Social Media Statistics & Your Business


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Social media is an increasingly important part of your online marketing strategy. These are just a few statistics about social media and some takeaways.

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Social Media Statistics & Your Business

  1. 1. 59%  of  Twi*er  users   have  visited  B2B  tech   brand  sites,  compared   to  40%  for  the  average   internet  popula@on.   (Source:   Compete  and  Twi*er)     Takeaway:    now  is  the   @me  to  take  B2B  social   media  seriously  if  you   are  a  B2B  marketer.  
  2. 2. Twee@ng  or  checking  email  may  be   harder  to  resist  than  alcohol,  among   other  substances.  (source:   The  Guardian).     Takeaway:    Like  it  or  not,  we  are   living  in  a  world  that  is  increasingly   addicted  to  staying  hyper  connected   and  on  top  of  the  latest  cha*er.     Become  part  of  the  conversa@on  or   get  leK  behind.  
  3. 3. According  to  the  Adobe  2013  Mobile  Consumer   Survey:  71%  reported  using  their  mobile  device  to   access  social  media.  (source:     Takeaway:    ensure  your  social  media   campaigns  are  op@mized  for  mobile   devices  —  this  means  having  mobile-­‐ friendly  Facebook  fan  pages,  website,   and  other  mobile-­‐friendly  landing  pages.  
  4. 4. 40%  of  social  media  users  purchase  an   item  online  or  in-­‐store  aKer  sharing  or   favori@ng  it  on  Twi*er,  Facebook,  or   Pinterest.    Addi@onally,  social  media   influences  online  and  in-­‐store   purchases  roughly  equally.  (source:   “From  Social  to  Sale,”  Vision  Cri7cal)     Takeaway:    stop  trying  to  align  ROI   solely  to  online  purchases  if  you  also   have  a  bricks  and  mortar  presence.     Find  ways  to  @e   social  media  marke@ng  campaigns  to   in-­‐store  purchases.  
  5. 5. Worldwide  there  are  an  es@mated  23  million  pets  with  Facebook  profiles.  6%  of  dog   owners  tweet  on  behalf  of  their  pets.  Cat  videos  average  1  million  view  per  day  on   YouTube.  (source:     Takeaway:    People  are  crazy  about  pets.    If  there  is  a  logical  way  to  engage  pet   owners  or  incorporate  animals  into  your  posts,    go  for  it.    If  it  doesn’t  make  sense,   don’t  do  it.    It  will  just  come  off  dorky.  
  6. 6. According  to  the  website,  more  employers   are  seeking  employees  with  specific  social  media   plaborm  skills:  job  pos@ngs  reques@ng  “Twi*er”  skills   are  up  44  %  since  2012;  calls  for  “Instagram”  skills  have   gone  up  644%  since  Facebook’s  purchase  of  Instagram.   (source:  Social  Times)     Takeaway:    social  media  skills  are   becoming  more  important  as  a  job   skill.    If  you  are  in  a  career  that   requires  communica@on  with   customers,  vendors,  or  the   community,  brush  up  on  your  social   media  plaborms  to  stay  relevant.  
  7. 7. Takeaway:    more  and   more  @me  is  spent   with  digital  media  per   day  by  adults  —  it  has   overtaken  print  and   radio,  and  it  is  neck  in   neck  with  television   consump@on.    If  you   aren’t  leveraging   online  media  to  reach   customers,  now  is  the   @me  to  start  thinking   about  your  digital   media   content  marke@ng   plans  for  the  future.   US  adults  average  5  hours  and  9  minutes  per  day  engaged  with  digital  media.  (source:   The  Real@me  Report)  
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