updates, try endingwith a question. For instance,on the first day of school write astory about one of the newstudents, then when you postthe link, add a question about“How was your first day oncampus?”
  38. 38. It doesn’t hurt to surpriseyour followers from time totime. Add an inspirationalquote and even share yourown thoughts, everythingdoesn’t have to be directlyrelated to the school day orthe admission process.
  39. 39. Thank your fans for theircomments. Genuinerecognition goes a “long”way!
  40. 40. Keep it short and sweet. Use theNews/Press Room on yourwebsite or the Notes andDiscussion areas of Facebook forlonger updates.
  41. 41. Respond promptly when commentssurface that need to be addressed orif a fan has a question about a scoreon last night’s basketball game.
  42. 42. Comment yourself.Remember you arebringing transparencyto your institution byadding Social Media toyour marketing plan.But beware….don’tcomment too soon.
  43. 43. Don’t sweat the small stuff.Creating an open forum doesallow for negative comments,but respond promptly anddiffuse the issue if at allpossible (as a last resort thedelete comment works). Theway you handle a negativecomment will speak volumesto prospective parents andstudents.
  44. 44. Include the Facebook andTwitter badges on yourHTML newsletters, as wellas your website newsarticles.
  45. 45. Questions? Stacy Rutter Director of Marketing and Communications Phone: 678-305-1444 srutter@whitefield