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Madeline Cascio is selling cookie dough to raise money for her school.

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Tasty batters nocodes-0815

  1. 1. tastyUsed with permission. © Paula Deen Enterprises, LLCY’all are gonna loveour newest selection Tub Tub Tub batters Paula’s Molasses Tub of cookie dough from Paula’s Loaded Oatmeal Tub Paula’s Chocolate GooeySavannah’s own Queen Butter Tub of cuisine – paula Deen White Chunky Macadamia Tub White Chunky Macadamia Box Sugar Tub Paula’s Molasses Paula’s Chocolate Gooey Butter Sugar Box Tub Box Tub Box Tub BoxMelaza de Paula Chocolate Mantequilla de Paula Chunky Chocolate Tub The rich taste of this favorite All the chocolate you could ever Chunky Chocolate Box winter treat is delicious fresh from want, blended with butter and cream cheese for a melt-in-your- Peanut Butter Tub the oven or stored in a cookie jar.Raisins added for extra sweetness. mouth treat. Roll in powdered Peanut Butter Box (Paula likes to dunk hers in coffee!) sugar before baking – perfection! Triple Crown Tub 2.7 lb. tub. 2.7 lb. tub. Triple Crown Box Snickerdoodle Tub Paula’s Loaded Oatmeal Snickerdoodle Box Harina de Avena de Paula Fudge Brownie Delight Tub We couldn’t pack any more down- Tub Box Tub Box Tub Boxhome goodness into a cookie if we Cranberry Nut Breakfast Tub tried – five different spices, walnuts, Sugar Free Oatmeal Tub raisins and a whole lot of oatmeal. Extreme ChocolateDrizzle with icing of your choice for with Reese’s Pieces® Tub an extra touch of sweetness. Shortbread Sprinkles Box 2.7 lb. tub. Katydids® Tub Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Tub Apple Caramel Tub Tub Tub Tub Red & White Cranberry Delight Box Consumer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or purchase price refunded. Contact Tasty Batters Customer Service at 1-800-251-1542. gafundraising.com Brochure 26E Item #: 1048043 Tub Box Tub exclusively from tasty batters introducing our New Tub Tub Box visit gafundraising.com/tastyideas Paula Deen cookie dough Used with permission. © Paula Deen Enterprises, LLC
  2. 2. Sugar Chunky Chocolate Peanut Butter Cranberry Nut Breakfast Sugar Free Oatmeal Extreme Chocolate made with Shortbread SprinklesAzúcar Chocolate en Pedazos Mantequilla de Maní Nuez y Arándano Avena sin Azúcar Reese’s Pieces® Candies Mantecada RocíaSimplicity has never tasted so sweet! These America’s favorite. We combine fine Peanut butter fans will truly enjoy this one! Perfect for breakfast but a great snack Large rolled oats folded in gently with Chocolate Extremado Hecho con Dulces Traditional, old-fashioned shortbreadsmooth golden brown cookies just melt-in- imported vanilla, light brown sugar and Melt-in-your-mouth delicious. We use real, anytime. This tasty treat is a delicious just the right blend of spices. A welcome “Reese’s Pieces®” rounds lightly sprinkled with festive redyour-mouth. Our sugar cookies are purely the richest chocolate we can find. Kosher. natural peanut butter to create a creamy blend of sliced cranberries, walnuts, alternative for those who enjoy an Smooth milk chocolate with loads of and green sugar crystals. Great with a tallsensational! Kosher. 2.7 lb. tub. velvet-like texture. Kosher. sunflower seeds and just a hint of occasional sweet treat but need to limit everybody’s favorite peanut butter candy. glass of milk or maybe even leave a few 2.7 lb. tub. 2.7 lb. pre-portioned box. 2.7 lb. tub. crunchy coconut flakes. Kosher. the intake of sugar. Made without sugar Kosher. for Santa! Kosher. 2.7 lb. pre-portioned box. 2.7 lb. pre-portioned box. 2.7 lb. tub. but not without flavor. Kosher. 2.7 lb. tub. 2.7 lb. pre-portioned box. 2.7 lb. tub. 36 cookies. Our Tasty Batters cookie dough varieties come in 2.7 lb. tubs. Each 2.7 lb. tub makes approx. 43 one- ounce cookies. Keeps 6 months in freezer and 2 months in refrigerator. Various selections of our cookie dough are also available in pre-portioned cookie dough by the box. Each 2.7 lb. box contains 36 cookies. ALL our cookies are trans fat free. {May contain traces of nuts and/or peanuts.}Triple Crown Snickerdoodle White Chunky Macadamia Fudge Brownie Delight Katydids® Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Apple Caramel Red & White Cranberry DelightTriple Chocolate Snickerdoodle Macadamia Blanca del Pedazo Bizcocho de Chocolate Delicioso Katydids® Mantequilla de Maní con Pedazos de Manzana y Caramelo Arándano y Chocolate BlancoThis inspired cookie creation combines Sweet cinnamon blends with a We’ve blended macadamia nuts fresh A perfect balance of chocolate fudge and An absolutely scrumptious cookie Chocolate The ultimate cookie with chunks of An inspired creation perfect for the holidayswhite chocolate, milk chocolate and dark buttery smooth sugar cookie dough from the Hawaiian Islands and sweet white smooth chocolate chips. Make brownie made with Kathryn Beich original Rich, creamy peanut butter and fresh apples and loads of caramel and all your favorite occasions. Loaded withchocolate chunks for an incredible taste for a special taste just like Grandma chunks into this delightful treat. Kosher. bites in mini muffin tins, smooth all or part recipe Katydids®. Soft, buttery caramel, gourmet chocolate chunks combine taste. A decadent twist with two of luscious dried cranberries and chunks ofsensation. Kosher. used to bake! Kosher. 2.7 lb. tub. of the tub in a baking pan for traditional fancy pecans and real milk chocolate. for a spectacular taste sensation. our favorite flavors all wrapped up in sweet and white confections. Kosher. 2.7 lb. tub. 2.7 lb. tub. 2.7 lb. pre-portioned box. brownies or try a brownie cookie for a real Unbelievably tasty! Kosher. Not for the faint of heart! Kosher. one scrumptious cookie! Kosher. C1201 2.7 lb. pre-portioned box. 2.7 lb. pre-portioned box. 2.7 lb. pre-portioned box. fudgelicious treat! Kosher. 2.7 lb. tub. 2.7 lb. tub. 2.7 lb. tub. 36 cookies. 2.7 lb. tub.