Connecting the Dots: Teaching, Learning and Classroom Structure within a Middle School Art Room


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Discover ways to create a solid environment that will foster creativity while encouraging your students to explore and discover your art room.

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  • So you can see my passion for the arts runs deep.
  • Stability rate = @85% accountability on State assessment form
  • Stability rate = @85%
  • Connecting the Dots: Teaching, Learning and Classroom Structure within a Middle School Art Room

    1. 1. Connecting the Dots: teaching, learning and classroom structure within a middle schoolStacy Lord art room.7th & 8th Grade Art TeacherWorcester East Middle
    2. 2. Who am I? I’m 43 years old Teaching Art for 9 years at Worcester East Middle School Taught at the Worcester Art Museum & Worcester Center for Crafts Member of the Art Education Advisory Committee for MA Published in SchoolArts Magazine Member of the Instructional Leadership Team at WEMS Founding Member of Central MA largest one day arts & music festival, stART on the Street Internal Coach at WEMS for Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (aka PBIS)
    3. 3. WEMS Where do I work? Worcester East Middle School located In Central MA Progressed to Level 2 this year, up from Level 3
    4. 4. WEMS
    5. 5. NAEA Why are we here? Community Learn from each other Best Practices Share information Gather ideas To keep the wheel rolling rather than recreating it
    6. 6. Climate forLearning
    7. 7. Environment Organized StimulatingComfortable Safe
    8. 8. Environment Is your classroom set-up to engage yourstudents visually? Does it inspire them to want to create?
    9. 9. Environment
    10. 10. Environment
    11. 11. Environment
    12. 12. EnvironmentEssentials of Classroom Design1. To establish and maintain a safe, healthy and positive learning environment2. To foster creativity and facilitate critical thinking
    13. 13. EnvironmentPhysical Layout – How does it flow?  Constraints – Pacing Wood 5 4 Plaster 5 4 5 4 working 7 6 7 6 7 6 3 2 3 2 Legos Medium Center 32 1 8 1 8 1 8 3 2 4 1 Pencil, paper, rulers rubric, finish box Computers sink & Drawing Dark gray is storage area with cabinets, books mostly off limits to students
    14. 14. Woodworking center
    15. 15. Classroom ManagementStructured ConsistentRespectful Fair
    16. 16. Classroom ManagementBox of Irritations Learn to become Proactive instead of Reactive! Instead of getting frustrated …reframe it!
    17. 17. Classroom ManagementProactive instead of Reactive anticipating what may happen Assign seats by the end of the 1st week Tables have numbers on them and grouped by colors Multiple work centers around the room
    18. 18. Classroom Management Inevitablyproblems will arise. How do you manage them?
    19. 19. Innovative Projects EngagingFoster creativity Encourages critical thinking skills
    20. 20. Innovative ProjectsStages of Student Engagement From one Art teacher point of view5 mins 15 mins 25 mins 10 mins 20 mins
    21. 21. Innovative ProjectsChunking Breakinginformation down into small, bite size pieces. Otherwise known as ‘taking it in steps’.
    22. 22. Innovative Projects I don’t I can’t do want to this do thisI can’t I wont draw do this You can’t make me
    23. 23. Innovative ProjectsThe Project: Animal Cartoons One of the strategies to help break the cycle of self-doubt, is to get the students to let go of preconceived ideas Draw what you see not what you know
    24. 24. Innovative Projects Cartoon Animals* Images from Christopher Hart’s books
    25. 25. Innovative Projects
    26. 26. Assessment
    27. 27. The Results What I found exciting about this project was how we took our time to express ourselves. This helped us, the students, express out feelings. It was really fun and creative. There’s nothing I would change about this project because it was a great assignment. Something I found exciting about this project was that we got to doI found this project both exciting and sculpture. The beauty of makinghard. I found it exciting because we sculptures was that I could free my mind and do whatever I felt. Art had to create ourselves out of frees me from everything. That is paper. We had to cut out hard why it’s a pleasure doing it. things that were very tiny. The creations we made were incredible.
    28. 28. The Results I found exciting about this project is expressing what I feel. This really made it fun to watch and see what everyone came up with. Having an activity like this could bring people together.What I found exciting about this projectwas challenging and hard but I did good on my art because I found the project excitingMs. Lord inspired me because it inspires me to try the to keep trying and best I can and once I’m done I never give up. am very proud of myself because I’m the one who drew it!
    29. 29. ConclusionClimate forLearning
    30. 30. Thank You